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  1. Got off of the Symphony October 5th and have many of the same feelings. Have done all of the Oasis class ships at least once, and this sailing was out least favorite. Agreed the ship always felt crowded and the food has declined greatly. Just our opinion.
  2. Agree whole-heartedly John. Just off Symphony in JS 7640. Usually book Deck 8 or above, but a super price drop on a JS made a few available. 7640 was the best of the bunch. Grabbed it. Got used to this odd set up, but would not choose Deck 7 again. Always seemed to be on the opposite side!!! Plus Deck 7 JS are across from several Galley setups, and twice during the cruise there was a massive water leak and our whole hallway smelled moldy and musty. As 40+ year Florida resident, I am used to that smell, but on a new ship it was very noticeable.
  3. I surely hope they paint and rehab the exterior of the Enchantment soon. On the Symphony 2 weeks ago we were docked next to her in Cozumel. Her exterior condition was embarrassing. Covered in huge rust spots and faded paint. I was so upset by her condition, I even wrote Michael Bayley in Miami with my concerns. Just received a "form letter" from Guest Services thanking me for sailing the Symphony. Surely others must have noticed her unfortunate condition.
  4. If we were going, I would be more than happy to give you our tickets. No interest in seeing Hall & Oates at all.
  5. Totally agree!!! Just off Symphony and truly missed the Beautiful Champagne Bar. The Bionic Bar is a one-off drink novelty. Such a shame.
  6. As always, thanks so much for the quick reply!!😃
  7. Just off this past Saturday. Self-debark started exactly at 7 AM as listed on the Debarkation Information sheet. HUGE line, so we waited until 710AM to leave. Still a large line, but it moved quickly. Used both forward and aft gangways to speed up the process. In the terminal, the new facial recognition software was used, and everyone zipped through. No need to show any paperwork or Passports. Across the street, up the stairs, in the car and gone by 722AM. Best and easiest Debarkation ever!!!
  8. Just got off the Symphony yesterday. Had a great time, but felt the level of food quality in the free venues has deteriorated. First time, in a long time we came back weighing less than when we left. We didn't starve by any means, but felt most of the food was bland and overcooked. We did do lunch at Jamies on Embarkation Day which was great!!. Loved the ship and the entertainment.
  9. Thanks for the information!! Appreciate it!!!
  10. Great to hear!!! Will be leaving on the Symphony Sept, 28, driving over from Sarasota. Question: do you pick up a ticket for parking when you enter the garage? Or do you park and obtain it from a vending type machine like at several other terminal parking garages?
  11. What a GREAT video!!! Someday we hope to experience this beautiful suite!!! By the way, why did the Allure leave from Miami instead of FLL on this sailing?
  12. Have stayed in 7338 and 7340 (next door) and LOVE the location of these cabins. On the hump, close to elevators and stairs and quiet. Will book these again and again. Have a great cruise!!
  13. Going on the same cruise as you. Booked in a JS also. Had considered Royal Up for CLS, but would rather book another cruise for that amount. Best of luck (fingers crossed) on your bid. CLS looks amazing!!!
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