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  1. We have sailed both those itineraries and both those ships. Wonderful. It’s worth noting though in your decision that it’s cyclone season on the north and north east coast of Australia during the cruise from Auckland to Bali. Even if no cyclones there are often lows which cause rough seas and inability to tender to some ports. If I was to choose I would stay with the Mariner cruise. We love the Mariner and should you encounter any rough seas, she’s just the best in those conditions.
  2. Re the Encore in March - we cancelled this voyage a few days before embarkation due to worries about Covid and a couple of months later received FCC. Friends of ours decided to sail. They have received FCC for the part of the cruise that was cancelled and reimbursement of hotel stays and business flights back to Brisbane handled by their TA. Others friends from US who were on this cruise too, received FCC and extra expenses which was also handled by their TA. Our friends and ourselves were all impressed with the service we got from Seabourn in this difficult situation.
  3. Second that. I waited far too long for a refund of a deposit on a cruise I cancelled for Feb 22. Did a charge back on my Amex... Crystal paid up very soon after that.
  4. Yes, friends of ours on a long 2022 cruise.
  5. Worth looking at Global Rescue as an alternative to Medjet....we have used them for many years.
  6. Unfortunately it’s too easy to have a fake certificate of vaccination. Dr who owns hospital in Bangladesh caught charging for COVID tests, keeping the funds, no test, then just issuing a negative certificate. There’s corruption everywhere you look.
  7. By the time you have a temp from Covid the horse will have already bolted. Think the temp thing just makes some people feel safe....not me.
  8. Unfortunately it’s not all about the death rate. Many positive cases become serious positive cases with lingering problems for many weeks, months in some cases.
  9. That’s exactly how I see it too.
  10. It’s worth reading what happened to the Australian expedition ship Greg Mortimer on its Antarctica trip. It had 100 + Australians and New Zealanders on board and many positive cases of Covid. So, it’s not only large cruise ships that would be of concern to Australian or NZ. The Australian tourism minister has advised that its most likely there will be no international leisure travel until into 2021 apart from possible ‘ bubbles’ with NZ and some Pacific countries. Safe to say that since Aussies can’t fly out of the country, no one is coming in unless it is essential and then only
  11. On the deck plans of Ovation below cabins 645 to 663 there is a white space. Does anyone know what that is? And if you’ve had one of those cabins was there any problem with noise from below? Thanks for your help.
  12. Thank you so much. That shows it perfectly.
  13. Please could someone post a photo of the balcony of a V2 cabin on deck 5 . And what it feels like looking out of this cabin. We have only been in a V5 previously. Looking at a NZ cruise in Feb 22 and as the prices have increased substantially, thought we might save a few dollars with a V2. We prefer mid ship and low. Thanks
  14. At this stage we have cancelled all our future cruises with Regent until there is more certainty what health policies and T&C Regent makes. Plus a vaccine. That is not to say we’d love to get back on a Regent cruise. We are Titanium and have been all over the world with this great family and planned for many more years to come. However much inside information you or others may have, there is no way known at this stage to 100% prevent an asymptomatic person or crew member being on a ship. No amount of cleaning or fogging staterooms and public areas will stop an airborne virus fr
  15. Agree with everything you said. We too have not left our house except for a daily walk since mid March, groceries ordered online and delivered contact free into our garage. I have cancelled 3 future cruises for Seabourn and other cruise lines for next year, have cash refunds and one FC refund for Seabourn. It’s fun to plan even though there’s so much uncertainty. We won’t be booking til we know more.... whether Seabourn is still sailing and if there is a vaccine. I was just surprised to see Seabourn’s lack of itineraries at the end of next year.
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