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  1. Hi All .. Please could anyone that has travelled in one of the B deck aft corner suites since the canopies have been added let me know if any sun can get onto any part of the balcony. Whilst my family would be happy with shade all day I do like to be able to soak up some sun. Many thanks in advance for your help. I have tried to search for this information, but can only seem to find pre canopy installation pictures.. 😄
  2. Hi I am hoping someone can help me! I had an oceana cruise booked with my mother.. with me as lead passenger. We booked directly with P&O. Can I ask for FCC and a refund for my mother ?? Or do we both have to make the same decision. Also who would the refund get paid too ?? Me as lead passenger or split between us. Thanks for your help in advance 😁😁⛴⛴
  3. Hi ... As far as I understand it you will automatically be given a FCC unless you request a refund via the form on the website. You can do this now if a refund is what you would like 😁
  4. I have randomly decided today to upgrade mine and mums cabin on Aurora from seaview to deluxe for next years cruise. Hoping this was a good decision .. Now just need to try and keep it secret as a surprise for mum... 😊😊
  5. Thank you ... very helpful replies. 😁 We have booked a suite for next summer for the space... But thought a balcony and an inside opposite would give us two bathrooms ... very handy with two teenage girls 🤣🤣
  6. Hi all ... please could you let me know at what age children are allowed to be in their own cabin. Also we have 2 children.. do they both need to be a certain age ??? I have searched the website and cant find the answers.. Thank you 😊
  7. We are always price driven ... and have booked both early saver and select. We may have been lucky but have always loved our cabin allocation on saver and have always received our requested dining preferenc😄😄🥂🛳
  8. Once a vaccine has been developed I'll be looking forward to getting on any size cruise ship 🙃
  9. Hi all. I was just wondering if I can use my future cruise credit through a travel agent, or will I need to book directly with P&O. I have tried to find this information on the website but have failed. Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. Hi all ... please could you help, we have a DE grade saver balcony cabin booked for next year on Azura. Is this a normal balcony or superior deluxe. Many thanks and wishing you all good health 😊😊🛳🛳
  11. We sail in 3 weeks and will be going unless P&O say no.... In fact very excited to be boarding Ventura. 😍😍😍
  12. Hi .... on themed nights the theme has been set by P&O and you can wear costumes to match the theme .... We do although many don't. What P&O do not want are groups of people wearing their own non themed fancy dress ... we have witnessed some rather inappropriate costumes being worn by hen parties. Hope this helps... 🙃🙃
  13. Hi all ... I have just booked a two night cruise for my mums birthday .. can anyone tell me if we still get breakfast in speciality restaurant on these short cruises .. we are on Arcadia .. many thanks
  14. Hi I was just wondering if I would be able to pre register a 2021 cruise using my Tesco clubcard points as part payment... Thanks
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