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  1. As the original poster of this message, I thought I would provide some additional information including the letter I sent to the credit card company and the questions asked in the Chase questionnaire to file the dispute. As you will see, I was not fraudulent in filing the dispute for services not rendered. Everything in the letter and the questionnaire is factual. At the end of the day, each of us has to do what they think is right to protect our financial interests. It is not like NCL extends free credit at the end of the cruise in the event we do not have money to settle our onboard account, for let's say 90 days. Here is the letter that I sent along with the receipts, NCL response as it relates to the refund and Chase questionnaire. I am writing to provide additional information regarding my credit card dispute for charges related to a 10-day cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) that was scheduled to sail on May 28, 2020 that was cancelled by NCL on April 24, 2020 (see attached letter). As per the cancellation letter from NCL, I submitted a claim for refund on May 7, 2020 (see attached e-mail confirming my request). I have also attached the details of the payments made for the sailing. As these charges were made on two Chase credit cards, I have indicated which card they were charged to below: (Table of charges on credit card inserted here) Norwegian Cruise Line did not provide receipts for the Specialty Dining Packages or the Water that was pre-ordered. I have provided the e-mail showing that I loaded the Specialty Dining Package in my cart to be purchased. My dispute is that I should not have to wait 90 days from filing my request for refund. NCL cancelled the cruise on April 24, 2020 and the monies should have been refunded shortly thereafter. If I had to wait until August 7th (which is 90 days from when I filed my refund request), this would represent almost 1/3rd of a year to obtain my refund from when NCL cancelled the cruise. In my opinion, this is unacceptable which is why I filed this dispute. Let me know if you need any additional information. Thank you for your help and support. Questionnaire from Chase: I purchased merchandise or service from the merchant, but did not receive it. I should have received it on or by (DATE) Did you receive merchandise or service late? Was only a portion of the merchandise or service received? Please provide a detailed description of the merchandise or service you ordered. Also, please tell us if you know why you didn't receive it. Did you cancel the merchandise or service? Did you contact the merchant to resolve the issue? If 'Yes', what was there response? (Here I indicated that I was told I had to wait 90 days)
  2. I did not disclose that I received a FCC as I immediately requested a refund when the window to do so opened. I would not say the refund was protracted as I received it much earlier than the 90 days communicated by NCL.
  3. I wanted to post the details of the route that I took to obtain my refund sooner than the 90-days stated by NCL using some of the great information provided on this forum. Our family was scheduled to depart on the Getaway out of Rome on May 28th. This cruise was cancelled by NCL on April 24th and I could not apply for a refund until May 7th which I did. On May 29th, the day after our cruise was scheduled to depart, I opened a dispute with my Chase visa for services not rendered. I provided all of the receipts for payment and provided a letter outlining these events. I closed the letter indicating that I thought it was ridiculous to wait this long, almost be 1/3rd of a year, to receive my money back. Chase did request additional information one time (which had already been provided in the first submission). Happy to report that I received a significant sum back on my credit card today (as we are a family of four booked in the Haven). Money was returned 32 days after I filed my dispute or 54 days after I filed for my refund. I am very pleased that this shaved more than a month off the 90 days provided by NCL. Best of luck to those that are now requesting refunds for cancelled cruises. I think it will be a long road before cruising is back to normal.
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