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  1. I have good friends that were on the Diamond and after sixteen days of quarantine their test came back positive and they were shuttled to a hospital in Japan. They received great care and they are so eager to cruise again. They have nothing but praise for how Princess and the Diamond handled the situation. They spent 5 weeks in the hospital before flying home.
  2. I had friends on the Diamond in Japan that was quarantined in the Bay of Japan. After testing negative for 16 days they both tested positive on the18 day and were put in a boat and sent to a hospital in Japan. Very Sick and they plan on cruising again. I would also cruise again!
  3. Yikes, we have come in late in to Los Angeles several times. One time it was not until 1:00 in the afternoon, two times it was around 8:00am. You never know what could happen, the 1:00 in the afternoon return was due to a staff member jumping off the ship in the middle of the night. The ship circled around for hours. If your cruise returns on a weekday, it could take you 2 hours to go 5 miles. I would definitely try and fly out of Long Beach. We always book our flight home after 6:00pm or the next day.
  4. That would be a NO, the speed to just open Google is slow and loading Yahoo is like watching the clock move.
  5. I have sailed on both ships and love them both!!!! You cannot go wrong with any ship sailing to Alaska! I sailed on the Grand 3 times to Alaska and she was great with the last sailing after the refurbish in 2019. My 2020 cruise was scheduled to be on the Star but as we all know those were all canceled. Both my husband and I are now fully vaccinated and hope we can hop on a ship late fall this year. I don't care if it just goes around in circles I will still have a good time.
  6. That is awesome and I would never throw anything at a fellow cruiser. Send some cool air California way, pretty please.
  7. Yes his name is Jay Butterfield and he was the biggest recruit of all time according the the news paper in Eugene. At the time he accepted he was the number 2 pro style quarterback in the nation. He is a good kid who can play with out thinking he throws dimes (quarterback term) all the time. His dad played for Stanford and the NFL for a short time. Great family. Right now football is schedule for spring but that is a HUGE IF.
  8. That is good because that had to be scary. My office at work is at the top of Willow Pass facing Mt Diablo and today I can hardly see it.
  9. Ours looks the same for the past week. It was so Smokey I could barely see the house the street. We are in the middle of the Contra Costa, Santa Cruz, Hennesy fires. Today we can go outside without choking the skies are somewhat clear.
  10. Besides the Virus and the state of California burning up I am doing great! Not just the fires the 100 degree temps every day. Took a ride up to Eugene Oregon to pick up my grandson from school as College Football was canceled and his mom did not want him driving home to Brentwood Ca by himself. He is a freshman and their #2 Quarterback he started at U of O in January of his Senior year of high school and had to fly home in March then they were cleared to go practice football in July and was there 4 weeks and back home. At least he completed his first two quarters of college. I would rathe
  11. They will require a deposit of $500 dollars. I just got off the phone with Princess as my daughter does not have a credit card only a debit card. Princess said that was same as cash and they will charge the $500 on day one. If does not purchase anything on board the card will be credited back the $500 within 24 hours after the end of the cruise.
  12. Take the sea days as they are the best part of cruising. Our home port is San Francisco so we like to leave out of there but we have left out of San Pedro 20 other times. My co-worker left out of Vancouver and was upset as she felt her cruise was just getting in port, getting off of the ship, getting back on the ship and sleeping to wake up in a new port the next day. This last year she took the one from San Pedro up to Alaska and loved the sea days, she said it made up for the floating hotel experience.
  13. That is exactly what happened to me when I used the whole patch. I had to see the ships doctor which was costly and he told me to take the patch off and then when I get home discuss it with my doctor. I did just that and my doctor told me the patches are not prescribed in lower doses and that for some more sensitive or smaller people the only way to reduce the does is to cut it in half and use only one half at a time. Never in all the years I have done this have I experienced dry mouth, vertigo or hallucination. When I used the whole patch I had very dry mouth and severe vertigo. I would
  14. My doctor is an internal medicine doctor and I have been doing this now for 20 years with out incident. I actually cut it in half and put half away. I then place take the half and cut again and put 1/4 behind each ear. If I go on a 7 day cruise I put the two quarter on about 3 to 6 hours before sailing then on the morning of last sea day with is day 6 I remove the patches and put the quarter on and leave them for 3 to for days. 20 years with the recommendation of the doctor. I would not do this if it was not first recommended by my doctor.
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