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  1. Hope you guys have a great time - and - Happy Anniversary!!! (From someone whose 36th is coming up in August!) May you have dozens of children and hundreds of grandkids!
  2. SilverSax

    Show Reservations on Oasis of the Seas

    Thanks very much, I’ll look for it!
  3. SilverSax

    No drinks' package.

    We’ve smuggled liquor on board on our first two cruises. On our third, coming up in September, we decided to buy the Deluxe Package on Oasis of the Seas simply because we didn’t like the nervousness, the LONG walks back to our cabin to refill, etc... But I didn’t want to pay the admittedly high price out of our regular income. We always save our change just for extras on vacations, so we thought this would be a good use for it. We had $458 in change saved up, plus we had $75 onboard credit, total $533. The package was I think about $750 or so. That was close enough for me so we bit the bullet and bought it. Believe me, I truly sympathize with everyone about the confiscatory cost of alcohol on cruise ships, but this time I’ll play by the rules.
  4. Sorry if I’m asking an old question, but I couldn’t find it anywhere... So we’re going on an Eastern Caribbean cruise in September on Oasis of the Seas. When and how do we make reservations for the shows?