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  1. Hoping the Paradise starts up in March... I'm booked at the end of March with my son for his birthday.
  2. https://www.tripadvisor.com/AttractionProductReview-g292019-d13425878-Shore_Excursion_Roatan_Monkey_Sloths_Park_Iguana_and_Butterfly_Farm_and_Beach-Roat.html Has anyone ever done this tour?
  3. You can go to the Community page on his Facebook page and ask your question there. Either he or his assistant, Jacinta, will reply to you.
  4. We did it on the Miracle. The instructions were $2 per gift and we had 25 sign up. One person gave us a gift bag of mini ducks. I got a cute pair of socks. Another gave a personalized plastic cup filled with peppermints. OH! The most useful was a couple of cute animal masks (COVID style). BF walked around as a tiger and I wore a bald eagle. Got a mini first aid kit. Mini hand sanitizer. Reusable plastic straws. They were all little but they were cute. They were generally bagged up and left in the mailbox for contactless delivery. I really enjoyed it.
  5. I was going to order it but my waitress advised that this was merely a dressed up flat iron steak. So I went with the filet mignon instead.
  6. The chocolate sphere for dessert... omg so good. I loved the filet. BF had the stuffed mushrooms appetizer and he loved those.
  7. That's what we got.. priced as an interior. Waiting for an ocean view to open up.
  8. It seems to me that the only tie-in to Carnival is because the onset of symptoms coincided with her cruise. I don't think she caught it on the ship - my understanding is that she wasn't feeling well at the first port but pushed through and then the second port (Belize) when she took a bad turn. If this bad turn had happened at Disney World, the Alamo or Food Lion, it would not have made news. Sucks that she had to be medically evacuated though. I also think this is exactly why Carnival is pre-testing now.
  9. I opened the outside box. There are 6 individual tests inside and each is marked with "DO NOT OPEN" sleeve. When I ordered I put my and BF's names and DOBs in for the tests. So as I understand it, we are the only ones who can use the tests.
  10. Read this blog entry from an RC cruiser this morning. Don't know if it helps but here it is. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/08/20/i-tried-the-home-covid-19-test-royal-caribbean-accepts?fbclid=IwAR2XUzecFydKCbJP2QBmlb2M0Q38XzX6rsuT_qvAwUg8N7h_F3CyArDLEyo
  11. I live in Virginia as well (to the east of you in a more rural community). I ended up buying the home tests (with monitoring) because I was afraid of this very thing. Good luck to you and enjoy your cruise!
  12. According to a post in my cruise group on the Book of Faces, per Jen Baxter, the CD of the Carnival Miracle, there will be a 1980's party on the ship. Now, I was a size 6 way back then and, let's just say, I'm not that now so I don't have any real 80s attire. And even I did, truth be told, I was pretty geeky back then. So off I went to look at stuff on Amazon. You know - leg warmers, fish net gloves, pink tutu... Molly Ringworm/Madonna type of stuff. But before I go to these lengths (and potentially embarrass myself) do people really get dressed up for these things or is a more come as you are/listen to Wang Chung/drink Bartles and Jaymes wine coolers while gazing at posters of David Lee Roth or Anthony Michael Hall? While either would be fun... the first open would be more (dare I say) gnarly. Thanks!
  13. I wonder if it has anything to do with the OP using a TA. Wouldn't the TA own the booking and thus the refund would come back to them and then it gets passed onto the OP? So we really don't know if it was entirely on Carnival's end.
  14. Does anyone know if this test will allow me to go into Canada on our Alaska cruise?
  15. I just had this hair-brained idea. I am on the Carnival Miracle from Seattle to Alaska one month from today. YAY. It was a reschedule from a year ago and pre-COVID I decided to rent a jeep in Skagway and drive into the Yukon. Eternally optimistic, I held out hope that we would be allowed into Canada this year and didn't book anything through the cruise line. As you may imagine, everything decent is now booked and I'm at a bit of a loss... do we just drive around Skagway? We are in port 13 hours. And then I thought... those home COVID tests (with or without monitoring) are sold in multipacks. Theoretically could we take (even monitored) tests using wifi in Juneau, get are results on our phones and (assuming negative) drive into Canada after all?
  16. Not afraid for myself... my concern is for other unvaccinated individuals, children, pregnant women, immuno-compromised who are vaccinated but whose protection may be waning. I think about people other than myself. I'm not a selfish human being.
  17. What about if you don't have insurance? I do but my boyfriend doesn't....
  18. Speaking only for myself, I am not getting on a plane, flying across the country, only to find out I'm positive and then have the additional expense of a hotel room while I quarantine. Lose the credit/voucher I could get for the flight.... no way. I'll test at home 3 days before the cruise at my own expense.
  19. Can people who haven't booked a cruise excursion stop and pay admission and go in?
  20. I like YTD because BF and I like to eat at different times. I can eat early and he will join me and get a shrimp cocktail and then when he wants to eat later, I will go too and get another dessert.
  21. Some of the people in my cruise group were going out to Seattle 5 days or a week in advance of the cruise in order to explore. Now they have to find a place in an unfamiliar city to get the test. I'm taking mine while I am still at home because, G-d forbid I test positive, I don't want to be stuck in a hotel in some strange city to quarantine.
  22. I asked this exact question of him.. because three days in advance is not always the same as 72 hours. I asked - since our cruise leaves on a Tuesday at 4 p.m., should I arrange to have the test on a Saturday after 4 p.m.? Will I be denied if it's any earlier? And he basically said they weren't going to quibble over a couple of hours but after 4 p.m. Saturday would be best. So on August 28, I'll try to schedule our tests.....
  23. I'm asking because BF lost his original card. He got his vaccines at WalMart and he can pull it up by the app which shows a QR code. I just want to make sure I have something in hand for our trip in September.
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