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  1. They did chocolate buffet on our sea day last weekend, 3 day on Liberty.
  2. We just got off a 3 day on Liberty. Yes to Baked Alaska, no to dancing. Our server just brought it out. We were early dining if that makes a difference.
  3. We checked already. They're doing the opposite of us unless anything changes. That would be so much fun to plan for next time. We only found out yesterday and are 16 days from embarking.
  4. Thanks for the input. The schedule for Port Canaveral has Carnival's Liberty and Sunshine, Royal's Mariner OTS, and Norwegian Sun all scheduled at 1600. Disney Dream is scheduled for 1700. As much of a planner nerd as I am, this may be a wait-and-see thing. Which is fine because vacation 😄 (Any other planner nerds, here's a link to the WHOLE YEAR schedule: https://www.portcanaveral.com/Cruise/Cruise-Lines-Schedules) Thanks for the webcam location! We will keep that in mind.
  5. This is a weird question but I'm curious. 4 different ships are scheduled to leave port at the same time on the same day when we travel this month. Is there any way to know which order they will pull out in? The reason I'm asking is a group of my children's friends are departing on a Norwegian cruise while we're leaving on Carnival Liberty. They're docked near each other at Port Canaveral. The kids want to wave at each other during Sail Away if they can 😄
  6. For me it would depend on the port. We live in Central FL. Tampa's only about 2 hours away, but the road REGULARLY backs up and there are no good alternates; I would stay over there. Canaveral's 1.5 hr and we'll gladly drive that the morning of - among other things, we're familiar with the alternate routes if there's an accident on 95. So, the availability and knowledge of different ways to get there would play a huge role in weighing the risk for me. I don't know I'd ever do more than 3 hours though and 4 is really pushing it. One missed alarm clock plus any traffic and you miss your boat.
  7. When we took our first cruise last year, our expense account totaled up to a whooping $8. One deck of cards and a magnet. We had downloaded walking tour suggestions for our ports, prepaid gratuities and alcohol, brought our own camera, and committed to loving the included things. And we did! There is SO much already included.
  8. We were in Nassau in September. The Queen's Staircase wasn't a bad walk at all. A couple blocks down from the staircase on the way back we found the local historical society. They ask for a donation but not pushy. The ladies there were super knowledgeable about local history and it didn't feel touristy. Tons of cool artifacts. We felt safe the whole time once we got past the people nagging about taxi tours. The museum is on the corner of Elisabeth and Shirley Streets.
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