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  1. Result - that’s great. What cruise are you going on - we’re going on Azura on 21st January. Hope that everything’s good by then AND that Azura’s had her refit!! Susan
  2. Great news you got your refund. FYI only changed our cruise last week, so depending on when you last enquired things may have changed. We really couldn’t contemplate going away in January with the possibility of not having insurance to cover for Covid-19 and, if they don’t have a vaccine we can still cancel it next year and only lose £100 deposit. Susan
  3. Hi - I was booked on an Azura Caribbean cruise in January 2021 but we made the decision to change the cruise until the following January (2022), just transferring our deposit. We didn’t have a problem changing - all done by my travel agent but everything is sorted, with a better choice of allocated cabin. We have had to pay a couple of hundred pounds more and I didn’t get the same OBC I got when booking on our last cruise, but still a decent amount (£460). Did you try P&O direct or go through your TA? Susan
  4. Well as so many have said on this thread I do believe it’s down to experience and you obviously had a very bad one. I would however like to say we enjoyed the Glasshouse on Britannia for a few lunches with good quality and value food and, the next time we fly, would like to use the airport you fly from if that’s the standard (and cost) of food in their cafe - when we fly from Newcastle we nearly need a mortgage to pay for a couple of coffees and pastries!
  5. We have cruised many times on Celebrity, a couple of times on RCI, Holland America, a long time ago Carnival and just last month our first P & O cruise. We had a wonderful Caribbean cruise on Brittania - OK, MDR food wasn’t mind blowing but it was good, the ship was clean and, we constantly saw staff cleaning handrails, decks, carpets etc. We found the staff friendly and service very good. As other posts have stated the value for money is the big bonus. I long ago accepted that cruising is not what it once was - We no longer expect the ‘wow’ factor when our dinner is served and I firml
  6. Thanks emam that looks pretty good - wonder if when they’re talking about ‘cabins will be spruced up too’ they’re looking at new modern TV’s & hopefully shower doors instead of curtains. We can only dream!
  7. Packing, airport security & queues! As with any holiday we go on, my husband and I always end up arguing when it comes to the packing stage as I have to nag him repeatedly to select what shirts/trousers/shoes etc that he wants to take. The number of times I then go to pack e.g. one of his shirts and find that he’s already worn it after assuring me that everything in the wardrobe is clean UGH!!!
  8. We bought a litre bottle of gin at airport and put it in my tote bag - nobody gave us a second glance but maybe we were lucky.
  9. Yes we did and to be honest I originally thought it may have been the flight which started it, but I don’t think air conditioning helps - probably got a ‘double whammy’ as there were so many people coughing & sneezing on board.
  10. No I don’t think so - coach from the airport pulls up at ship & you need to pass through security with your hand luggage. What about buying Champagne at airport duty free before you fly? We looked at duty free shops at Barbados port & didn’t find them cheap!
  11. I’d only been on the ship 6 days when I developed a scratchy throat and cough - the waiters were calling it ‘Britannia cough’ - my husband developed it the day we were flying home. Whilst it had been 5 years since we last cruised (and we’ve done a fair few) I’ve never been like this on ship before and definitely think the air conditioning is mostly to blame. I’ve booked another Caribbean on Azura for next January but this time I’m going to take Echinacea for a month before we go and follow the recommendations on this forum for a damp towel/cloth next to the a/c unit.
  12. Thanks. Look forward to hearing your report - have a great cruise.
  13. Yes I think you’re probably right. Whilst on Britannia we did meet some moaners but didn’t think there was a lot to moan about. We also met a lot of people who were singing praises of Azura (even some of Brittania’s crew) which prompted us to book on her so think she can’t be that bad even now.
  14. Thanks for that. I would assume (or hope) that they will also be addressing the source of the bad smell I’ve read about in a few posts.
  15. I believe that Azura is going in for a refit in April - does anyone have information as to what this refit may entail, bearing in mind I’ve seen a lot of posts stating that she’s in need of a lot of TLC! We’re booked to go on her next January & the forthcoming refit was a part of the reason I chose Azura over another cruise on Britannia.
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