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  1. I have seen 3 passengers with the blue ribbon on their wrist. The first was in an elevator without a mask. The other 2 were in Oceanview and They were double masked.
  2. We are elite+ and I have not found a way to get the 15% online. We have had to book onboard.
  3. How many unvaccinated onboard?
  4. We did not receive anything about vaccination status when we checked in for July 24.
  5. Wish Celebrity would answer all the questions and clarify their policy.
  6. What are the consequences if over 5% don't comply? Will they be left in Fort Lauderdale?
  7. Just checked in for July 24 Edge, but there was no place to scan in our cards. There is a wellness check to complete the day before the cruise, but that seems a little late to determine vaccination status.
  8. Yes. I sent it to Celebrity and it shows all 4 perks including the $150 pp plus the ones from the TA. Celebrity claims their records show $250.
  9. We did a lift and shift with 4 perks including $300 OBC and lost $50. Celebrity insists 4 perks was only$250.
  10. The Rebound: Tampa Bay l News DESANTIS continues to deny CDC has authority 0over cruises Photo by: Celebrity Cruises By: Dan Trujillo Posted at 11:45 AM, May 27, 2021 and last updated 12:57 PM, May 27, 2021 MIAMI, Fla. — Governor DeSantis' office has responded to rules set in place by Celebrity Cruises for their first scheduled hucruise out of Florida
  11. It wasn't easy, but I think I did it. I called TA again and told him to explain Cruise with Confidence policy to Celebrity rep. I was told it would take 14 days to process. Did you book directly with Celebrity? Did it take 14 days?
  12. We are having a similar problem as OP on July cruise. There is a price drop and I was told that the only thing we can do is a cabin upgrade. I thought that Cruise with Confidence policy states that after final payment any price drop will be credited as OBC. After we lifted and shifted a booking with 4 perks, the $300 OBC was changed to $250. Celebrity Engagement agreed that the perk was always $300, but "management" denies it. Anyone else have this happen?
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