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  1. I have stayed in a single cabin on britannia and it was lovely ... a single bed that was very comfortable.. it was not a sofa bed. It had plenty of storage space .. and the bathroom was the same size as the cabins for two. It also had a glass shower screen rather than a curtain. I would recommend it based on my experience on Britannia 😁😁
  2. Hi .. Iona is still being built .. so no one has yet stayed on her.
  3. On our last cruise on Arcadia.. our cabin was boiling hot despite air con being on lowest setting. When the engineers came to check it out they told us it was because someone near us was keeping their balcony door open. I understand why people want to do this .. but it it made our week very uncomfortable 😏😏
  4. Your children can pick from both menus .. which ours love doing. Dining in the MDR is always one of our children's favourite times on board. They are looked after brilliantly by all the dining room staff.
  5. Inside the ship it will be warm enough to just wear a dress ... if you want to go out on deck you will probably need a cardigan.
  6. Hi the formal nights are almost totally adhered to ... the other themed nights much less so .. although I must say I love a themed night myself.
  7. If you book early saver the cabins may not be close to each other. You may be able to change dining arrangements but not always ... if you are particular about cabin location then book select ... but we always book whichever is cheapest and have not yet been unhappy with cabin allocation.. if you need cabins together and would be unhappy eating at different times then booking select is probably better for you.
  8. Thank you all so much ... I think we will go for the epicurean. The girls will all love a bit of a food theatre experience. We are going to wait to book till we are on board ... just in case there is some kind of offer. But if not it will be a fantastic shared thing to do 😁😁
  9. Hi everyone.. My dh and I are sailing on Ventura in July with four nearly teenage girls .. all really well mannered.. We would like to treat them to a dinner in a speciality restaurant.. and would love some recommendations.. Thank you
  10. Yes you can get off and get back on ... and there will be somewhere on board you can leave your luggage .. and to be honest the time you lose on the first day you gain on the last ... 😁😁
  11. Hi .. As far as I understand any request to upgrade your cabin will be based on the pricing that was in place when you booked your cruise. I have only done this when the price was much higher currently than when I booked but am fairly certain it applies either way.
  12. Hi We really love the Limelight club and have always found that our seats are better the earlier we book, the last couple of times we have been really lucky and got seats right at the front. They take payment when you book and your loyalty tier discount will be applied to this booking. We have never cancelled a limelight club booking, but have cancelled other reservations and the money was refunded to the card we booked with .. Or they will change the date for you if places are still available.
  13. Hi yes this would be totally fine. I have seen this combination many times. πŸ˜€
  14. We always had our Costa and pastry as our second breakfast ... so one pastry was enough. ... Just an idea x
  15. madster66

    family of 5

    We have 6 people booked in a family suite with P&O.
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