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  1. The difference between perks and amenities definitely confuses people. A lot of folks also don't seem to realize that Royal and above has different amenities than the lower suites. As a family of four the amenities (4 Premium beverage packages + 4 Internet packages) really add up and help offset the cost of the higher suite.
  2. I use my own stuff so it doesn't really matter to me but I've seen these larger containers before in smaller hotel chains. A few times over the last couple years. So definitely a trend that I expect to see across the industry.
  3. I don't want someone unpacking for me because I'm picky about that sort of thing. But my sister does it. And I don't think she was in the room when he did it the last time we cruised together. I never thought to have them fill out the laundry slip; will have to remember that one. My last cruise was the first time with the butler and I got the impression he felt like he wasn't doing enough. I guess we're pretty undemanding. We had a great time though.
  4. If it says Premium Beverage package then that should be fine. Premium Beverage is included for all guests with some of the suites and my son definitely had the Premium non-alcoholic on our last trip. He drinks enough mocktails that it would be an issue if it wasn't.
  5. Not interested in getting into a flame war but I did want to provide a data point. We did Celebrity Great Barrier Reef in October. It was our first family cruise and we decided to go formal. Girls had gowns and guys rented tuxes. We certainly weren’t the only ones dressed up. But luggage space was tight traveling to Australia from the States so renting the tux and shoes made a huge difference. We plan to do it again for Amalfi Coast-Greece this year. Terri
  6. I remember seeing fresh flowers on a list of suite class perks we would get. But we're RS so I don't know if it applies to all suite levels. We're cruising now and there is definitely a small arrangement of 4 roses on our table. We're on Day 3 but I wasn't particularly paying attention so I'm not certain when they were placed there.
  7. Is this your own laptop or a corporate laptop? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. What time is the tea in Michaels? I totally want to do this. I’ve never had scones. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. Thanks so much! This is super helpful. I’ll definitely be pre-purchasing the unlimited option. :-) Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Where are pics taken? What kind of backdrops? I’m a scrapbooker so photo packages are my souvenir but it’s been many years since I’ve cruised. I regularly come home from Disney trips with hundreds of pics; my family is well-trained to stop for photographers. But I wasn’t sure how many photo ops there would be on a cruise like this. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Thank you (and Suzanne) for this wonderful review! We’re booked on the Oct 29 sailing and this provided us with very valuable information. We’re researching excursions now. I really wish we had the extra two stops. Feels too much like putting all our eggs in one basket (especially in light of the March cruise). But this cruise is actually an “extra” for us in the middle of a bucket list land trip to Australia and NZ. Some we’re trying to treat all the excursions as bonuses we can take or leave and not be too disappointed. Btw, the extreme version of the Australia Zoo is my sister’s #1 bucket list item. So we’ll be sure to post a review. Thanks again for all the info. I expect I’ll be referring back to it many times before we go. Terri
  12. We weren’t really looking at Edge per se but we wanted the Greek Isles Itinerary next fall so we decided to go ahead and book an Edge Villa. The price is a stretch but if it’s half as good as described it’ll be worth it to us. If not, we’ll have plenty of time to re-evaluate. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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