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  1. I think a TA is a great idea to coordinate all of this. If you want everyone in close proximity and want someone to keep you all together as a "group" then I would definitely get a TA to help you. If the goal is just you all want to go on the same ship at the same time and you don't care if you are scattered across decks and running about, everyone could do it individually and then no-one would be accountable for tracking it. Try talking to a TA to see what the details might be. Maybe that's easy and maybe it's more trouble than its worth.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. I feel quite certain the Court would certify another copy of the Order, which would be an official document that government should accept. Perhaps someone else has a copy of the birth certificate as well, or you could order an expedited copy be sent to you. I know it will be changing soon and you will be listed as the parents, but maybe for this situation you need to get another official copy. Might the Court have another copy you could have, or maybe a doctor's office or pre-school, day care, et cetera.
  3. My closest upcoming cruise is Brilliance at Christmas, to celebrate my big 5-0 and my dad's 8-0. We plan to cruise next year as well to celebrate our 25th anniversary.
  4. No-one has started a Roll Call for my cruise coming up on Brilliance in December (a Christmas cruise) so I am thinking it's not going to be a CAH crowd. Should we ever cruise at the same time, I am totally ready for some CAH.
  5. There are so many fun "adult" card games that could be converted into crowd participation events. I was planning on bringing my Cards Against Humanity on my next cruise, but then I decided that my friends understand my weird sense of humor but I'm not sure I am up to that with strangers. I have played CAH at one of our local wine bars if the night is slow. We had a blast doing that one night. But CAH is definitely NOT anything that you want to have kids around for.
  6. Well my doctor is apparently not well informed on the keto diet. He told me it required complete elimination of carbs as in "ZERO" carbs a day. I have done low carb dieting before, keeping carbs under 25 a day (hadn't gone as low as 20 a day yet). So when I asked, I was told "No, a "true" keto diet requires elimination of ALL carbs. You are not allowed any carbs." I will definitely do some more research and take proper data to my doctor for his review. I AM NOT SAYING THOSE OF YOU ON KETO ARE WRONG. I AM NOT DISPARAGING YOU. I am only telling you what I had been told by someone I believed was a well informed medical professional. I still believe he's a good doctor, but he's not well versed on Keto apparently.
  7. A hero??? Really? Just because you are on a diet, you are a hero?? Perhaps you are doing well and you are a great success story with your weight loss and lifestyle. That I can understand, but hero? I did read your entire response and I do appreciate the education you provided. I will definitely do more research.
  8. Anything that forces you to omit an entire macronutrient group from your nutrition is extreme. I have found absolutely NO research whatsoever that states that a "true" keto diet allows for any carbohydrates whatsoever. As a lifelong thing, it is completely unsustainable for the most part.
  9. I think Ruth Chris is grossly overpriced for what you get. I have never had a bad meal there, but I always leave with an anxiety attack after paying the bill. LOL
  10. I'm sorry to hear that Chops was not all that great. I had a less than stellar experience there in April 2016. Same type thing- watery soup, yuck shrimp (ours were grossly overcooked) and very overcooked steak. I'm hoping Chops is okay on Brilliance when we go in December. The rest of my party loves Chops and they want to book twice. We shall see.
  11. I always thought WJ just followed the theme of the MDR on whatever given night it was. I have always been told it's the same food but the difference is you get seated service in the MDR.
  12. That is the darn truth. It is customary. It is nice to show appreciation for people doing a job helping people do something they don't want to do themselves. People, if you don't want to tip, then carry your own stinking bags. Seriously. They are there to help you and tipping them is the right thing to do.
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