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  1. We are kind of wondering that too. First, cdc is saying no cruises over 7 days, and who knows when Canada will open back up. Then there might not be any other ships sailing from Montreal. Not looking good.
  2. I really do not want to discuss politics on here, but a new administration is more likely to close everything down than the current one. Also, please note that, under the current regime in Cuba, your tourist dollars do not help the economy.
  3. Looking for cruises is like looking for something on Amazon. Just entering RCI and Empress and there are no listings for September. Enter RCI Empress for September and it shows up.
  4. Our 10 day out of Montreal in Sept is not listed, but there is a 15 day one in October listed.
  5. Thanks. We sailed the Zaandam to Alaska a couple years ago. Still hoping for Empress. Haven't sailed her yet and looking forward to the double points. We already figure our March cruise on Vision will be cancelled or altered in some way.
  6. We sailed from Quebec City last year also on AOS. Do any other ships sail from Montreal?
  7. If they get rid of Empress, wouldn't they replace it with a different ship? We are booked for Next Sept from Montreal.
  8. We have Empress booked for September, so I sure hope that does not change.
  9. Same with us. We are waiting to see what happens with our 11 day cruise on Vision in March. We have until the end of the month for final payment. Wondering if they will make it a 7 day. We have to fly to the port city from WI, so we like longer cruises. It is good to know they are still booking B2B. Our original cruise in February was a 7 day sailing and we had booked a 5 day itinerary. That would have been nice.
  10. I am starting to wonder if there will be any cruising until well into 2021. CDC doesn't seem to want cruises to start and they can change the guidelines whenever they want.
  11. That would be a SideBySide. We want to do a 7 day cruise and stay on the ship for another 7 day cruise. One is Eastern Caribbean and the other Western.
  12. That is the way that I read it. This will be out of Miami.
  13. Opinion please; Our 11 day Vision in March will be cancelled, according to the new guidelines. There is a Navigator B2B2B (4,3 and 4 days) that cover the same dates. In its favor is that we would at least get to be sailing and we already have a flight booked. Are B2Bs on those short cruises a hassle? Do you think ships are going to be allowing B2Bs? Thanks!
  14. Sounds like you need a Radiance class ship. 🙂 We agree with you about the Vision. We did like the Allure too.
  15. We are booked on Vision for March 8. Sounds like the same itinerary. We did a B2B on Vision several years ago, 11 days Norwegian Fjords and 11 days Baltics. We really like the ship! We have sailed Allure, and there is obviously more to do on a larger ship like that. It sounds like you are choosing it for the itinerary, so maybe that should be given a little more weight. At any rate, the food and the service, as well as the shows, were very good on Vision.
  16. We try too buy local at home to. You meet some interesting people a the small businesses and kiosks on the islands.
  17. Just remember, they have a deal with the lines. We have a favorite jeweler in St. Thomas. We prefer the local shops, those not advertised in the cruise daily.
  18. When all of this started back in March, we had just gotten off a cruise. No one was sick. We figured our Nov cruise was safe. Well that lasted until Aug. Every time you turn around, it seems, they are extending the no sail rule. No our next cruise is on Vision next March, and I am no longer confident in that. Love your avatar!
  20. Quantum. Icy Straights has become a favorite destination. They have apparently done a lot of additions to it. We were there two years ago, in May. Saw lots of eagles.
  21. We have had one cruise cancelled for November. It was to Hawaii, and since we have never been, that was very disappointing. We rebooked it for 2022. Our next cruise is Visions in March We are not entertaining any notion of it being cancelled We have the Empress booked from Montreal in September. You never know what Canada is going to do. That would be a bummer if it got cancelled.
  22. No, that is all really good information, thanks! Maybe we will wait until they get back to two RTs a day.
  23. Certainly no need to apologise, I really appreciate the info. Thanks! Even if we just go there and come right back, I think it would be a lot of fun.
  24. Okay, our November cruise is officially cancelled. I was thinking of trying to talk DW into taking the SS Badger in October. It is only a 4 hour crossing so, why are there staterooms? If we don't want to take the car, are there things to see in Ludington, or is leaving the car a bad choice? Thanks!
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