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  1. We have the same issues at Hilton Head, South Carolina. It is packed here now, completely at capacity. Visitors REFUSE to wear masks or abide by any rules here. As usual, on vacation so "rules" do not apply. If not for the fact that loads of people here are getting vaccinated, I would expect us to have a severe spike by the end of April or beginning of May when it gets too hot here and everyone migrates back to the north. We may yet have that spike anyhow within the next couple of weeks when spring breaks all end and everyone goes "home." I know that at least 10 of the local vacation
  2. They all want out of the hell hole that New York has become, but then they want to bring New York here. If it's not "the way it was back home" it's "wrong." Yes, they ask questions and interrupt because they think we are all stupid. I would agree that Charleston is losing its soul. Even the old market area is filled with transplants setting up arts and crafts booths and selling hokey trinkets. It used to be filled with artisans selling unusual things and definitely things that were hand made and creative. Now it's just running from table to table to see who will sell the knick knacks th
  3. I am not saying I will NEVER get the vaccine, but for right now. I would rather not cruise and see what happens. Who knows? Once my PCM and oncologist says it's definitely safe- I will probably make an appointment. It's just not for me, RIGHT NOW.
  4. I feel the same way. This has been rushed. We have no idea what the long view is on this vaccine. Sure, it may help with COVID now but what is it going to affect later? We just need more time to know what will happen. I worry for these young people who are getting it to stay employed. What if it affects their fertility or affects their babies? People have taken many medications that seemed perfectly safe for a long time (Zantac) for one and now it has been yanked off the shelf because of carcinogens. Who would have ever thought medication for heartburn would be carcinogenic?
  5. Not that it is anyone's business whether I have other underlying health issues, but I do. My PCM is just cautious and wants to see a little more of the long view of what is going to happen. As recently as the past couple of weeks, news has come out about the vaccines causing swollen lymph nodes and advising women not to have their mammograms any sooner than 6 weeks after a vaccine because the lymph node swelling is likely to cause doctors to encourage moving forward with a biopsy. Not that it is bad to encourage a woman to have a biopsy, but having already been down that road with the sc
  6. i wasn't demanding 100%. Someone said that there was data out there that said it was 100% you would not have to go to the hospital after a vaccine. I just said that was awfully high "certainty" and that it was overly confident. Maybe you need to learn how to read.
  7. I would say they had it right. There will always be another hurdle to returning to normal. There is no sooner, only later. Later and later and later. We are never returning to "normal." A "new normal" perhaps, but definitely a more restrictive and less humane one.
  8. It just worries me right now because "the science" changes every day. The data changes every day. It is sad because right now, I am being told by doctor NOT to get the vaccine- to stay as far at the back of the line as possible. So if I am not permitted to get the vaccine, I will probably never be permitted to travel anywhere again. If I can't get on a cruise ship without it, can't go to a theme park without it, can't fly without it, can't go to restaurants or hotels or public places without it- I guess I am homebound for life now. I never thought my life would be over at 50. No wonder
  9. Really??? 100% guaranteed you won't have to go the hospital if you get COVID after having the vaccine? The first failure, I hope that person sues the ever loving snot out of the vaccine provider AND the vaccine manufacturer. No-one alive in going to believe you can 100% NOT go to the hospital from this. Anyone putting out that set of odds is incredibly foolish or overconfident. Now maybe if there was 100% guarantee you won't get COVID after you get the vaccine? That would make sense for people to get vaccinated THEN.
  10. The problem is the current vaccines provide NO protection. It doesn't protect you from getting COVID. It doesn't prevent you from spreading the vaccine. It just makes your symptoms a little less severe. That is all they will say for now. So having the majority of people OR everyone on the ship having a vaccine will do NOTHING to prevent a super-spreader situation.
  11. Like many tragedies or difficult times in our country, we try putting on the "We are One" or "America Strong" or "United we stand." That lasts for all of about a month or two before we all turn on each other like Lord of the Flies. People were very united in the beginning to do what was "best" for "the greater good." We listened to "the science" until "the science" changed every few days or every couple of weeks. First masks were bad. Then they were "necessary." Then we were supposed to wear N95 masks because they were the only thing that really helped, but we were selfish if we bought
  12. I completely agree with you. Why should we lie if things are not as restrictive OR if we are complying with good health guidelines but still having lower numbers. I am so sick of this attitude that we must all be grim and gloomy and if we aren't running around like Chicken Little panicking over the supposedly falling sky that we have no compassion for our fellow man. Let me tell you a little story about how it is where I am. Our local area is a beach area. We have not closed our state's borders and there are many people from hotspot states who own second homes here, so we really couldn
  13. That's very much the case with some of our neighbors. LOL For them, it's just geography. They do the same thing on a cruise they do at home. They have never taken an excursion to see anything of interest. As far as they get when they disembark in port is the whatever commercialized bar is at the pier (think Senor Frogs). If they drink in a different country, they consider they experienced the culture. For goodness sakes, you can at least try to keep it interesting and drink something typical of that country or that island- Go to Bahamas- have some Kalik. Go to Jamaica- have some rum or
  14. I don't think there is a decent Chili's restaurant. Where on earth did you find such a place? LOL Every time I have ever gone to Chili's, I have spent at least the next two days becoming intimately acquainted with the porcelain gods.
  15. I would say 80+. My father is 80 and I still think he's "relatively" young considering both of my grandmothers lived to be over 100. The way people are living today, soon 80 will be "middle aged." Anyhow, I have a hard time thinking of my parents as "elderly" when I see all they do and how well they get around. But then I remember that they are definitely getting older. My main point was that just because someone has lived many years and acquired much life experience- it doesn't mean they have a right to be hateful to other people. Yes, I know sometimes people are experiencing dem
  16. Yep. There's always that. The "I want to pay bargain basement prices and get top of the line food. I want to pay for Golden Corral and get Ruth Chris." LOL
  17. I don't even have kids, but the worst behavior I see from cruisers is usually from adults- the super drunk, the super old and the super entitled. By entitled, I am NOT talking about those with lots of loyalty status. I am talking about the ones in general who believe the entire world must fall at their feet for whatever reason.
  18. Well aren't you just full of compassion and human decency?? I am sorry some people are short, fat or ugly? It really messes up those pinterest perfect pictures and the perfect world we are to live in. I'm not a fan of fanny packs anyhow, but clearly I will be using something other than a fanny pack since I am short, fat and ugly.
  19. But sometimes the technology doesn't work properly. I have come to embrace virtual appointments as well. I do like the drive up service as restaurants and stores too. We had a terrible time with our service when on the Brilliance last December. Nothing every worked quite right.
  20. That's good to know. Connecting to the wi-fi can be a challenge. We were on a 4 day cruise around Christmas. Only one day did my wi-fi work. It never works and they always find some way to make you have to pay more for it to work.
  21. When I returned from my last vacation, I had to set down some very firm boundaries about "unforeseen emergencies." I defined it as 1. You will either be calling 9-1-1 prior to this call or immediately after this call. 2. Someone's life is in danger or a building is burning down. 3. My house has/is flooded or in danger of flooding or being blown away. People can be so out of touch about "emergencies." I had a major surgery in February of this past year and when I woke up, my husband told me I had 57 texts from the office- and not a single one checking on how I was doing. This i
  22. Yet another reason to require people to buy internet package- so their phones will work! I turn my phone off and put it in the safe. Cruises are about the only vacation I can find where I can truly "get away from it all." I just went to Disney. We had planned to stay for a week and worked at least 4 hours every day and had to keep stopping to answer phone calls. It was so bad, I just came home early. The rest of my family enjoyed a full vacation. This is the disadvantage of "work from home" and "remote access." You are required to be "on" 24/7. I miss vacations where peop
  23. I think you may mean Oxycontin, or other opioids. Oxytocin is a hormone released by the body that helps with bonding, childbirth, sexual reproduction and milk production. I doubt this is a big issue with people dying.
  24. Wondering if you might mean Oxycontin?
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