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  1. Can anyone 'highly' recommend a Limousine service? 7 of us and a bunch of luggage. Leaving from Orlando Airport Hotel to Port Canaveral cruise port. (also hoping to make a quick grocery store stop for wine) 🙂
  2. Which ship are you on? We leave in 17 days on Harmony- the cabanas are 'sold out' /check onboard but the price is $1200! Originally they were $500 when we first looked at them. I say grab that cabana!!
  3. I realize this is the FIRST day of May... but really wanting to know what is truly going to be available when we set sail in less than 3 weeks! We have our beach bed booked and just booked all day passes to the water park.. any updates, real life experiences appreciated!
  4. We are staying near the Orlando airport the night before our cruise and plan to take some sort of transportation to Port Canaveral the next morning. We are 4 adults and 3 kids- any suggestions on limo/car services? Uber X costs $55 for 4 and Uber XL (SUV) is $78.72 but they only take a maximum of 6. The cruise transfer is $69 per person round trip which is way too expensive. The cheapest option we could find for seven with luggage is orlandoshuttleservice.com which is $300 round trip for 7 people. So it is actually less expensive to take two separate cars on Uber X ($110 each car round trip for a total of $220 for both families) than to take one vehicle that can accommodate 7. We would rather ride together but not if we have to pay $80 more dollars for the privilege of doing so. Does anyone have any advice? I have never tried to negotiate getting 7 in an Uber XL but I would imagine it wouldn't be a problem if one adult sat in the front and they had two rows. Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.
  5. We just got the 'royal up' email..... Ultra Spacious balcony, Jr, Grand, Owner, Crown Loft suites were offered with 'upcharge'. BUT, when I looked at our cruise all of those categories are sold out. So.. is it for real?
  6. We just booked wonderland on the Harmony... I read they have a 1/2 price drinks happy hour- till 7pm. Does anyone know if that is true?
  7. Well... we booked a beach bed and the description now says it's on chill island (not south beach). Has anyone seen the 'in progress' cococay? Will our view be a bunch of construction? and will we hear the ocean or a jack hammer? Also, considering the water park for the kids.. but not sure that will be ready or even worth it since we are on Harmony with it's own 'water park'? Thoughts? Going 3rd week in May.
  8. We were told by our Travel Agent that we had to wait till our cruise was fully paid for before we could book excursions. Apparently, not true. We found out today that all the chill island cabanas have been book for our cruise. However, the shore excursion lady said we could email and request that they open up more cabanas. So we did.. but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this? And why aren't all available? We also asked to be put on a waiting list.
  9. hmmm... they just let us book a beach bed on south beach and assured us the construction would be done... i'll keep 'checking in' and cancel I if it looks like that is not the case.
  10. UPDATE- we called and the chill island cabanas are BOOKED... boo!!!
  11. We will be there in May 2019.. beach beds on South beach are available but I'm concerned that area will be 'under construction'. It looks like the new over-the-water bungalows are over there (in front of the beds) and I'm guessing they will be working on them at the time we are there. ?? Looking for peace and quiet. 🙂 Anyone 'in the know'?
  12. So you didn't see chill cabanas either? I saw the beach beds on South but I'm wondering if there will be a lot of construction since the over the water bungalows are right in front/ same area.
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