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  1. Sailed on the Carnival Conquest March 31st 2018 Case# LFLI-SB-CQ-04012018-1 So I have held off a month on writing this review to give Carnival a fair chance in retaining a customer and actually making an attempt at customer service. First trip with Carnival and the crew loses my wife's luggage. My wife has the clothes on her back and that's it. We approached the customer service desk and advise of our situation. "We had waited six hours before we went down." The individuals at the desk gave us there best step-ford wife's smile and told us to be patient, they were still delivering luggage. Went back down at 10pm, advise of the same thing, no change. I ask the young man "Tulan" what was my wife to do being that our first stop is in the morning? Tulan stated they could open the ship store for us at 4:30 pm to obtain some additional clothing. I advise Tulan that the ship is supposed to leave port at 3:30pm how would that help? Thankfully an unknown kind stranger who was in the lobby heard what was going on and the sobbing of my wife and she gave her a swimsuit, yes a complete stranger helped my wife, not Carnival. We finally were able to get someone in management who started to try to help. She offered us a credit to start buying clothes onshore. First stop private island, no stores. Second stop, all stores closed due to Easter. Third stop, which was our 5th day we made it to Curacao. So instead of enjoying the island my wife spent her time trying to find underwear and a bra being that she was now wearing the same underwear for 5 days? So the day was spent searching for ill fitting clothes to just finish the trip out. No fine dining for us. No going out to the clubs. So on the final night of our trip as everyone is putting their luggage out to be picked up to go onshore what pops up at our door at 10pm. Yep, my wife's luggage. Our porter had no idea where it came from. Security stated they had no idea where it was and customer no help could tell us nothing either. So yes my wife's luggage was on the ship the entire time. So the ship offered us a 20% discount to come back, yep 20%. We told them that was insulting at best. We sent an email to customer service, we received no reply. We called them one week later and the young lady while nice said there was nothing else they could do. To quote her "Carnival moves a lot of people, and luggage gets lost, it's a part of doing business." Yes, she really said that. She then went on to say its too bad the luggage showed up on the last day because she could have done more for us. Insane. So now we sent another letter to the Carnival CEO and that was over a week ago and still nothing. So this is our first and last trip with Carnival and now that they have decided they don't care about us, I'm now making it known what kind of business this is. Second honeymoon absolutely destroyed by an uncaring, thoughtless company with no sense of ownership. :mad:
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