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  1. Disposable plastics are a danger to us all. Please google 'the great Pacific Garbage Patch'. Its a giant floating patch of plastic garbage 2X the size of Texas in the Pacific. Its formed by circular ocean currents that push the garbage together in the center of the ocean. Tho the Pacific Garbage is the largest, every ocean has one. Plastic floats, and the sun slowly disintegrates it into small bits that marine life eat and die. Small bits disintegrate into tiny bits that fish eat , then we eat the fish. Eco straws will get better with time, until then I am willing to 'rough it'.
  2. I don't know, but would hope for safety, the trees are fake. Christmas trees are very flammable and fire is the greatest threat on any ship.
  3. We are doing that same trip on the 'Ve', then on to Prague. We go March 2020, we will look for your report.
  4. We will be on the NB Radiance on May 15 - 22. See you on board!
  5. Not true, we pack a lot. My wife has a suite case just for shoes.
  6. We have done 5 nude cruises and another booked. A few things about nudists; We pack a lot, on the Carnival Legend in2009 it was announced that they handled the most luggage ever on this cruise. Many play dress up. The crew love us. We don't complain and tip better that other cruisers. We are a happy group. Yes we sit on towels, but when your nude you make sure you are fresh and clean. We don't have to undress to take a shower so we take them often all day. Yes it costs more but its worth it. Lots of extras brought on board. Also we find that on every cruise we will meet a dozen or more people from previous cruises that we know by face if not name.
  7. On EVERY cruise people are nude in their stateroom!
  8. The best reason is to get all the Trivia answers on the first cruise and use them to win a Ship on a Stick on the second cruise!
  9. Many people don't realize that there are 3 charter companies. The oldest is Bare Necessities. We are sailing on their 30 Anniversary Cruise in 2020, our 7th nude cruise. Then there are 'Bliss Cruises' and' Couples Cruises'. Bare Necessities is strictly nudity, NO hanky panky. The other 2 are Lifestyle Cruises and hanky panky is encouraged.
  10. 'Keep on Truckin' Dickie, don't let them get you down! See you in Feb on BNTT!
  11. We are now, thanks for the Heads Up, we didn't know about that one. See you in Feb.
  12. WOW, that's unbelievable . What did the cruise line have to say. We have done B2B many times, why did they target B2B's? PS, we have partied on a cruise with you.
  13. We were on The Epic March 2 to 7, and agree with everything you posted. This ship felt too crowed! I drank much less and saved money, just because I couldn't get to a bar to get a drink. The Good - its a beautiful ship and the entertainment is some of the best at sea. The pool deck had a great 4 pc band, but the pool deck DJ just sat in his booth and played music, No interaction with the guests. Thats not a DJ. We had a great cruise, but after trying a few of the Mega ships, its back to smaller ships for us.
  14. To those that cruise to get away from the internet, great for you, I am one of those. However others can ONLY cruise because they can stay connected. Last week on the Epic my 2 sisters, both realtors, paid for internet and found that it was Not workable. Today back home they are scrambling to save their deals . To those that will say, 'they should not have cruised if the had a deal pending'. Well it doesn't work like that. No one can know how any deal will progress, making it impossible to book a cruise in between them. Long story short, they found NCL internet unworkable.
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