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  1. Drinks were available as you enter the theatre there were containers full of bottled beers on ice and tables laid out with popular cocktails,wines and soft drinks which you picked up as you passed to gain entry. Waiters were also inside the venue.A much better system than other Marellla aships we have experienced.
  2. On Explorer there were two shows nightly one was on at around eight o clock and the other was on just after ten o clock. Quality of the shows was ok, The entertainment team need to understand that very loud does not mean that the quality of the shows will be better. Some productions were so loud people were walking out.
  3. On Explorer the dress code was dress to impress, a few men were in tuxedo or dinner jackets or kilts and ladies were in cocktall dresses or smart dresses. also a lot of men were wearing smart trousers and shirt with or without tie. Latitude restaurant opened at 18:30 every night.
  4. Just returned from Explorer repositioning cruise to Barbados, Tobacco sales on board are good value. Golden Virginia rolling tobacco @ £31 for 250 g that was including 15% discount. Equivalent uk price £120 plus. Everybody who was buying seemed pleased with the pricing. enjoy your cruise 👍. We loved it.
  5. Thanks for the reply, very much appreciated. Keep well.👍
  6. A similar question but regarding the Explorer for the homeward bound flight from Barbados What happens to luggage when you put it outside of your room on the night before disembarking the ship? Do you have to colour code label your suitcases and find them on the dockside to load into the coach for the airport transfer or are they taken straight from the ship to the airport and loaded straight into the TUI aircraft ?
  7. Brummijam

    Pre-book Seats Dreamliner

    Hi Pensioncruiser Hope you had a good holiday. When we booked the Palma seats (which are standard aisle seats )were booked at the same time as the extra extra legroom seats for the return leg from Barbados.:) Keep well.
  8. It is usually easier to wangle an upgrade in hotels. If you book a bog standard room and ask reception if they have sea view or balcony room available most will move you for free. Done it a few times, just got to be prepared to stay in bog standard room if the hotel is full.
  9. Brummijam

    Pre-book Seats Dreamliner

    We booked our holiday on 25 June for 27 October holiday and the booking for the holiday was done online. On the same day telephoned tui and picked our seats for the outbound flight to Palma and also for the inbound flight on Dreamliner from Barbados. Phone them and they should let you do it over the phone.
  10. On our second trip on the Spirit there was a bottle of fizzy wine in the cabin compliments of TUI with a welcome back onboard note. Otherwise nothing at all.
  11. Brummijam

    Premier service

    I don't think premium customers get preference, all of the toilets are the same size.:')
  12. We were in 6064 outside plus on the dream earlier this year and we had a bath with shower. It had a decent size square window also. Hope this helps.;)
  13. Brummijam

    B2B x 2, & best time to book.

    I think that the reference was to the middle row of extra legroom seats;)
  14. Brummijam

    B2B x 2, & best time to book.

    Well that works out at £182 each on both outward and return trips which in my opinion is acceptable but another £100 + each on top of that is overestimating it’s cost against its value. Ahh well as I said “extra legroom, tray down, legs up.;)
  15. Brummijam

    B2B x 2, & best time to book.

    My wife and ma in law have been taking cruise holidays for years, I am recently retired and started going on cruise hols with my wife. We have been in inside cabins and then outside cabins and now we have progressed to balcony cabins. on the eariier trips inside was ok then we move up to outside and are saying"this is better" now Balcony is king. Its a bit of a reflection on life as we always seem to want better. Maybe suite next ? who knows.