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  1. The inconsistency of what passengers are told at different restaurants on the same ship---even during the same cruise (!)---is curious to say the least. I sailed the Escape from 8/25-9/1 with my wife and son (my wife and I had the SDP, my son did not). The three of us all dined at Cagney's and Moderno, and it was only my wife and me at Bayamo. Our experiences with the SDP: Cagney's: We were told that the SDP holders are limited to 1-1-1 (or was it 1-1-1-1, I don't remember). We were asked if our son would be ordering off the childrens' menu. We told our server that he w
  2. Not sure if it’s standard procedure or not, but I wasn’t asked to sign a sales slip on the drinks I ordered while still in NY on last week’s Escape cruise. The sales taxes were still added to my account.
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