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  1. I do recall reading about that. They are sailing with a reduced capacity I believe. So the passengers must have a chance of finding a seat in the lounge after dinner.😂 Keep well.😉
  2. Lets hope it does not turn out to beanother 'world beating' exercise 😕 We have had a couple of those Dave.😂😂 couldn’t make it up. But they have.🤷‍♂️
  3. Hi PC and Dave. I see that one of the smaller companies had an effort at restarting cancelled due to COVID cases onboard. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/nov/12/caribbean-cruise-ship-coronavirus-seadream It does look like it will be more likely towards the end of 2021 before things get back to anything like normal.
  4. This weeks news regarding a potential vaccine has come as a welcome break from the usual depressing offerings of the last nine months. It looks as if the age demographic of the people to get the vaccine before the masses is also the same as the average cruise clientele. (Me included) So will you be looking to book something when the vaccine uptake is finished or will you "wait and see" before booking?
  5. A little bit of good news today regarding the vaccine, I know it is still months away but it’s a chink of light toward the end of this horrible disease.🙏🏻 Stay well everyone.
  6. The Marella itineraries for the canaries are usually pretty similar. Both airports at Tenerife and gran canaria are ok and the ports are both good as well. It depends where you want to spend a day visiting during your cruise, If you want a full day in Tenerife you need to board in Gran Canaria and vice versa if you want a full day in Gran canaria board in Tenerife.
  7. Hi PC. Same here, keep getting the emails from TUI,Iglu and planet cruise but won’t be booking anything until there’s a way out of this epidemic.😷 Have even been looking at coach type hols ( how desperate is that?) Stay safe.
  8. Six days and no posts on here, must be some sort of record.
  9. Follow the above link to read Miaminice’s experience on the Meine Schiffe 6 cruise currently underway in Greece. Well worth a read.👍
  10. Jealous mate. Truly hoping we are back to some sort of normal by then.
  11. What sailing dates Jim? early next year or later.
  12. We haven’t gave any thought to Fred but it will be worth having a look on here and YouTube. Good food and service are as important as itineraries to us.😉
  13. We have been looking as always, I have a bit of a downer on TUI after the refunds debacle so we were thinking Cruise and maritime but they have gone to the wall and we aren’t sure about the bigger lines so it will probably be Marella anyway.🤷‍♂️ Hi Ormy. I am of the same mind as you regarding a vaccine but after today’s corona broadcast it looks like it will be middle of next year before one is ready to be rolled out so it’s a waiting game as it stands. Stay well people.😉
  14. It’s very quiet on here isn’t it? When do people think that the Cruise industry will start up again if ever and would you be confident enough to book that “ First voyage “?
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