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  1. I know some don't like lanyards. I still like mine with a little bling 😜
  2. Only using the blue background paper that came with the lanyard. I took everything out and it still doesn't click tight so must just be the clear holder. This is only a 3-day Inagural cruise so we will get by. next 2 cruises are on the Grand which is not medallion yet. Bet we will be bummed going back to plain ole cruise cards
  3. I love this idea-looks great! My problem so far is my clear plastic holder doesn't seem to close properly, even though the top "latch" is holding it closed. The bottom and sides are not shutting properly. I've tried making sure the bottom lip is down into the other half but still not closing.
  4. We received our medallions today. I put them in the lanyard but the clear holder on one doesn't seem to shut all the way. Other one locked right into place. Anyone experience this yet? I doubt it would fall out because it's kind of hard to click it open and has a latch type on top of the clear holder, but knowing my luck......
  5. This is so true. I said to my TA - if I didn't think the price was worth it at the time of booking, what makes them think a higher price now will work? Oh well. Maybe one day it will be a great Upsell and I'll say go for it! BTW- my TA, (who is fantastic) forwarded me all 3 recent upsell offers within in a hour of them receiving it
  6. I have had the same thing happen for me lately. I have 3 cruises booked, and have received "upsell" offers. All three were priced higher than originally when I had decided on my cabin type, location and room. The most recent was for the Sky Inagural. I got a email promotion for free interior with a option to upgrade to a balcony for $60pp ( This is a 3 day cruise). 2 days later we received a upsell to a balcony for $79 pp.
  7. Following. How long are you guys staying onboard Keith? We're doing the Dec 1 Inagural.
  8. Thank you for the info. I counted down from a review I found and came up with everything being on the right as well. I’m bummed a bit about the closet, but certainly not a deal breaker for us! We wanted to leave from San Fran and wanted Princess. Can’t wait to see Hawaii πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  9. I have booked the Grand to Hawaii in January. We wanted to try a Caribe balcony room because I think we would really take advantage of the half-covered, half-uncovered balcony for the 15 days. We picked C630 and I have been trying to figure out which side of the room the bed is on. Anyone know if I can find out When you walk in the room is everything to the left or the right? I ask because DH has a CPAC and he needs to sleep nearest to the electric outlet, but that might be opposite as to what side of the bed we usually sleep on. I know, weird but after being married for a long time it's a habit of which side of the bed we sleep on. 2nd question is in regards to the closet. All the pictures of a Grand caribe balconies show a much smaller closet than what we had on Caribbean princess. That had a very long closet. These seem to be a short, smaller closet. Anyone stay on the Grand and can comment? Thanks in advance
  10. I got the same offer for our January Hawaii cruise. I immediately sent a email back to my travel agent saying: no thank you! Not very generous with those upsell offers.
  11. Great review! Enjoyed reading through. Thank you very much.
  12. Would you report back after your cruise with what you ended up doing, and how the speed was? I will be on the Grand to Hawaii in January and am interested to hear how you made out. We also have AT& T
  13. YAY! This is just what the doctor ordered........πŸ˜ƒπŸ™πŸ»
  14. I used to get the mailed offers all the time and was able to book a few cruises using casino rates. I moved to another town about Six months ago and no offers since. I did go in and made sure my address was current on my Princess. Has this happened to anyone else?
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