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  1. You get the OBC once per booking. It is not cumulative so if you keep getting canceled and re-book, it's still $600. Edited to add: The offer has been the same for some time. $600 OBC per stateroom for canceled longer cruises, $300 for the shorter ones.
  2. Most of the cruise lines are leaving canceled bookings active in the system until the FCC or refund is processed. It helps them keep track of what has/hasn't been addressed. I have several of my own bookings that are still "active" despite being canceled. I actually had one booking (not on Carnival) stay active to the point that I got a couple of notifications on their app about events starting on the ship. Both funny and sad at the same time.
  3. Just looked in the back end booking system and everything after May 1 through early October is gone. So clearly the ship is being repositioned during that time. Alaska or Europe perhaps?
  4. A bit of clarification as requested by Fouremco If a booking is paid in full, the majority of the cruise lines (Celebrity included) are paying the agent their commission if that booking is then canceled by the cruise line. Payment time varies by supplier but many pay within a couple of weeks of final payment. If the booking was not paid in full and was canceled by either the customer or the line, most likely the agent is not getting paid any commission. There are a few exceptions to this, including some insurance policies that cover agent commissions, but generally speaking there is no
  5. I'm able to get in without trouble. I'd try clearing your cache/cookies and trying again or perhaps a different device and/or browser. I've found that their tech can be...temperamental at times. Good luck!
  6. Actually the itinerary is Cozumel and Costa Maya with five sea days. It was altered from the original three ports when the departure was delayed from 6/29. Ship it is at sea today through Thursday. Friday is CM, Cozumel Saturday. Two more sea days follow and a return to Galveston a week from today (Tuesday)
  7. Glad to hear that. We are 3 days out and the app has been interesting to watch. Had lots of clearly incorrect info for weeks. Then it started to jive with our voyage. But some ship features that were there before, specifically restaurants and lounge, are now gone completely. I get changing the entertainment, poets, etc. But odd that the luminae menus, for example, were there before and are now gone. Anxiously awaiting to see if it updates.
  8. I sure hope this is the case. We are sailing EQ on Saturday and the app is missing a lot of info, plus it still has incorrect arrival and departure info for at least one port.
  9. Their math is correct. Count the days. If you count each day from 5/4 to 6/1 it is 29 days.
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