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  1. If you decide to do the organized tours ..... In 2013 we did the ship snorkeling tour to the aquarium in Rangiroa and Ato tour in Fakarava and they were some of our favourite excursions. Sorry no longer have Ato’s contact , we were extremely happy with both.
  2. Thank you so much Petoonya, you have been extremely helpful
  3. Wow thank you so much Petoonya, was it hard to find the Airbnb ? Great suggestion and much appreciated
  4. Thanks for the update TBK, unfortunately not the news we wanted to hear. We are attempting to book our own air ( possibly on points ) for a PG cruise and after departing the ship would prefer a day room prior to the long journey home. Not interested in renting a car etc. The day room quote at I.C. without air is sooooo expensive through PG. We may have to reconsider the air pkg depending on the total cost .
  5. Fantastic photo's thanks for taking the time to post
  6. Thanks bitob lots to consider and all wonderful options, our cruise is 11 nights unfortunately during their rainy season but that's better than our cold Canadian winter.
  7. Thank you everyone , great comments and suggestions.
  8. Thank you for taking the time to post your detailed review, video and wonderful pictures. Much appreciated !
  9. Thanks Wendy and TBK , great suggestions,
  10. Thank you both for the great comments, We will be flying from Alberta Canada. Its early in our planning, just starting the process as our cruise isn't till 2021. Extended stays wont be out for a long time yet.
  11. When you extend your trip to another island do you prefer to add it Before or After your PG cruise ? If we decided to add a post cruise stay we would still fly in a day or two early to help with jet lag and not feel rushed. Unfortunately we cannot do both. We will be cruising in and out of Papeete. Thanks, Donna
  12. Thank you for your detailed review, so glad to hear you had such a wonderful trip.
  13. Thanks so much Jim for taking the time to post your detailed response. It sounds as if your transfers , flights , pre/ post cruise stays all worked out perfectly. We weren’t considering a post cruise stay just pre cruise but you gave us lots to consider, Donna
  14. Good for you Jim getting upgraded to Business class for the return. Curious did you book your flights through PG ? If not what did you do after departing the ship ?
  15. We will be celebrating an early special birthday for Glenn and an anniversary. None of our dates will fall when cruising but that's OK . Looking forward to cruising again with you and Colin.
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