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  1. Sailed with Hugo on our Empress cruise to Cuba last April, and he totally made the cruise for us. His infectious energy, genuine concern for the passengers enjoyment and comfort, and ability to connect with all age groups made this one of our top 5 cruises. A job very well done!!!
  2. Oakman

    Non-Refundable Deposit Question

    Is it possible to change from non-refundable to refundable after deposit?
  3. This is a surprise for my "better half" and it is so hard keeping a secret until July!!!
  4. Thanks Bob for the input. Appreciate the assistance.
  5. Never sailed Majesty before and are interested in booking a Cat. 2M Spacious Ocean View cabin on Deck 9. I know the forward 4 cabins on each side are relatively unobstructed, but does anyone know of any other more midship cabins with better or less obstructed views? This is a very special surprise Bday cruise and want to make the right choice. I would of preferred a Jr. Suite, but since I did not win Powerball or Mega Millions, this cabin selection will have to do. Thanks in advance for any assistance. The opinions on this board are invaluable.
  6. Three of us!!! Been on the ship 3 times and love it!!! Perfect size for us.
  7. FYI. Both the Freedom of the Seas (2015) and the Grandeur of the Seas (2013) have caught fire.
  8. Loved Hugo on Empress during our trip in April to Cuba. Ishe the CD on Mariner now permanently?
  9. Oakman

    Empress February 2019

    We were on the April 28-May 4 sailing to Cuba and Mexico and loved the ship. The extensive renovations transformed the ship into a beautiful, upgraded version of her past self. The public rooms and cabins has all new carpets, drapes and furnishings and several areas (Boleros in particular) had a complete makeover to reflect the new Cuban itineraries. The food was the best we have had in years on Royal Caribbean and the staff was outstanding. It was like cruising was 20 years ago. The size of the ship lends itself perfectly to the itinerary, as the lines to embark and disembark were never overwhelming. Public areas, for the most part, were never jammed as on larger ships. This was our 3rd trip on the Empress, the first being her second sailing 28 years ago. She may not be the largest, with all the upgraded bells and whistles , but she sure has a heart. After 65 cruises, the ranked as one of the most enjoyable.
  10. Oakman

    Headliner Changes?

    Jeff Tracta (Celebrity Impressionist) seems to follow us ship to ship. First saw him on Oasis, then Allure (1 year later), then this past November on Freedom. For a long time, we thought he was Royal Caribbean's only "Headliner"!!:D:D:D:D
  11. Anyone have an update on Hugo on the Empress? Sailed with him Apr 28-May 4, and very much enjoyed the excellent job he did. Filled the whole cruise with great energy and enthusiasm. Want to book Cuba again (loved it), but only when Hugo is sailing. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Oakman

    Who really wants to go to Cuba?

    Same here!! One of our favorite cruises. Already planning Cuba again in 2019 on the Empress!!
  13. Is there possibly a diagram for Deck 9? Thanks.
  14. Bob-Planning a cruise on the Majesty from Tampa, and just found this old post. The diagram does not display. Would it be possible to repost the diagram. Appreciate your assistance with this and thank you for all the excellent information provided on Cruise Critic. Trip Hughes Sarasota, Fl.
  15. Just off the Empress May 4, and Hugo was our CD. Out of our many cruises, he is our favorite. Energetic, fun, engaged with passengers, never shy to talk to guests. A great host!!! His energy and enthusiasm set the tone for the entire cruise. Loved Cuba and the Empress of the Seas and want to book another sailing. We are trying to find Hugo's schedule. We want to only book a sailing with him aboard.