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  1. It really depends on the captain and the port authorities. I have done a B2B a few times and the first time we were told to report to one of the lounges where we would meet with customs and we did not have to leave the ship. The second time we had to get off but we were allowed back on once customs cleared the ship. We were the first to be boarded. The third time we again were allowed to stay on board but had to report to the pursers desk for clearance. Never did we have to back up and move as we were booked in the same cabin.
  2. toescat

    Sabatini or Crown Grill ?

    No help from me as I love them both.
  3. Just pick up your phone and call Princess anyone there will be more than happy to answer your question.
  4. toescat

    Loyalty Levels bypassed

    One more thing, we met a very nice couple on our cruise last year. They have only been cruising 3 years but were elite status. I asked them how since it took us a while to become Elite. They went on their first cruise and fell in love with cruising, the wife was 30 years older than her husband and their goal was to become Elite before the wife could no longer cruise and so they could have free laundry. They started going 3 day cruises out of LA every month, then added a long cruise to Hawaii, Alaska then back to 3 day cruises. We sat there with our mouths wide open and in amazement. This couple were so wonderful we did everything together the next 9 days.
  5. toescat

    Loyalty Levels bypassed

    Not sure about that as I am Diamond status on Carnival which is equal to Elite on Princess. When I started cruising in 1984 there were no such loyalty benefits. On your second + cruises you were invited to the Captains party which was always held in the showroom. Wonderful bites of food and free drinks and that was the loyalty benefit. When I booked my first cruise with Princess in 2004 I told them that I was Diamond status with Carnival and would my status transfer over to Princess since they are owned by Carnival Corporation. I was told the loyalty status does not transfer over to any of their sister lines and would have to build mine with Princess.
  6. toescat

    Question about immigration process on Alaska Cruise

    Chrysalis is correct!
  7. toescat

    State Department Mexico Travel Ban

    My sister in law lives in PV 6 months every year from October to the end of April and is there right now. NO problems. When I booked my first cruise in 1984 there were travel warnings in Mexico and went anyway. What we found was Military police on every corner and never ever saw any violence. Since 1984 we have been to Mexico at least 50 times and they still have military present. Mexico want tourism and the citizens depend on it for survival. For us in the US we have cities everywhere that are not safe but we go into them anyway. The news was comparing a catholic country to Yemen this morning. The same newscaster who was vacationing in Cabo over New Years. There are a lot of Americans who live in Mexico and Cabo is more American than Mexican.
  8. toescat

    Day of boarding and dining rooms

    We have never had an issue with eating lunch in one of the dinning rooms the day we board. Never have had wait staff discouraging us either. We have always been welcomed with open arms. We to the MDR for lunch about every other cruise as sometimes there is too much food in the buffet and we always have early seating for dinner. Don't want to be full before we go to dinner.
  9. toescat

    The grand and alaska

    Yep I live in Brentwood and we can be 100 degree's and once we go thru the tunnel into Oakland it can be a 45 degree difference. Burr. We have hosted many exchange students, both 90 day and full year and they are always amazed at how cold San Francisco can be in the summer. I love going under the Golden Gate Bridge. We had the same captain twice on the Princess Dawn who had the song San Francisco open your Golden Gate broadcasting on ship as we sailed toward the bridge and I think most of the passengers sang along. It was spectacular!
  10. toescat

    The grand and alaska

    Going in May can be tricky out of SF because of fog and wind but the sea's wonderful going both way. We have sailed back to SF from Mexico with 25-30 foot waves before and that was fun but for the most part the sea where at most 3 feet. You definitely knew when you were out of the passage and into the open sea but nothing that really rocked the boat.
  11. toescat

    Onboard duty free liquor and Alaska

    Yes they will deliver it to your cabin around noon the day before you disembark.
  12. toescat

    The grand and alaska

    Last May was my first time on the Grand and my first time to Alaska. It was one of the best cruises I have ever taken. It was very relaxing as it was to cold to use the pool (May 28 sailing) so for the first time in 23 years we did things around the ship and not at the pool. Once in the inside passage it was like the ship was not moving the sea was so calm. It was like floating thru air. Scenery was so beautiful. The ship was smaller than the other Princess ships we have been on but for a ship that was built in the late 90's I thought she was in great shape. We had a balcony cabin and it was nice, however the closet was smaller than any closet on any ship we were on in the past. No big deal. We enjoyed the Pizza on deck 5 and the international café which is also on deck 5. I have been posting my princess patters on my new roll call, Grand Princess - May 26, 2018 so you can look at them. I will be posting the rest of them later this week. We also had a whale entertaining us when we were in Juneau and I also posted that on my new roll call so you can see the whale right next to the ship. My whale swam around for about two hours showing off his /her excellent swimming and breaching skills. It was such a delight. and many cruisers were watching. This was around 7:00 - 10:00 PM . I loved this cruise so much we booked it again right after we go home.
  13. toescat

    Pickleball on the Cruise Ships

    What is Pickleball? Is it ping pong? I have never seen Pickleball on any cruise I have been on.
  14. toescat

    Grand SF embarkation questions

    I live 40 miles from San Francisco and have sailed out of SF many times. They do board Elite, Platinum and Suite passengers first after that they board by group. If you arrive early and are in the first 50 people to check in you will board right after the Platinum. We are Elite but our friends are not and we got to the terminal around 10:00am last may. They were is the first boarding group and boarded around 20 minutes after we did. We did not book our cruise together so that is why they could not board with us. We have also waited an boarded with the first boarding group before. The staggered times listed on your boarding pass is just a suggestion only. I have liked to be the first inline at the door for check In for the past 21 years and have always have had the first boarding group pass. Even though I no longer have to do that to board first old habits never die so we are always the first in line. LOL
  15. toescat

    Grand princess drydock for refurbishment?

    Sometimes brand new does not mean it is better. My very first cruise was on a very old ship, as a matter fact the next four cruises after that were also on very old ships. On my first cruise I was amazed at the size of the ship and the wonderful service, I did not have time to look at its wear and tear. One of my favorite ships of all times was the Carnival Holiday, and it was an older ship. We have also been on the Princess Dawn and she was wonderful too. We were on the Princess Diamond when it was brand new as well as the Carnival Elation a month after its first voyage and after that we decided that it is always better to let the ship age before going on it again. I don’t care if the carpet in the hallway has stains, I care that I have a clean room, descent food. We were on the Grand last May and enjoyed cruising her very much. We have another cruised booked on the Grand this coming May. As long as she floats, has food, and I can relax and de-stress Iknow it will be wonderful!