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  1. UPDATE; Virgin customer service replied in 20 min. Then it took half a dozen back and forth e mails over the next day, but they got it fixed! Thank You Virgin!
  2. While checking in for our Sept. Virgin Voyage, mine went smoothly but my wife has been asked for a visa (Not required for Costa Maya) or a green card ( we are both US citizens). I have contacted Virgin customer service, and await their help.
  3. Thanks for keeping on top of that for me.
  4. Virgin Voyages just announced 'Vaccine Mandatory to Cruise'
  5. We also completed the Moderna vaccine, but remember with a few exceptions, only us people over 65 have been vaccinated . Over 100 other countries have ZERO vaccines. The whole world is in this together. We are still a ways from a return to normal.
  6. We have been on those cruises. The Big Nude Boat!
  7. What would be the verdict if the baby was put up to the window by a stranger. Just someone who picked up the baby because she was cute. Also many older ships don't have windows on the Lido, just open railing.
  8. When I get a "Petty" bill like that, I over pay by 1 dollar, and wait for the refund.
  9. Our Viking Danube Waltz was canceled for March 2020, and again March 2021. And now our original payment, which was refundable, is a FCC which is not. The first time they gave me 125% to cover the yearly increase, now with another yearly increase for 2022 , do I get another 125% of the 2021 cruise, or , only 125% of the original payment for 2020, which won't cover 2022.
  10. We are in the same boat with Viking River . Our cruise was canceled last March and again March 2021. Now we are stuck with a FCC, no refund available. We let them hold our money all year and now we are in a worst position then those who cashed out! Visa only goes back 60 days. Im stuck paying more because 125% FCC doesn't cover the new cost.
  11. I have heard of so many small to mid size ships going to the Breakers, that I fear for Port Of Tampa. The world is running out of ships that fit under the Skyway Bridge.
  12. Maybe they will start out with Short cruises. Get them on and off fast, before symptoms start to show!
  13. 10. No belly flop contests with 10,000 people huddled around the pool Hey, I was Belly Flop Champ 3 cruises running. Until I had to retire when I lost all that weight.
  14. Sometimes people rely on cell phone time, not realizing that cell phones automatically change to local time. Sometimes people confuse yesterdays 'All Aboard' with Todays. Sometimes taxis get stuck in traffic. Sometimes people Do think the ship will wait. And Yes, sometimes people are completely irresponsible. None of these things make them 'Bad' people. I still find it hard to laugh, knowing what they are in for. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.
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