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  1. We did a two-day "comfort" tour with Alla this past September on Viking Homelands. Our tour bus didn't have dirty windows but because the driver was a smoker the entire bus reeked of stale cigarette smoke which was truly nauseating. Aside from that, the tour was fine but I will say that SPB is not for everybody. I personally found the city rather depressing and the places we visited were horribly crowded with people pushing and shoving to move through the areas. The lunch they served us on the first day of the tour was so disgusting I couldn't eat it and I generally can eat just about anything. The grounds of the Peterhof Palace were interesting but the inside tour was again ridiculously crowded, slow-moving and I just didn't enjoy it. Of all the ports visited on Homelands, SPB was by far our least favorite. Interestingly, we were chatting with the cruise director and assistant cruise director later and they both said that they always remain on the ship when they dock in SPB. In the end, to each their own and I'm glad we got to visit but would never again go on a cruise that stopped in SPB. But that's just me.
  2. I guess I’ll be the outlier here. Just finished the Viking Homelands cruise and loved all the ports with the exception of SPB. We had booked the two day Comfort tour with Alla. As luck would have it, the night before the tour, I developed a mild case of food poisoning. Not sure what caused it. I felt awful and we loaded into a small van that reeked of stale cigarettes which only added to my nausea. First stop was Church on Spilled Blood which was hugely crowded to the point that you could hardly move. Subway trip was mildly interesting. Before lunch we stopped at a weird park or something with all these random log cabins. It was depressing and odd. Lunch was horrific. I have never tasted such disgusting food. How do you ruin chicken and mashed potatoes? They managed it. The Russian Folklore performance that was supposed to have started at 7 pm had changed to 9 pm. I asked the driver if we could cancel since I wasn’t feeling well but it was not possible. The Peterhof Palace was even more crowded than the Church earlier. It was ridiculous. It took hours to get through and by the time we were done I had had it. We didn’t even go back for the second day of the tour as I couldn’t take anymore of SPB. We spent about $670 for essentially one day of crowds and frustration. I know many have enjoyed their tours in SPB but I will never go back.
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