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  1. I’m not complaining just the opposite. I like my bag that’s why it it’s not waterproof then I don’t want to ruin it. Some would be like just use and toss. But I like it.
  2. Thanks for everyone for sharing. There was on one person who answered my question, regarding my beach bag. I think I will just use my dry bag and leave my beach bag for dry day. I’m looking forward to my next gift not sure what it will be. Heading on the imagination in April. Thanks again for all replies.
  3. Whoo hoo thank you for looking. i have question i received the kinda beach bag that you you can put cold things in the bottom, it's got the VIP logo on it. My question is it waterproof, i'm thinking of taking it snorkeling and just wanted to know if its waterproof or should i just take my dry bag. Thank you
  4. i'm going on the indy in june and i have some questions as well. Can you order liquor to your room ? can you take on water at embarkation? are the walls metal so we can take magnets to hang things? thank you in advance
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