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  1. The lines were horrific going into the main dining rooms. We ended up at the buffet, also with crazy long lines. Over 900 kids on the ship, and the muster drill didn't end until almost 6, so everyone was going up at once. I'm hoping on other nights timing will be more spaced out. Other than that, no indication of anything other than business as usual.
  2. Official word is that Glory leaves at midnight tomorrow for Christmas week, with Cozumel moved from Tuesday to Friday.
  3. Well, I'm headed to the airport now so I can hopefully board the Glory tomorrow. I'm still not convinced this is going to happen.
  4. I was supposed to be cheating on NCL on Sunday by boarding the glory. I'm so not happy right now.
  5. How did they compensate you? Did they refund part of your original sailing, or provide future travel credit?
  6. I'm on Sunday's sailing (maybe?). They did already tell us that dining arrangement would be changed, but didn't specify how.
  7. Carnival is claiming that there is no change to the Glory itinerary at this moment. But I don't believe them.
  8. Yeah. The kids are still in the "picky eater and needs structure" kind of phase which has made other types of trips more difficult. After a particularly stressful year for our family we purposely picked a laid back, don't have to think, kind of trip.
  9. Because a week in New Orleans with early elementary school kids doesn't sound ideal. The travel agent is trying to get info for us.
  10. We have a crazy early flight tomorrow morning to borad the Glory on Sunday. We do have trip insurance but obviously need to make arrangements if we need to make a change. Now what?!
  11. I was on the Dawn this past summer. No problem at all with the safe or toilet. I thought the main entertainment was very very good. Not Earth shattering, or Broadway level but definitely enjoyable. The buffet food was as good as other ships and plenty of variety (I always like the Indian food and the salads). My only complaint is how the buffet is set up. It's 2 separate sides and doesn't connect on the other side like I'm an oval. I like to do one loop around before deciding what I want but can't do that here. Each side has different entrees, so you have to walk all the way up one side and back before being able to go back and forth on the other side. Not a deal breaker, but not preferable. The layout of the ship in general isn't my favorite, but there are plenty of nooks and lounges to relax in quietly during the day, which I enjoy and feel like the Away ships are missing. Service was mixed. Some very very excellent employees. But a handful who I came across who clearly were not interested in helping with even basic requests. But I had my favorite waiter and bartender and my steward was fantastic. Pool was smaller but nice and I liked the seating set up. And I liked the quiet deck around the corner from the pool. The main band who was at the pool and some lounges was also particularly good, and I usually get annoyed by pool music.
  12. Thanks! For various reasons, Alaska isn't an option this time, but I was considering Encore. Wasn't excited about Bermuda though. Still worth it?
  13. I have the first week of August 2020 available to go away. Live on the east coast, but willing to travel. No more than one week. Where/what ship would you choose and why? No kids. Middle age friends. Don't like just sitting on the beach. Like exploring on our own and relaxing on the ship.
  14. I had a fabulous drink in the Mexican restaurant and later that night asked another bartender to make one and he said that menu was exclusive and they couldn't do it.
  15. 😭 Well then I better splurge on presents now because, omfg, their childhood is practically over!
  16. Thanks! What's the best way to purchase? Are there gift card type things I can buy in advance? Buy on day 1 one the ship? Or does it all just get charged to the ship card and I should make my own mock gift certs in advance? (And I've got another 20 or 30 years before I'm grandma - I'm still just the mom 🙂 )
  17. We are sailing on Carnival Glory for Christmas week, which is also Chanukah all week. We have cruised a lot but not much on Carnival. I'm hoping to give the kids a small gift each night that is cruise related (something I don't need to shop for, wrap, and lug all the way to the trip and home). Any idea what would be good on the Glory for a 6 and 9 year old? Something like an arcade card or specialty ice cream shop trip. I'm not familiar with the ship or what extras like that are available.
  18. What about 2 command hooks, mounted horizonally, one on the door/one on the frame, and then hooked together with a rubber band or hair tie?
  19. The iced tea isn't great but I drink it usually with a splash of lemonade. I do use the teabags too for hot tea sometimes. Or I make a cup of hot and cool it in the fridge for decent iced tea. I've noticed at least 2-3 times that they have run out of chamomile team bags by day 5 or 6.
  20. Costco has a hydro flask knock off that's great. $20 for 2 and keeps it color all day, even when it's in the sun the whole time. I had one in August at GSC - brutally hot outside - and I still had ice in there when we left. Ship ice isn't great so I fill allll the way with ice and then top off with water.
  21. I'm a vegetarian so my experience is different, and I only go because my travel companions love it. I used to appreciate going anyway because the service was excellent and the experience was enjoyable. Last time I went, the sides that I ordered were just ok - frozen tasting onion rings, limp and bland salad tomatoes, and the loaded baked potato was just served with sour cream. When I asked for the other toppings he seemed confused and annoyed (I didn't ask for anything that I haven't gotten automatically in the past - cheese, chives...then he sprinkled one teaspoon full of cheddar onto the potato. ) I know the restaurant isn't geared towards me, but the poor service was disappointing. At least I had my giant glass of wine.
  22. That deck 13 space and hot tub is my favorite spot. There were definitely a few kids but still much quieter than the pool area. Very peaceful.
  23. Yep. My bday was a few days after the trip, and my family arranged for a cake no problem.
  24. Diy. Walls are magnetic, so magnets or magnet clips and hooks will make easy work of streamers or signs. They'll do a bday cake for free in the restaurants with advance notice - so plan for that and decorate while the kid is out of the room.
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