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  1. @sid_9169The Galley - is there a menu or do you walk around then sit and tell them what you'd like? Or more like a chipotle where they fill your tray for you?
  2. I've done a couple shorter cruises. If you can find them for the "right" price, I say go for it. If I lived closer to ports I'd probably do more 3/4 nighters. I don't like to be away from work or home long so they work for me. I just did a 5 night AI resort and by that last day I was DONE LOL
  3. Oh and @MeganGC1983 if I bring a cup like below do you think they would mind if I pour my drinks into it? They're plastic, have a lid and a straw. I have a bad habit of knocking over drinks 😆
  4. Thanks @MeganGC1983! We're leaving in less than a week and reading the reviews by yourself and Saint Greg have been very helpful. Just texted the bf we need to bring some close toed shoes for him! He prefers flip flops year round. Followed you on Insta too 😀
  5. @Saint Greg Thank you for this. We leave on Tuesday the 24th (this time next week we'll be there)! I had just told my bf to get some ones and fives. I'm sorry to hear you didn't see a lot of tipping. I think most of the complaints I've read are from people that don't tip and then wonder why their service may not be "stellar". We have the same type of room and I was worried about the reviews saying they had kids near them. Glad to hear it really wasn't an issue for you. I read somewhere that bugs (mosquitos, flies, etc.) were bad. Any comment? Would you recommend upgrading to Star class or did you think it unnecessary? Really can't express how relieved your thread has made me. Haven't done an AI since 2010. Last cruise was in Jan 2020, so I am really looking forward to this.
  6. Thanks @Belle! @pacruise804 holding steady after a not so great week is fantastic! I am down 5.8 from my last CC weigh-in. That was back on 4/2. In a time where I could have just gone off the rails, I'll take it. My clothes are fitting great and I'm feeling better in my skin. Hoping to keep it up. My new favorite breakfast is about 60g of Whole Milk Plain Greek Yogurt, 2tbls Heavy Cream, 30g Protein Powder (I love Rule One Fruity Cereal), and 10g NonFat Greek Vanilla Yogurt. Easy and yummy with my coffee 🙂Yields about 30g Protein, 10g Fat, 5g carbs = 230 calories My new plan is protein heavy at least 50% of my calories. Fat is daily around 55g and Carbs are 20-30g per day. Total calories are 1200-1300. I started on May 18 so we'll see. Giving it until the end of August. At that point if I'm not down a total of 15 I'm going to see an endocrinologist.
  7. Royal Princess - Mexican Riviera - I was in line on time for early walk off in January at San Pedro. We stood for over an hour in LOOOONG lines. There was a delay. Don't assume that if you do early walk off that if it says 7 you'll be off in 30 minutes.
  8. I don't believe I am type O but I am signed up to donate tomorrow evening 🙂 It's been awhile since I've donated. I used to donate regularly but then started getting turned away because of "anemia". They always said that at the donation center but my doctor has never diagnosed it. We'll see how it goes tomorrow.
  9. The problem also lies in the foreign ports opening to cruise passengers. After reading on this forum and some other sites I doubt I'll be making my final payment (Oct 2020) for my January 2021 cruise as I don't see it happening. My bet is on June 2021 (for all sailings - there may be some 3-4-5 day to private islands, etc. before then).
  10. Aww you guys are sweet! @pacruise804 I believe I am an outgoing, positive, normally happy person. The last 12 weeks or so have been extremely divisive and upsetting. I have stopped watching the news. I've stuck to OnDemand, Netflix and other streaming where I don't have to see the country I love tear itself apart. I've also been reading and finding "projects" around my home to keep me busy. I didn't know until work yesterday that we have an election today. I had to do a lot of reading about the candidates last night. I am working with Renaissance Periodization on my nutrition.
  11. Hey everyone! I haven't read through all the threads but hope everyone is doing well. When I got sent to WFH I sort of went dark on social media. Today is the first day I've actually read anything and posted here in months. Still tracking my food and the gym finally opened last Friday. I'll start the weekly weigh-ins here this week. Can't wait to catch up with y'all.
  12. Wirecard's CEO resigned. It appears that the 2.1B never existed. I am no forensic accountant, nor do I have access to their books but it seems from my reading a few articles, that someone may have inflated the numbers on purpose or someone made a HUGE mistake. Their external auditors (E&Y) caught it and wouldn't sign off on the audit until it can be accounted for. There is no link to RCL or any of their clients.
  13. @Belle Glad you're back. Sounds like quite the adventure. I completely lost track of days last week. This is also the first time I've logged in to CC in over a week. I am down .2 from the 26th but up 1.6 from the 19th. So my same up/down 🙂 I have been exercising during the time I would normally spend commuting. The weather has been terrible. Finally, sunny today but I am actually at work. We have a companywide call and I'm one of the "moderators." I hope you all are safe and healthy. #BESAFEBESMARTBEKIND
  14. I am going to get a bit in the weeds. Coronaviruses are like noroviruses and rhinoviruses. They are large families of viruses. Within each family there are types. COVID-19 is a type of coronavirus. Coronaviruses normally cause mild to moderate upper-respiratory illness, including the common cold.
  15. yep and I went to price a few things for home and YIKES...I have bands and know how to program workouts but it's tough for me to get motivated at home. I wish I was a runner but I DISLIKE it and it's not good for my knees....Oh well...I made some Oat Bran muffins last night (got the idea from Ms. Mary's thread) those will be my treat while at home...
  16. Hey y'all. I'm down .2 not sure how. Was sure I'd be up. That is a 1.4 loss in a month. Good job on the lossed Robin and Diana. Hang in there Jo - I love the chocolate/peanut butter Reeses eggs. PA good job on getting back down and good news about your endoscopy. I've been at work all week. Will be home tomorrow and my gym closed after my workout last night...UGH now that stressed me out....
  17. I have a celebrity cruise booked 1/2/2021. $20 deposit. If the ship sails and planes fly we'll be sailing away from Puerto Rico that evening.
  18. @sanger727 I am/would be part of what you are referring to (minus the being your 20s part 😉 ). If I come down with a fever, dry cough and body aches I will treat the symptoms, stay home and rest/isolate. I would NOT get tested. There is no medicine for the virus itself, only to treat the symptoms. I would let those I've been in contact with (co-workers) know that I'm feeling unwell. Unless my symptoms worsened (severe breathing difficulty) I would not seek medical attention. I have not traveled OCONUS since my Mexican Riviera Cruise in January, I have not (AFAIK) been in contact with anyone that has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Therefore, I am low risk according to CDC & WHO. The tests that are available, as well as the time/skill of our medical professionals, would best be used on those within the high risk groups. I should mention; I live alone, have been practicing social distancing and following all recommendations of the WHO/CDC. Don't want anyone thinking I'm bucking the recommendations.
  19. @DarrenM Where is your data to back up the claim that "Every industry is on the verge of collapse." Yes, some businesses may go under but the term industry is very big and broad.
  20. When you booked you should have received an e-mail with your confirmation and booking details as an attachment. One of mine is below. I have highlighted in yellow the non-refundable deposit. Hope this helps.
  21. @firefly333 I went solo on the Navigator in September. When I booked (as a solo) I got a confirmation e-mail with all of my information/costs as an attachment. I redacted information below.
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