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  1. My wife and I will be sailing to Hawaii on Eclipse in late October. Depending on how the games go, the World Series may still be going on after we sail. If you have been on a cruise when the World Series was on, did the ship provide the broadcast? We have watched the Super Bowl on a cruise, but we have never been onnoard during the World Series.
  2. Viking Ocean's web site says the Silver Spirits beverage package excludes champagne. Are any sparkling wines, such as prosecco, included in the package?
  3. To celebrate our 50th anniversary, my wife and I are treating ourselves to back-to-back seven-day cruises in asky suite on Edge in March. One cruise does the eastern Caribbean, and the other the western route, so they are different cruises. I have read that Luminae rotates its menus every 14 days, but I would like to know if the restaurant will have the same seven-day series of menus on both of our cruises. We are trying to decide on which days we might want to try one of the specialty restaurants. Also, we wanted to try the special dinner on the edge on one evening on one of our two cruises. I have heard that dinner is offered only once on each cruise. Does anyone know which evening features that special dinner? I cannot find any info on the Celebrity web site or app on how to make reservations in advance for that dinner. Must reservations be made on board? Thanks for any information you all can share.
  4. Thanks to everyone for all of the excellent info you provided.
  5. We will be boarding Crystal Serenity in a couple of weeks, and it has been two years since we last sailed on that line, so I don't remember much about the wines they served (perhaps because Crystal is so generous with its wine service), but I would appreciate hearing any thoughts from recent Crystal cruisers on the complimentary wines and champagnes the cruise line is currently serving. We love champagne, and I'm curious what the "house" champagne is these days? We also do not much care for California chardonnays (we like the ones from France and Italy), and we are particularly fond of New Zealand sauvignon blancs, Austrian whites and Italian reds. Any insights on those types of wine? Even though we live in California, we rarely drink wines grown in our state, not because they aren't well made. It is because they have become very high in alcohol. When we first started drinking California wines 50 years ago, they generally were around 12.5 percent alcohol; now many of them are pushing 15 percent, and we find that they not only make you more inebriated, they totally overwhelm the food your eating with those very hot wines. As any math expert will tell you, the difference between a 12-percent wine and the 15-percent variety is about 25 percent more alcohol, not 3 percent higher. We met a California vintner on a cruise once, and when we asked him why the state's wines are so high in alcohol these days, he first said that was because of the California weather, but when we challenged that (we know alcohol content is not just based on weather, but on when you pick your grapes), he got a little testy and said, "Look you boomers aren't going to drink any more than you already do. We have to go after younger drinkers, and they want a glass of wine to have a very bold taste like a cocktail. We call it the Red Bull effect.'' Any information on Crystal's current complimentary wine list would be appreciated. I know we can just wait until we board the ship, but part of the fun of cruising for us is to enjoy the anticipation phase of the journey by thinking about what we plan to do on Serenity, and that includes lots of wining and dining.
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