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  1. Thanks for your answer, my friend in St Louis won $3,000. on a quarter machine at the Conquest Casino..I was quite amazed, not thinking they paid out that well.
  2. Do they still use coins in the casino?
  3. I think you have a great spot..we had 8324 and they drug furniture over our heads 24/7. (the lido deck stage was above us) I don't recommend that cabin.
  4. OK, we're all set to head for "The Conquest" 3/04/07. We have a sitter coming in for the 2 cats and the Squirrel. Conquest: 04/23/06 Conquest: 03/04/07
  5. Thank you "Cool Cruiser"! Now I'm ready to sail tomorrow. Last Cruise: Conquest 4/23/05
  6. I have another question. We are sailing Sunday and is there a list of anything we should not pack? We are driving to Galveston from Shreveport. Thank
  7. Is it safe to wear my diamond wedding ring?? What's the rule on jewelry?
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