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  1. The inconsistency of what passengers are told at different restaurants on the same ship---even during the same cruise (!)---is curious to say the least.


    I sailed the Escape from 8/25-9/1 with my wife and son (my wife and I had the SDP, my son did not). The three of us all dined at Cagney's and Moderno, and it was only my wife and me at Bayamo. Our experiences with the SDP:


    Cagney's: We were told that the SDP holders are limited to 1-1-1 (or was it 1-1-1-1, I don't remember). We were asked if our son would be ordering off the childrens' menu. We told our server that he would be ordering a steak off the Cagney's menu and we understood that we'd have to pay the a la carte price. The server then proceeds to tell us that if my son would like a starter or a side it would be "no problem". I think that she was clearly implying that she wouldn't charge for a starter/side my son ordered.


    So, an SDP holder is entitled to 1-1-1-1, but my 11-year old son who was paying a la carte is entitled to "complimentary" sides. Interesting.


    Bayamo: We were given the same 1-1-1 introduction to our meal. I ordered two appetizers. I was not charged.


    Moderno: I told the maitre d' that my wife and I had the SDP, and our son would be ordering from the childrens' menu. The maitre d' said if my son wants to eat the passed around meats or try the salad bar, that's no problem at all.


    While I certainly appreciate the gestures offered in Cagney's and Moderno, why tell me I'm limited to 1-1-1 and then offer to give my son free food? It just all seems silly to me.


    I wish that NCL would just establish 100% unambiguously clear T&Cs for the SDP, inform all restaurant staff what they are, and simply stick to it. But that's me, I like to be presented with "rules". I don't want to have to guess or read between the lines. If I don't like the rules, I'll take my business elsewhere.

  2. 2 hours ago, TPgal said:

    The drink package works immediately upon boarding.   While in some US ports you may incur sales tax on the beverages until you are whatever distance away from the taxation authority.   Your drink will arrive with a small slip of paper to sign and you're on your way.


    Have fun!


    Not sure if it’s standard procedure or not, but I wasn’t asked to sign a sales slip on the drinks I ordered while still in NY on last week’s Escape cruise. The sales taxes were still added to my account. 

  3. Next Sunday, 8/25, the afternoon high tide had Fort Wadsworth is at 3:50pm and the next low tide is at 10:59pm. (https://tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov/noaatidepredictions.html?id=8519024&units=standard&bdate=20190801&edate=20190831&timezone=LST/LDT&clock=12hour&datum=MLLW&interval=hilo&action=monthlychart).


    To those who understand marine navigation much better than I do, does that suggest that the Escape will be "late" leaving NY next week?

  4. I figured this may have been asked before, but I couldn't find any threads on the topic.


    I know that NCL is headquartered in Miami, and as far as I can tell the Escape is flagged in the Bahamas.


    When my onboard folio is settled at the end of an Escape cruise, will the charge "register" as a US or foreign transaction on my credit card?

  5. I wonder if waitstaffs' response to "How many appetizers/sides/desserts am I entitled to with SDP?" may be determined, in part, based on how many people at the table actually have the SDP.


    I'll be sailing Escape next month, and my wife and I have the SDP. Our son does not have the SDP, but he will be joining us at Cagney's. We'll pay a la carte for his steak of course, but it's probably frowned upon for my wife and I (with the SDPs) to order multiple appetizers/sides/desserts and then just pass some of them off to our son.


    I like to do what I think is ethical. My son will want a side of fries with his steak and I will indicate to the server that the fries are for my son who does not have the SDP. If the server doesn't charge for the fries, I'll probably just add the cost of the fries to his additional gratuity (if I choose to offer one).

  6. . I connect to the R train via the Q 70. I did say in my post - city buses. Simple for me. :).




    Fair point. I once took the Q70 to Woodside. But it took so long, I told myself I wouldn’t do it again. I probably repressed the memory. [emoji3]



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  7. There is no subway service available at LGA.


    From JFK, you can take a people-mover (monorail) to the Jamaica transportation hub where you can connect with either city subway or commuter rail service (Long Island Railroad) to Manhattan.


    EWR also offers a monorail to commuter rail (NJ Transit) which can also get you to Manhattan.



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  8. Likewise, I hope everything works out.


    However, for the replies mentioning trip insurance...it seems like all of the policies I’ve seen cover “emergencies” and wouldn’t cover circumstances described by the OP. Am I looking for trip insurance in the wrong place?



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