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  1. I’m booked with NCL and haven’t heard anything?? What do you know about how NCL handled things?
  2. i guess 75% is better then nothing...... I've got to check my NCL policy now
  3. We are booked with NCL for July 22 2019, I haven't heard from them yet...... I'm pretty sure the extra insurance purchased thru the cruise line will not allow cancel for any reason, like someone suggested earlier in the post....so don't count on that. Most likely they will just change the itinerary, which sucks since we all paid a premium for Cuba on the older ships!
  4. Glad to hear you were happy with Blexie tours, we have booked them for our trip this July. Just a few questions please. other then just emails back and forth, was there any other means of booking that you did with Blexie? I was given a name and location to meet, and was told i can pay in US dollars.... does that all sound legit? Thanks
  5. You said it perfectly! sometimes we all sail on a "Ship of Fools" 🙂
  6. LOL...........you guys are funny! I guess I'll sit back and enjoy the ride....... I'll be sailing tomorrow anyways
  7. Well, as always its a mixed bag......... I think I'm going to stick with slipping the steward an extra $20 on the first day to insure/ensure great service. I say try it on your next cruise and see what happens. Of course its all over and above the pre paid gratuities. If you thing of it, it's monies that aren't shared with the rest of the crew, and very appreciated! We once gave a crew member that was closing up the photo shop a cheep bottle of champagne we won on some contest that night. He was so excited and happy, we never expected anything, he was just one of those nice crew members you strike up a conversation with. Next day were at the photo shop and we bring up a bunch of photos for them to just discard. we bought our 2 photos, and he stuck all the photos in the bag! Probably $200 worth of photos.
  8. Then isn't prepay gratuities also a bribe?
  9. Has anyone had luck tipping your cabin stewards up front? Even thou we always pre-pay our gratuities, I got into a habit of giving our steward a $20 bill up front when they introduce themselves. This has seamed to always make a great cabin steward / customer relationship for the week. with thee exception one time. I believe it was a 4 day voyage, I tipped up front, and never seen him again till the last day leaving my room. Curious if anyone else does the same? Happy Sailing!
  11. One of the best things about being on a cruise is to get off line and forget about all that social media. It's like going out to a nice dinner and everyone is on their phones! Give a try without the internet for a few days you all may like it! 🙂
  12. We both enjoyed the cloud 9 spa balcony on the Breeze and the Dream, the Thalassotherapy pool was awesome! However it appears the Horizon only has a smaller jetted spa, and its smack in the middle of everything. I'm hopping we enjoy it just as much.
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