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  1. I want to give a hopeful update. We finally got our long awaited refund today! For reference, our cancellation was processed on March 11th. Our amount is rather small compared to others, but we are greatful to have gotten it back at this time. So there is hope! Stay safe everyone.
  2. A Refund in 60-days is a LIE (at least in the US). My cancellation was completed in early March and I have been waiting 64 days now san-refund. I have talked to a few different representatives. While the representatives have been very nice, they have and supposedly referred my information to two different supervisors which neither have bothered to respond. (One was 15 days ago and the other 5 days ago). I have been more than patient, but my patient is gone. To add insult to injury, we were suppose to be boarding Wednesday.
  3. I was suppose to be within 30 days and I am currently at day 57 and still waiting... the sad thing is my amount they need to refund is no where as large as most peoples and they still can't seem to be bothered. I have gotten refunds from everyone EXCEPT them (including Rail Europe, which is highly unheard of). Did you also see where another Cruise Company is filing bankruptcy 😞
  4. They sure are quick to take it... figures they will delay returning it. You can't even file other insurance yet until you know for sure you have been / will be refunded.
  5. I don't know about everyone else but I am certainly taking note off all the companies (Cunard and Cunard's insurance company included) that I have booked w/ and taking note of how they have handled the cancellation policies. If you have already cancelled (even if only by a day) and they end up cancelling your trip later (May/June) you only get the FCC (assuming you can use it). I get companies are trying to save $ and face, and it's not their fault anymore than it is ours. But when you have Pandemic/World Travel Bans/ Lockdowns in the places you were suppose to visit they should ha
  6. What type of insurance? Unless you have Cunard Care or Cancel for Any reason, all other insurance is void once it is issued as a pandemic. Cunard Care ironically will only give you 75% FCC so the 40/60 option is a better deal unless you have a qualifying reason. Cancel for any Reason insurance will pay up to 75% of un-recoved cost if your lucky. I've been fighting battles and weighing options all day today so I'm right there w/ you.
  7. Question, Has anyone purchased CC and tried to used it? According to the policy it's suppose to: Cancellation Fee Waiver Program1 – waives the non-refundable cancellation provision of your Passage Contract and pays you the value of the unused portion of your prepaid cruise vacation (up to a limit of $50,000 per guest) in the event that you or your traveling companion need to cancel your cruise vacation (for specified reasons). We are suppose to go May/June and are in a wait and see approach. I did purchase CC, but even if they refunded me 100% I'd be losing almost all
  8. We will be sailing out of Brooklyn on the Qm2. The last time we sailed out I used a hotel that was going to use again until I found out it is a partial homeless shelter. I found out that a LOT of hotels in the Park Slope/ Red Hook area are semi emergency shelters. While I'm happy the homeless have a roof, and you may call me a snob, but I prefer to not share the roof with them especially if I'm paying full price and in an unknown area. (Before you think I'm a mean person, I'm not.) It just makes me uncomfortable and feel un-safe. Anyway, has anyone stayed in Brooklyn recently? Did
  9. It looks like you attend many of the mixology courses. When do they usually let you sign up for one? I really want to take attend them during my two Qm2 crossings but I know they are limited seating. Do they put the information in the program the night before or can you register at the pursers desk when you check in on board? Cheers.
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