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  1. In Roatan, check out Cleve’s on the trip site that advises. We had a wonderful private tour and never felt unsafe. Check out our cruise review. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2667862-quick-western-caribbean-breeze-review/
  2. Immediate access to our cabin has never been an issue and guest services has always been quick with FTTF. I can’t help you with the priority tender, we haven’t used it yet. I finally made platinum so now I only have to buy it for the kids cabin. Hope you enjoy your cruise.
  3. Yes. It is suppose to be but has never really worked out for us. Probably because we get there at a busy time. We get FTTF mainly for the quick self assist disembarkation without needing to fight the masses pushing in front after we’ve been waiting. The last three ships have done a great job with FTTF self assist disembark so it flows well.
  4. We’ve had FTTF several times. Our luggage is never at the door early, usually shows around 3-4pm (we arrive to port around 11-1130. We have been asked to see our cards when entering the closed door twice but not on this last cruise. The cards are there waiting. I guess someone could take your cards and use them but hopefully staff would notice the picture. I would suggest checking your balance the first night, if something doesn’t look right address it right away.
  5. I recommend Cleve. Check him out on the trip site that advises. We were the second group to the sloths and monkeys so had no wait. He told us so much about the history and culture. He also arranged a ride through the mangroves in a small boat. He took us to the iguana farm too. His personality was great. Our group was 11 people. He charged $70 per person. This included a stop for pastelitos and donuts.
  6. I just checked out your website. It’s great. My internet is a little slow today but I will definitely check it out better on another day. Thanks, Amanda
  7. You could book an excursion for each person separately, so it would be kind of like a payment plan. Maybe one per paycheck, for example. You run the risk the excursion could sell out before you have purchased for everyone, but it is easy to cancel excursions on Carnival’s website and get refunded. In Costa Maya, take the tram to Mahahual. $4 per person. There is a seaweed problem right now so some clubs have fencing in the water to hold it back. If you keep walking away from the ship and it clears up a good bit and smells better. The tram guys try to make you follow them to a certain beach club, but just ignore them and walk til you see pretty beaches and clearer water. We went to El Fuerte hotel (I think that is the name). Chairs were free if each person spends some money. We spent $56 for lunch and soda for five. In the picture below, you can see how close it is to the ship. The taxi ride back was $2 per person.
  8. I actually figured it out looking at pictures on trip advisor. The hotel had beautiful spiral wooden staircases so I focused on finding that. The name on the shirts of the workers was Mazamao. The hotel was El Fuerte.
  9. Clevebodden@yahoo.com To read some of his reviews and see pictures, google TripAdvisor Cleve Roatan. I forgot to mention, he also arranged a boat tour thru the mangrove tunnels which was really different.
  10. When we were in Costa Maya, some seaweed eventually rolled in but the group had fun playing with it, as you can see in some of the pictures.
  11. We have cruised Carnival many times. This year we took my stepdaughter Ayrin (14), her cousin Maddie (12), and a friend Amber (15). We had cabin 1448 and the girls were in cabin 1450. Cabin 1448 wraps around the crew staircase so the room is bigger and the closet and bathroom door are in the room instead of the hallway. We loved the size of the cabin but overall this area was noisy. It was not the crew staircase causing issues, it was ship noises and shuddering. I will go back to mid-ship next time. The Breeze is a good ship but it’s not flashy. I love ships with all the pretty colors (like Magic). We took advantage of the unlimited Thrill theater which was $15 for the week. It was fun and worth the money. Ropes course and slides were also fun. There was a new country show in the main theater we were excited to see. Unfortunately none of the theater shows were very good. However the comedy shows were great. For excursions, we are open to booking Carnival and privately. I’ve had some great Carnival excursions so I don’t shy from booking with them, if something looks interesting. In Cozumel we did the Carnival Twister boat to Isla Passion. My stepdaughter has wanted to do the Twister for many years but I always figured she would chicken out. She has finally started riding some amusement park rides so I figured she was finally ready. She didn’t chicken out and the ride was fun. The island and water were beautiful but not our thing. We are not beach people. We throw our stuff on the sand and everybody jumps in the water for snorkeling. Unfortunately we could not find any good snorkeling. I’m glad we did this so we could check it off the list. in Belize, we did the Carnival Private Cave Tubing and Dry Cave Exploration with lunch. The excursion was fine but not at all what I envisioned or watched on you tube. I pictured the flowing river pushing our tubes thru the cave and out the other side. Instead our group was dragged through a cave by our really sweet guide for about 15 minutes, then we explored the dry portion briefly, and returned to our tubes. At this point we are dragged back to the starting point because there is no other way out of this cave. The cave was interesting and the guides were great, it was just different. In Roatan, Carnival didn’t have anything that interested me. We booked privately with Cleve. Seven others friends booked this excursion as well. Cleve is incredible. I found him on TripAdvisor, rated number one. He, his wife, and his best friend do the tours. He hasn’t grown any bigger because he worries about keeping the quality of the tour high. He took us all over his island to the pretty places and the not so pretty. We received lots of history and he spoke to our teenagers about respecting parents and told them his life story. Also, he had us meet him as soon as the ship docked so we were the second group to the sloths and monkey sanctuary, and also beat the crowds to the iguana farm and fish farm. He stopped at his mother’s favorite food stand and he bought us drinks, pasteletos, and freshly made cinnamon donuts. I would highly recommend him. One of the best tours we have done. We paid $70 for adults and $60 for kids. In Costa Maya, we had a Carnival excursion booked. I decided to cancel since our first two excursions wth Carnival this trip were not great. We headed to Mahauhal and encountered the foul stench of rotting seaweed. The beach clubs are gathering it and piling it up. There are fences in the water to hold it back. We kept walking down the sidewalk and the smell improved. Eventually the seaweed was cleared and we found a beach club without any fencing as well and the water was clear. There was no fee if you purchased something during the day. I cannot remember the name (it started with an M). It was not a name I’ve ever seen mentioned on cruise critic. We did some snorkeling, got $20 massages, and ate. The food was good. Our total for five was $56 for lunch and sodas. There were many vendors but they weren’t aggressive. If I said “no thank you” , they would move on. I would return to this place. The tram there was $4 each, the taxi back was $2. Overall, we had another good cruise. I had booked a Royal Caribbean cruise for next year to try something different but the family is begging to cruise the Fascination out of Puerto Rico. I cancelled the RC cruise this morning. Feel free to to ask any questions.
  12. We carry something similar to what sauer-kraut mentioned. The size I have is 5x6. It carries 5 passports and cash. It fits into my husband’s swim trunk pocket then we thread the string thru the rivet in the bottom of the pockets (all of his swim trunks have this) then hook the string to the carabiner hook at the top. It is in the pocket and doubled secured with the string. Everything else stays on beach. In Curacao I returned to the chair to find one beach bag emptied on the sand. There wasn’t anything in it other than clothes because my everything valuable was with us in the water. Hope this helps.
  13. Thanks for the help. I think I will probably also end up with a kids size.
  14. I hadn’t seen Javin mentioned for St Kitts. See post 14 of my review. It briefly covers our day with Javin. We all enjoyed it. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2549488-ayrin-amber-and-maddie-on-a-fascinating-cruise-may-27-2018/?tab=comments#comment-54951479
  15. Thank you for the advice. I will check into that.
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