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  1. Cannot thank you enough . superb updates. Probably my last question, the Burn the Floor guys always did a stripped down performance in Manhatten one night at dinner, you notice what night? 5th time on Epic this Sunday, never gets old.Thanks again.
  2. great info thanks, you probably did a locator form on arrival in Spain, unless resident like us. Our airline never needed one as its internal, but id imagine we need to do one on return after leaving Spanish terittory, will find out
  3. also meant to ask, that letter for Italian and Spanish locator forms, was that out through your cabin door, not pre cruise? Thanks
  4. doing a grand job lads, all Ireland final for us in Barcelona day before boarding. Is the muster the video we just watched, that's it?
  5. great info Beamafar, i too am about to give up on MSC for THIS SATURDAY booking as they have made a total mees of things, booking Epic for Sunday tonight. Know it will be quieter than before, forecast not great too at moment but its our fav ship and will be perfect after the MSC fiasco
  6. thanks for your reply, yes it is a very unusual time for travel. If i get no response on the bus that is definitive i will get a taxi. And not a little Greek boat😄
  7. Hi, as the post has only started doing cruises again recently i wondered if anyone has used the shuttle bus in this covid era? We sail in 6 weeks, always use the blue bus, but it may have changed, including its pick up point as there were ongoing works last visit, thanks for any info.
  8. I looked at my Sept booking from Barcelona in detail. Tells you to have covid insurance, and that they sell it. Cannot find a way to buy other than phone number.
  9. As others have explained, false positives etcetera are my " fear" , i am fully jabbed, , but neither that , nor the testing systems are foolproof. And none of it is putting me off, i merely wanted to share the situation on the ground ( and the sea) here in Spain. Many non Spanish speakers will be unaware and cruising has just restarted. I could report weekly. Though i probably wont now.
  10. I am double jabbed. Boom. Boom.
  11. Yes i auto translated it as it was a Barcelona newspaper, in Catalan, which is not the Spanish language i use. So errors in it for sure. The low infection rate of all these cruises in Europe to date has been acceptable to MSC. I posted in order to update nothing more. Barcelona has just reopened the port and this was cruise No 1. I go in September. The worry i carry is, the isolation on board was deemed " horrible" an also if i was to test positive ( yes this outbreak was at the second last day, so the last test) i would face hotel quarantine too, which really is not palatable. I agree about moving on and weighing up risk ourselves individually . It is not risk free right now, it is low risk, but MSC look like sticking with their protocols in EU at this point in time.
  12. Another article says final antigen test picked up 3 asymptomatic passengers, 2 locals went home to isolate, one lived in Zaragoza so hotel isolation.
  13. Not the best start here in Spain; Problems for the MSC Cruises company . The company was the first to dock a cruise ship in Barcelona after the stoppage caused by the covid-19 pandemic. The result of the trip was not positive: at least three passengers on the ship were infected with coronavirus . Now, one of them has broken the silence to denounce the lack of security measures on the MSC Cruises ship. This is Pau Verdès, a young man from Barcelona who tested positive on his return home. This boy claims that social distance was not respected . He also denounces the absence of health care after knowing the contagion inside the ship. Three passengers on this cruise ship who docked in the Port of Barcelona on Saturday , two young people from Barcelona and one from Zaragoza, have tested positive for covid so they must be quarantined, the first in their respective homes and the third in a hotel. The detection of these three infections occurred yesterday in the fourth and last of the controls to which the entire passage of this cruise is subjected. In total, more than 2,300 people have traveled the Mediterranean for a week. View of the cruise ship "Grandiosa", from MSC Cruises, docked this Saturday at the Port of Barcelona / EFE WITHOUT SOCIAL DISTANCE In statements to Efe , Verdès has denounced that the security measures against the pandemic in the common spaces of the cruise ship "leave a lot to be desired" , especially in relation to social distance. He cited, by way of example, the area where the pool is located in which, he said, the distance was not respected in the hammocks or in the tables adjacent to the bars of the bar. "The only measure that was respected with tweezers is to wear the mask", although there were also people who walked on the deck without it, he said. The young man, who was confined to two floors of the ship along with the other two positives and the fourteen contacts who have tested negative, also criticizes that no health worker visited them until Saturday morning to take their temperature , when they were notified about 12:00 yesterday that they had tested positive for covid. NO MEAL FOR MORE THAN THREE HOURS The young man also complains about the catering service being already confined, such as the provision of water or food : "They had us enough hours without anything. From when we made the order for dinner until it was brought in, three and a half hours passed," he explains. The three positives and the fourteen contacts that have tested negative had planned to disembark at 10:00 am on Saturday, but after 12:00 they were still on the ship without the rest of the passenger, who had already left the ship. If you want to read more news like this and be informed about the latest in Barcelona, download our app for iOS and Android . 00:00 Play 00:00 / 00:41 Mute SettingsFullscreen Copy video url Play / Pause Mute / Unmute Report a problem Language Compartir Mow Player Griezmann and Dembelé, new controversy Full VideoOpen link The Barça players Griezmann and Dembelé have been involved in a controversy as a result of a video published on social networks
  14. And i wasn't. Hence my dissatisfaction. And of thousands of other in Europe. South Africa too.
  15. Not in my case, paid in full 3 weeks before cruising stopped.
  16. Customer service is one thing, holding on to people's money when other cruise lines chose not to is whole other thing.
  17. I realise i pressed "quote" on your post in error, my sincere appologies
  18. #56 Why even bother going at this point? Maybe I'm reading too much into your statement but it sounds like you're going just to confirm your already negative thoughts about MSC. Posted yesterday at 11: What a ridiculously thoughtless reply .THEY HAVE OVER THREE THOUSAND EUROS OF MY MONEY THEY WILL NOT RETURN (Spanish consumer laws). I paid my balance right before the industry was stopped, what would you do in such circumstances ,not go? Doubt that.
  19. I have"quoted" the wrong reply that i received, my error, and my apology to StockJock. I took my time to come back and reply, as i have other things going on. Spelling mistakes happen, picking people up on them is childish, as stated repeatedly here, and on other boards.
  20. 1/ whilst you "LOL" at my situation, they have over 3k of my money they refuse to return, whilst other cruise lines do (Spanish based traveller). 2/ oh you think im helping you get a cheaper yacht club booking in future? I will be looking at the escalating prices from 2022, they are climbing already , good luck with that. These boards have been fantastic over the years , really helped many me, and so many others, but i dont get this type of unsympathetic snobbery, we used to HELP each other on here.
  21. What a rediculously thoughtless reply .THEY HAVE OVER THREE THOUSAND EUROS OF MY MONEY THEY WILL NOT RETURN (Spanish consumer laws). I paid my balance right before the industry was stopped, what would you do in such circumstances,not go? Doubt that.
  22. No matter how good my MSC cruise turns out to be, if i ever get on it, i will never be using them again. They do not respect the client, at all.
  23. I posted last month that they did exactly this to me, my agent didnt know, i kinda found it on here. They will not be using Spain anytime before Aug ( i live there). MSC allowed me to reschedule from May , to SEPT, good luck.
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