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  1. We were on aug 22 sailing Our steward introduced himself and we made a couple requests, which were fulfilled that day He brought us champagne and then, unless we asked for something, we did not see him he cleaned/made up the room twice a day There are "buttons" you can push on the door medallion display where you can either request privacy or request the room to be cleaned/made up. He was great We would have enjoyed seeing more of him
  2. My 2 cents we were on aug 22 alaska cruise we were hesitant to go because of masks and the testing turns out testing was no problem We wore masks where required (elevator, shops, waiting to be seated in dining room, etc) it was a small annoyance I encourage those who want to cruise to go ahead and have a great time we actually liked the medallion thingy especially for ordering drinks & coffee in our cabin I figured if we could not put up with masks then we would not cruise again for a year or so But we r booked for january 2022 cruise in caribbean Being on the ship means much more than the mask thing
  3. The only time i have seen first class is on american airlines from DFW to Heathrow Otherwise Business class We splurged on business class in 2019 from hong kong to DFW on American and we thoroughly enjoyed it
  4. That is for aug 22 cruise Other dates would apply to other cruise dates
  5. Are you in Reno, NV? You can schedule the antigen test with CVS for aug 19, aug 20 and get result in less than a day Princess says PCR or Antigen test but PCR takes couple days to get results
  6. We r on 8/22 Alaska sailing I have scheduled the covid tests within the 3 day window This is another hoop to jump thru but we will do it They do have our money and we want to go i do hope this testing requirement ends before our next cruise in january 2022
  7. Did anyone receive email from Princess about this requirement? Seems it could be deal breaker for some
  8. You can have a credit in shore excursions as if you cancel a different excursion and then book another within a short time frame If you don't book another excursion they credit your credit card As to the topic of this thread i have used obc to book excursions and if i cancelled it was returned to my obc account
  9. We r blue too Probably because we chose to pick up medallion thingy at the port We r on aug 22 sailing and no departure times available but since we r ezair and leave seattle at 11am on aug 29, princess should put us on one of first transfers to airport I expect customer service to be very busy the entire cruise!
  10. majortom10 thank you that is what i thought we definitely want to cruise up a fijord so will go with the sky
  11. In norway aren't these coastal towns? Does the Island go up into fijords in the area on the map it does not look like ship does I am thinking the Sky will actually sail up fijords Thank you for your help
  12. Asking to anyone we r looking at 2 norway/iceland cruises Does the island princess cruise july 12-26, 2023 actually sail up the fjords in norway? We r also looking at sky princess june 3-17, 2023 it looks like this cruise does sail up the fjords in norway? Thanks for your help
  13. I did this once too i was actually on a cruise tour in alaska Called princess and they fixed it
  14. Agree Our last cruise was on majestic and medallion was not a factor Everything was fine without medallion I am not in favor of it
  15. I am questioning the wisdom of this app especially the arrival/departure group selection and the dine my way It it ain't broke, don't fix it comes to mind we turned elite with our last cruise in 2019 we were able to select arrival group for aug 22 majestic cruise around 2 months out our flight arrives at 9 am so we got early arrival group We r club class so no need to select dine my way time All is good so far but my point is we have not had problems with boarding the ship or dining when we want (with short wait) why is princess putting everyone thru this? The app works sometimes and sometimes not It is frustrating
  16. My thoughts are the medallion app has created more stress for me than the old process It must make it much easier for princess or they would not do it I never worried about arrival groups or scheduling dinner times I cruise for relaxation and fun not for added stress So to heck with it i will bring all the required documents, get on the shuttle, and hope for the best i am thru worrying about the app, which is often dysfunctional
  17. I tried to book one of the suites on deck 14 Riviera deck on majestic princess in 2018 and none were showing as available so i checked on a big box travel site and sure enough they were available there so i called princess and i was able to book it It was a great suite near the concierge lounge
  18. I also got early arrival time for us just by checking the app this morning Aug 22 sailing No notice We r elite with club class mini
  19. No luggage tags yet, but idea of medallions for luggage is a possibility, but may be costly for princess also we opted to receive our medallions when we check in rather than mailed to us It will be interesting to see how this all works out
  20. I was just able to select boarding group for august 22 on the app Now i plan to check luggage tag availability on website
  21. Maybe has something to do with "boarding group" that is tbd
  22. RRFan That sounds logical we r elite and club class on this cruise our plane arrives around 9 am on embark day and we have princess shuttle We also like to get on ship early Princess has always been very organized at embarkation and departure day so hope that holds we will be prepared for glitches as long as we get on that ship for sail a way!
  23. These are excellent points all the information we are required by princess to input to this app could be hacked somewhere along the way now i have another headache incoming
  24. You may be able to show up with travel summary and all required documents and princess may manually enter you into the medallion app and give you a medallion (which you would be required to carry for contact tracing, room entry, etc) But why risk it? Also anyone having to be entered manually will probably have a long wait to board I do not like the medallion app, but can accept it to get on board and just get on with the cruise Princess has done an awful job of communicating to booked passengers why the medallion is required
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