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  1. They are the Number 1 reason we keep coming back to Crystal.
  2. We truly enjoyed the tour as the tour guide was so interesting. Do try and sit upstairs.
  3. I did the Bermuda cruise from NY on 9/24. Trust me I was one of those people and not only as I boarded. When Noel came over to greet us and also when Louie played.
  4. Tell them to check their spam folder. Mine was in there even though all my other Bermuda stuff came through.
  5. I can't say I was anymore impressed with him as I was the last time I heard him play. We went once to hear him and decided we preferred spending time with our friends just chatting up in Palm Court or in the Cove.
  6. Yes the feeling when we boarded for the first time in almost 2 years on 9/24/21 was just as you described. I had tears in my eyes and then when Noel came over to greet us, we felt we were home. Enjoy every moment.
  7. I got off the day you got on and I'm sorry you had some issues that we didn't. I saw my butler twice on the cruise. His claim that he’s the best part of the suite experience turned out not quite true. I loved the washer dryer, although it took a very long time to dry anything. Did his name start with an N? If so, ours was available the first few days and then he seemed to be a lot less available. The ship is old. Recurrent toilet problems in my suite that they tried but failed to fix, There were a few toilet problems one day but then it got fixed. We were on starboard side. a phone system passed its prime, Honestly, I've been on HAL, Regent, Oceania, Celebrity and Crystal and they all seem to be the same. awful smells around the gangway, What kind of smells? elevators out of order. We had no out of order elevators the week before. When did that happen? The internet was a hit or miss affair, and I was relieved that I didn’t have to work on this cruise. Reliable Internet on a cruise ship has become fairly standard. Our internet the first week (9/24 cruise) was awful until we got to Bermuda and they fixed it in Bermuda and for the rest of that week and the following week, internet was better than most cruises. I wonder what happened to slow it down again. Covid - while I was mostly comfortable, there were things that Crystal could’ve done better: better spacing in the main dining room and buffet, where half of each room was closed, and in the theater, where people were escorted to seats too close together. In such a small room, there are no bad seats. Agreed. Several people who served us spent the entire week with their mask below their nose. If it was so apparent to us, why didn’t their supervisors notice? You should have reported them. We saw no one with masks below their noses except one or two crew working outdoors who don't interact with pax.
  8. We applied and paid for our second week when we did the first week. This way we had no issues with trying to pay, etc. All we needed to do was upload our covid test for the second week.
  9. So true! I read about the specialty restaurants on Oceania and thought I must have missed what Eight Paws saw and tasted since I was very underwhelmed by the specialty restaurants on Oceania. 🙂 Yes it was a nice touch to have different olive oils, but an olive oil does not make a meal and neither do breads. Overall, I found Prego so superior in taste and presentation. And no comparison between Red Ginger or Umi Uma. Umi Uma wins hands down, although Red Ginger did have some fun touches such as choosing between teas and chopsticks. But again, tea and chopsticks do not make a meal. I do agree 100% about the buffet and main dining rooms. I also want to point out, on Oceania at lunch if you wanted something as mundane as a tuna fish sandwich or even a grilled cheese sandwich, good luck because they were too busy trying to impress with how unique all their food was. I was at the grill one afternoon, asked for a grilled cheese sandwich and they didn't even have the bread to make the sandwich with!
  10. I think the low energy must be related to the low pax count this week. Last week when I was on things were really hopping even with only 180 pax onboard.
  11. Realize tipping throughout the ship is optional but is appreciated.
  12. If the stationary isn't in your room, your butler can have it made up for you within 15 minutes. I know this because we wanted to send notes around and our butler asked us how many we needed and then of course gave us 6 more than we needed. Have you or your family cruised Crystal before? I ask because of the 30th anniversary gift.
  13. I was told by someone on the ship who supposedly knew, they did have a contact at the hotel and when they were taken off the ship, they were handed a letter on contacts and possible scenarios. Of course someone who was taken off could let us know for sure. However I agree 1000% they should not have had to pay for their own hotel bill if they were just those in close contact but negative. As for the positive cases, there is insurance that would pay for hotel stays in case of being positive. In this day and age, it would be foolish to cruise without the insurance.
  14. As soon as I read this about him running to the elevator, I said he must have Aleks as his butler! We had the same running joke with him when we were on in Nov 2019. Unfortunately for us, he'll be on vacation when we're on in Dec. 😞
  15. You won't regret it. I was on the cruise with the 6 covid pax and the one following and except for the mishandling by Bermuda the first week, we had the absolute most wonderful time.
  16. I was on that cruise and you seem to be missing the point. This was NOT the decision of Crystal. It was the decision of the Bermuda government. Meaning Crystal's hands were tied as they were in Bermudian waters. Crystal had NO CHOICE to handle it any differently. Once we had 5 cases onboard, the Bermuda protocol was to take all those folks off the ship and quarantine them in Bermuda as the Bermuda authorities then considered what happened an outbreak and not an isolated case. We spoke with the Bermudian official onboard. Luckily he also spoke to his higher ups and it was then decided going forward to not be so strict as he admitted the rules they had in place had been in place since before vaccines. Hence the new protocol going forward.
  17. Here are 2 examples of Crystals device does that other lines do not do. On our first Crystal Cruise we were sitting at the Cove’s bar and had done so several evenings in a row. The bartender noticed I did not drink and politely asked if I never drank. ( He did so in a way that would not embarrass someone who can’t drink). I explained that I only liked Amarula and they didn’t have it on the ship. At our next port of call they went out and got several bottles of Amarula. One showed up in our stateroom and that night when I sat down at the cove bar, a glass was set in front of me. On this trip we are now on I mentioned to one of the staff that they need to buy some non-dairy ice cream for Scoops, preferably made with almond milk. The next morning I received a call from the food and beverage manager asking me what flavor I would prefer. I mentioned 3 possibilities. Today at the Scoops Ice Cream bar I will be sampling non-dairy peach ice cream and tomorrow I’ll be sampling chocolate fudge! These are just 2 examples of Crystal going above and betond
  18. Thank you for your support. I am not taking what others are saying about my posts as a negative but instead it appears there are several running discussions and we are all trying to clarify. The negatives of discussions on the net. 😀
  19. I believe I was assuming you were talking about Symphony and I believe you were discussing what occurred on NCL?
  20. No those 13 who tested negative but were also quarantined off the ship overnight have spouses. At least some do
  21. Sorry Keith but you have the facts wrong. There were 5 positive pax taken off and another 13 plus spouses who had TESTED NEGATIVE but were supposedly in close contact with the 5 who tested positive. That IS the full story!
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