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  1. Brummijam

    Laundry Marella Dream

    Hi muchty. There is no laundrette on ship. I read in an earlier post on this forum that they charge at seven pound per hour. Its a satellite connection so its not the best\fastest. dress code is smart casual so a tux\cocktail dress not necessary. The All Inclusive drinks menu is pretty good, we have never felt the need to upgrade forget any negative comments that you have read. It is the friendliest ship we have been on, The staff are all incredible enjoy your holiday.
  2. Hi.If you scroll down to page 7 there is a heading “Celebration AI menu” In the post there are drinks menus that should give you an idea what is included.
  3. Hi PC. Thanks for your input much appreciated.😉 I knew that you wouldn’t let me down. Keep well.
  4. Hi Fragilek. First off I am glad that your Leukemia is in remission and long may it continue. My problem seems a bit unimportant in life when we look at the bigger picture. I have heard conflicting stories with regards to Marella some similar to yours where they squeeze every thing that they can and some like the post above where they will transfer the deposit to another holiday. We use marella pretty regular since I retired and the actual cruise part of the deal suits us. I suppose it’s going to be a case of wait and see what happens in the next few weeks, as it stands we are at the stage where we will only lose our deposit but here’s hoping we can still take the cruise as we are really looking forward to it. As mentioned at the beginning of this post I hope all goes well with regards to your remission. Keep well and thanks for your input. Brummijam. As an aside if the Canaries cruise is on the Dream my advice is go for it. I can understand where you are coming from but why spoil the chance to get the sun on your back for the sake of £45 (Nick a few towels if you must). Just kidding🤫😁 The Dream is our favourite ship the staff are amazing I am pretty sure you will enjoy it and the canaries itinerary is quite good.Best wishes.
  5. Thanks both for the replies. The deposit transfer to a later cruise sounds good as we were planning another holiday later in the year. I am seeing a surgeon in a couple of weeks so I should know one way or another regarding operation waiting times. The travel insurance cancellation claim is another avenue to explore but I am leaving that as a final option.👍
  6. Hi all. Has anyone on here had to cancel a holiday with marella? The reason I ask is I have a cruise booked for April and l have paid the deposit and I am due to pay the balance early February. My problem is it looks like I will need surgery in the next few weeks (I haven’t got a date as yet) so should I pay the balance and hope it will be done and dusted before we depart or cancel and cut our losses. Also what are marella like regarding a cancellation would they let us use the deposit at a later date on another cruise? Any advice appreciated.
  7. Wow. 300 mb isn't a lot, when we were on the Dream last year a chap wanted to watch a Liverpool game live, I assume he purchased the one day package and it ran out just before half time which meant that he had to purchase more to watch the second half of the game. He was watching it on his iPad in the card room so that confirms that the Wi Fi connection is ok in there. If your cruise is in EU countries your mobile service providers package is usually included so you should get access when in port.
  8. Brummijam

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you all 🥂 wishing you a happy healthy new year.
  9. Perhaps the newer ships in the fleet can learn something from the older ships. free washing machines....how good is that? Especially on two week trips. you can reduce your luggage weight by one third if facilities are available to launder clothes yourself.
  10. Brummijam

    Manchester Return times

    You have to vacate your cabin at 08:00 and you are correct in that you can use your all inclusive card until your coach picks you up for the airport. marella provide courtesy cabins to freshen up and a bag drop facility for hand luggage. I believe that some excursions take place and they will take you back to the ship In time for your coach to the airport.
  11. The way that the tables for two are set out is pretty good in my opinion, they are separate but they are close enough to have a conversation with the diners on the tables next to yours if you so wish. We opted for the table for two most evenings because on a larger table you have to wait until every other diner has finished their course before the next course was served. On a previous cruise we were sat at a table for eight diners and the meal took nearly three hours in total.😮. It was a good night to be fair😊 cracking company.
  12. Just looked on the Marine traffic app and I see that the spirit is anchored at Alana on the west coast of India. Sadly this looks like it’s final voyage has come to an end as this destination is where old ships come to be broken down for scrap. We only sailed on her a couple of times but it definitely had a charm of its own, I just hope that all of the wonderful staff and crew get other positions on the fleet.
  13. As PC stated the onboard internet isn’t that good but as you will be docking pretty much every day just look where the crew are congregating at the port and ask them for the connection details it’s usually good quality and free. The Dream is a lovely ship and the staff are wonderful and friendly. Enjoy your trip.👍
  14. Hi Jambo. We were on the Explorer for the outbound transatlantic trip and found the restaurant was less busy earlier in the evening from six thirty until eight and then from nine until close it was easy to get seated. If you are pleasant to the member of staff that allocates your table trust me it goes a long way to getting a good placing. 😉
  15. Brummijam

    Dreamliner upgrade

    Thanks for that CV66 i will definitely give them a call a week before we are due to depart. We have extra legroom seats booked at the moment and they were perfectly adequate last time, I just thought that premium would be a nice alternative.😉