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  1. after doing some research (google) in fact there is a worldwide shortage of snails.  In fact the Irish are now "farming" snails to export to France.  With this is mind, I will amend my review to say that the MDR service on the Ecstasy was the best we have ever received in 9 cruises!

  2. So, the Carnival Ecstasy.........heard it called a lot of things:

    1. Rust Bucket

    2. bad 1970's Porn decor

    3. falling apart

    4. dirty and smelly


    Honestly all those are true, except the smelly part - we have no bad olfactory distress on our cruise.


    The Carnival Ecstasy is an old ship.  It looks unpleasing and could use a serious makeover.  Its true the interior decor looks like a bad XXX movie minus the "brown chicka brown cow" music.  We honestly didn't pay attention to the rusty hinges, screws and door handles. The interior isn't falling apart too badly, we were able to open all doors, drawers, and closets. This old ship wasn't dirty, just old and zero smells other than the smoke bellowing from the casino area, which is normal. 


    After saying all that, if you are gonna continue to read this review, it’s not all bad.


    The Carnival employees aboard are super nice and helpful.  I suppose they oughta be considering the appearance the ship portrays.  I have an assumption that this is the ship Carnival sends employees to train before moving them onto a better ship.  Everyone from the fella vacuuming at 4:45am one morning to the art auction people always greeting us with pleasantries. Please don't let the appearance fool ya.


    Lets' break it down:


    Embarkation - arrived 11:45am - 8 in our party - 4 different cabins.  Onboard by 12:15 = smooth as roller girl in Boogie Nights!


    Debarkation - smooth as silk


    Cabin - ES - Great except TV - super grainy and horrible sound, but who cruises to watch TV.  Also had a visit by security - told us to take down the hammock on our extended balcony.  Guess that's a no-no like handcuffs, hotplates and hookahs. We complied with no complaining. I think we apologized too but we were hanging out with Ron Bacardi that day, so details are a little fuzzy, kinda like the TV.


    Dining - late assigned dining (8:15pm) WindSong Dining Room - top notch service. In fact, it would have been the best dining service we ever received on a Carnival Cruise BUT there was no escargot on any nightly menu.  Claimed it wasn't in season - my guess is another cutback or the ships too clean for snails - you decide.  Food quality was spot on - no complaints.  Seriously folks, the service was downright awesome, even cocktail service in the MDR was prompt.


    Entertainment - CD was a boring. not naming names but the 12-year-old fella for a CD on the Sunshine deserves EMMY nominations compared to the current Ecstasy CD.  Nothing memorable about her. The Punchline comedian, J.R. Brow is freaking hysterical! Don't miss his late-night set.


    Pool, Hot tubs and Lido deck stuff - never very crowded, hardly any chair hogs.  We learned a trick to getting children outta SWIMMING in the hot tubs.  *Stand in the middle in the hot tub you wanna get in that is occupied by kiddos snorkeling and jumping around and ask the honeymooning couple "Is this the hot tub you had sex in, or is it the other one?" This works like a charm; no children were in that hot tub for the rest of the cruise.


    Itinerary and Shore Excursions - decent......no excitement.... we paid for zero excursions.  Princess Cays is an extension of the ship.  We coulda stayed on the ship and kept sand outta our cracks but went ashore only because we had never been to Princess Cay.  Nassau is Nassau.  Been there done that........hells bells we got married in Nassau in 2012 it has not changed too much. Figured after seven years that something would be different like waistline, eyesight, or date night......wait, wait, wait that is the being married 7 years, not Nassau. Its still the same!


    Overall it was a good vacation for the amount spent. We got our money's worth! We had a positive time, and nothing is ever perfect.  If you have high exceptions of your cruising decor, you might skip the Ecstasy.  If you have expectations of superb service and great food on a smaller ship, then by all means give the Ecstasy a whirl.


    Would we book the Ecstasy again? Yes

  3. Exactly - no Johnnie Walker and no regular ole Budweiser on the website.............Although once on board, you can get regular ole Budweiser at the various bars. And Johnnie Walker is sold in the ONBOARD shops.  My issue is I want both of these ready and in the cabin at embarkation.  

  4. Simple question, we purchased Cheers last year before the price increase for our Bermuda cruise in 2 weeks. Will they still honor the provisions we purchased under?


    We are in a similar position for a Sept 8th sailing.......maybe I should dispute the charges with my credit card provider for services/products not provided as paid for in the event we aren’t grandfathered. I am sure drink prices will increase shortly also. :mad:

  5. We have had the pleasure of staying in the Owner's Suite on the Carnival Fantasy Feb 2012. First, the room is HUGE! As an example the walking closet is the size of most interior cabins. The perks were amazing. First Class service for ANYTHING. The cabin had two full couches, a dinning room table with four chairs, a full bar with larger than dorm size fridge and sink, full king size bed that was in a separate bedroom, bathroom with separate shower and tub. The only negative was the noise from the lido deck pool below.


    This is not our video but an accurate video


  6. We went straight to the source to get some answers - here is the reply:



    Kxxxx Mxxxxxxxt (Global Casino Services)

    Jul 9, 11:00 AM EDT



    Thank you for contacting Global Casino Services!


    We are so glad to hear you are sailing again! We will like to extend you $50 and XXXXX $50 in free play on Carnival Sunshine 09/08/2018! Please see our friendly casino cashier aboard to collect your comp.


    1. How crowded are the BlackJack and Craps tables? - Unfortunately we do not have an accurate answer as it all depends on the voyage.


    2. When is the best time to play? - Please see our Fun times or Casino staff for this information once on board.

    3. How to get recognized and rewarded points at a table (BJ or Craps)? - Please speak to the Pit boss once on board.

    4. Casino staff contact for the Sept 9, 2018 Carnival Sunshine sailing? - We do not have a listing of the staff that will be available on your sailing as they move between ships.


    Our team aboard will be aware of your arrival.


    We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

  7. We are not Elite, Ultra and/or Premier BUT we are booked on a Premier Cruise with Carnival in Sept 2018.

    We would love to get invites in the future for such event, perks, sailings and etc.


    My questions are:

    1. How crowded are the BJ and Craps tables?

    2. When is the best time to play?

    3. How to get recognized and rewarded points at a table (BJ or Craps)?


    thanks in advance for your help

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