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  1. I am not sure what your concern is, but, We sailed on Explorer in 1/2020. I was a bit concerned because reviews at the time sounded like the ship was in bad shape as it was scheduled to go in for refurbishment in March or April. I do not know if this happened. My family found nothing really wrong on that ship. It was beautiful, well maintained considering the use it had gotten (yes there was some wear on it) and the crew was great. We had a great time in the ABC’s. I have started to take reviews with a grain of salt. Check out the differences and see if you can live with them and be satisfied. If not switch. Just my thoughts.
  2. I called support as I could check in, but was not given any time slots. Others on the same cruise were given time slots for after departure time. I was told to keep checking. A couple of days later the slot time that was after departure opened up, so we took it, just to have something. Since then, more times have opened up and we have switched to 2 hours earlier. Just keep checking.
  3. If you cannot figure it out, there is usually a WiFi station with someone from the ship standing by. They will help you.
  4. My thoughts are if you like Starbucks like me you will think it is a bit weak the last few times I was on board. I have found it can be different in each area, but I found the promenade to have the best when there is a difference but each ship could be a bit different. I buy a coffee card they punch for around $31.00 and you get 15 specialty espresso based coffees at the promenade. If you get a vente size they might punch twice. Check out the coffee then decide.
  5. Sailed on Majesty in December 2019 and loved her. What a marvelous crew. Was booked out of NO for Feb 2022 and was so looking forward to it. I had been looking at Empress cruises as I heard such wonderful things about her as well. Very sad news, but so glad I was able to experience Majesty when I did.
  6. Well worth it and I am told what you don't use this cruise you can use on your next as long as you don't lose the card between cruises. I will find out for sure on my next cruise. You can ask before you buy.
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