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  1. LadyMac72

    Princess Cruisetour

    When I lived in Northern VA I always hated driving in DC.... stoplights are in all the wrong places! Not to mention the traffic.
  2. May the odds be ever in your favor. Nothing to lose? Go for it! Have fun!
  3. My Alaska cruise for September 2020 was canceled so I rescheduled. It was a toss up between April 2021 and September 2021. I played it safe and rebooked for September 2021. John Heald just posted a list of 2022 cruises - one out of Baltimore to Canada/New England that has my interest. I may look into that when it goes up on website.
  4. LadyMac72

    Itinerary help

    Not yet. But with the OP having 2 separate days in Skagway, I wanted to present it as an option ~ wasn't presenting it as an either/or choice.
  5. LadyMac72

    Itinerary help

    That's my plan as well. I watched your interview! And I sent him a friend request on another social media site and he accepted it. I love his posts and pictures.
  6. LadyMac72

    Itinerary help

    I don't know if it's an option you would consider but when we stop in Skagway, we are planning on renting a car for the day and driving up to Emerald Lake and back There are various tours online that I can mimic and I also plan on using Murray's guide to the South Klondike for assistance. Our stop in Skagway is 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. so I feel that this is doable. Gives us flexibility to stop when we want, take pictures, stretch our legs, get a bite to eat on our own terms and, frankly, be away from the cruise ship people for a day.
  7. I am an essential employee and work at a jail in Virginia (judicial - not jail staff). BF is working remotely until October 1, so I'm taking a few days off in September and we are going to drive to West Virginia, rent a cabin and do a little white water rafting. One evening is a walking ghost tour of an abandoned coal town. I'm thinking on our way there we are going to stop at Virginia Safari Park (which is a drive through safari) and visit the animals. No hotel (just the cabin) and just BF and me for the most part. It's nice to have something to look forward to.
  8. So what happens if there you're on a fully booked ship for 2021 and TPTB decide to reduce capacity?
  9. Or if you have a balance on another credit card, maybe you can transfer the balance to this card so it gets paid off (or down) when the credit hits.
  10. I did a land tour (no cruise ship) to Alaska about 12 years ago. Went from Anchorage to Seward, back up through Talkeetna, Denali & Fairbanks. Then took the train back down to Anchorage. Total about 2 1/2 weeks. Highlights of Denali - a grizzly bear crossed the road right in front of us on the way to the park. I got the picture. And... the mountain was "out" the day we went. It takes your breath away. Maybe 2022 for us....
  11. I'm thinking both. We only have a half day in Ketchikan so I figure that may be a foot day (walking around Creek Street/Saxman Village) with George Inlet Lodge for a late breakfast. I *really* want to find some small totems for gifts for family - not the mass produced variety. Ketchikan seems like it may be my best option for that. I am out of my depth at an all you can eat, so I may drop him off and pick him up (roll him out?)
  12. I was thinking about the obvious ones - whale watching and Mendenhall glacier.... and BF wants to stuff his face with as much crab as humanly possible. We will be in port for 12 hours. But these are some really neat ideas. Thanks for sharing them.
  13. I rescheduled my cruise (14 month away now) but am keeping it live by buying one little thing per month for the trip. It makes me happy. We're going to Alaska and we already had the biggies (binoculars, luggage, etc.) but I'm stalking sales for waterproof pants (for whale watching excursion, fishing). I found a cheap raincoat at threadUP. I also just started a new job. It gets a ton more leave than my previous ones. So I'm learning and banking up my time and reminding myself that I will have more than enough hours to take two full weeks off next September without having to make any time up.
  14. LadyMac72

    Tracy Arm Fjord

    On our cruise (Carnival) we have an excursion that uses a small boat to pick you up from the cruise ship and take you to the glacier for a close-up experience. I read really good reviews of it and even though I have 14 months (SOB!) until the cruise, I already booked and paid for it to make sure I didn't miss out. Maybe yours does something similar. The description: "Experience the Tracy Arm Wilderness area, including exciting close-up views of the majestic Sawyer Glaciers. As the ship enters Tracy Arm, she will glide to a brief stop to allow you to board a deluxe, waterjet-powered catamaran, designed for optimum viewing and delicate maneuvering. Bring your camera to capture the many wonders you'll discover around each bend of this serpentine, 30-mile fjord. The onboard naturalist will inform you about the area as you trace the bases of cliffs that rise 4,000 feet above the bay. Enjoy an up-close view of the North Sawyer Glacier with frequent stops to view wildlife, and hear the "white thunder" as immense ice spires break from the South Sawyer Glacier and crash into the bay."
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