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  1. The crowding is evidence that the program is doing what is intended. That is not a good reason to end it.
  2. I would think that those considerations would be secondary to helping hurricane victims. I agree that there may be some exposure, but I also think that it can be managed.
  3. If foliage colors are a priority I would suggest after Columbus Day.
  4. The spacious balcony is not a lot bigger but it does have a larger sofa that we like instead of the love seat. It also has a few more small shelves.
  5. That's disappointing! I recently called to give our preference and they asked for the preference for each of us, leading me to believe that we each would be receiving gifts.
  6. It does not appear that the OP has been around for a while.
  7. I'm not sure what you are referring to, but when I go to the registration page and at lower section of the page search for my next cruise it shows only 2 have registered. That would be myself and my wife as I just re-registered this morning.
  8. It seems that they are looking for thoughts, tips and recommendations. They did not say that they had any concerns.
  9. RCI hosts the meeting and supplies the prizes (such as they are) for the drawings. I agree that RC is losing enthusiasm for the M&M.
  10. We like choosing our room. It would be very disappointing to get a noisy location or a balcony that had a badly obstructed view.
  11. I believe that my TA OBC shows up after we are onboard, so only useful for purchases made onboard
  12. Any ideas about when it be available on Radiance and/or Freedom?
  13. Thanks! Goes out to Dec 7 on Adventure.
  14. There does seem to be some limit. I just tried to access a cruise on Adventure in Feb and was told to check back closer to departure.
  15. I'm currently just doing a little comparison shopping, so any ship similar to Royal's Radiance class.
  16. A question for those familiar with both Royal and Celebrity. What Celebrity room type is the equivalent (or at least close) of Royal's 4b spacious balcony?
  17. I am seeing the same thing. Select a date with the advertised price, select interior at advertised price and even without taxes and port fees the price per person is more than advertised. ( See Majesty Jan 5 out of Ft Lauderdale.) $161 pp advertised $215 pp actual cruise fare.
  18. I'm not aware of a specific laundry day.
  19. I tried to search for the info didn't seem to be able to get any where with it. What is the Diamond plus free laundry perk? It seems me that it is one bag every five days, is that correct?
  20. I do love their self service laundry (which you have to pay for) , but have yet to enjoy the mini bar. It sounds like 18 drinks divided by everyone in the cabin. For us that would be 9 drinks each or the equivalent of the allowance of a 3 day cruise as a diamond on Royal. Not sure that it beats the Royal perks.
  21. If the DL is not crowded it's not a big deal, but it is not a "status thing". It is a perk that many have earned by being loyal. If I can't get a seat in the lounge because of non diamond "guests" that is not fair to me.
  22. Why would anyone think lying is wrong?
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