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  1. We have also had an unusual experience with our vouchers. Our May 2020 cruise was cancelled by Viking on March 30 and on that same day we instructed our TA to book the same itinerary for April 2021 using the 125% voucher. It was all completed on that day and we used the extra from the voucher to add on an Iceland pre-extension and we still have a bit left over. About a week later, we decided to also book an additional cruise - Canadian Discovery for October 2022 and put down a $1,000 deposit. Last week we mysteriously received a credit on our credit card for $1,000. I called my TA to see if s
  2. I work in a hospital lab and run the "5 minute" test. It is the Abbott ID NOW test that is in the news. It actually takes 15 minutes to perform a complete test including the incubation time for the reagent and the reaction afterwards. The five minutes they talk about is if the patient is positive the endpoint of the reaction can occur before the full fifteen minutes. It realistically can only test about four patients per hour so if there were only 900 passengers on board we would be testing for a while. This test is unfortunately not the answer to widespread testing.
  3. I know there is a lot of news about the “five minute test.” Let me clarify a few things as I am a clinical laboratory scientist manager who has been trained to run the Abbott Laboratories ID NOW test. As the test is based on RNA amplification of the virus, a positive test can be detected as early as five minutes however if there is no virus to replicate, the time to result a negative is closer to 15 minutes. Additionally this test can only perform a single sample at a time so it is not practical to consider it as a mass testing application. It’s use is more suited to situations such as a pati
  4. Explorers lounge also good for a little line dancing with ACD Matthew on the Viking Sun. Homelands 2018.
  5. I chatted online with a Viking rep and asked specifically about this. She said they have no policy requiring doctors “permission slips” for those over 70. Hopefully this won’t change as this kind of measure really disturbs me. I am married to someone over 70. He is in great health and works out every day. On our last two cruises we went on bike rides and kayaked in Norway. He can hang with the best of them. As people get older, they find more and more things are taken out of their control. I would hope that travel is not going to become dependent upon hoping your doctor doesn’t refuse to give
  6. If you are going to go through the trouble of “pretending” to wash, why not just do it properly? I’m glad the crew are enforcing this. Why go to the trouble of taking everyone’s temps if morons are going to spread their grubby germy hands around? Maybe they should have passengers sign a hand washing contract with a noncompliance penalty of keel-hauling. 😜
  7. Any idea what happens if, God forbid, somebody has a temperature pre-boarding? I understand they will not be allowed to board but do they just get left at the dock and have to figure out how to get home?
  8. Actually, the CDC recommends washing for 20 seconds. That is also the policy of the hospital I work in.
  9. We will be on this cruise in May. Wondering if anyone has either done or heard about the Local Farm Visit optional excursion in Dublin. Is it any good? It looks interesting. Also, was there any way to get into Dublin from the ship like a shuttle that travels back and forth from the port if we wish to explore on our own.
  10. We did the jazz canal cruise in Copenhagen. We picked the last departure and it was near sunset so the lighting was amazing. Great time.
  11. Great pictures! We did Homelands in September 2018. It was fun to see all these places again from a different perspective.
  12. I guess it's all about perspective. When we did our first VO cruise and stayed in a DV cabin, we had just come off a Tauck river cruise and the cabin was 150 square ft. The DV cabin seemed enormous. We were in 6048 and will be in that cabin again on Viking Jupiter in May. I like being high up for the great views and in the middle of the ship. I certainly wouldn't turn down a free upgrade but considering how little time we actually spend in the cabin it's not worth the extra cost for us. Never found space to be an issue but we do a two week cruise from a carry-on and small backpack.
  13. Without repeating what others have already said, I'll add that in Eidfjord we did the kayaking and we really enjoyed that. Also, in Tallinn, we did the bike ride and had enough time there to stop for a honey beer in a local place. It is really delicious if you like beer. We were supposed to bike in Helsinki but it was pouring rain so we ended up going to Porvoo and it was just ok. Really enjoyed the Copenhagen canal tour with the Dixieland band playing and champagne. In Aalborg we did the beer tour and visited a few pubs and had beers along the way. I guess we like beer. When it comes to SPB,
  14. We did Homelands last year and did Bergen to Stockholm so the return flight would be non-stop to LAX. That is generally our criteria for where we end up so we can have a shorter journey home without dealing with multiple stops. We were in 6048 but to be honest, we spent so little time in the cabin while in port it didn't seem to make much difference.
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