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  1. Thank you for your quick response Hutchinj. PG only has 3.5 weeks for my refund ( because it will be a year since my deposit ) otherwise credit card company here we come.
  2. Thanks everyone for posting all your suggestions and comments as I have been finding it extremely helpful. Our PG cruise is booked through our TA for 2021. We are Canadian. Going back and fourth since March with our TA regarding the best way to receive a refund instead of FCC. Our TA wrote an email 4 days ago with the recent policy changes requesting a refund minus the $100.00 cancellation fee. She suggest we wait as we are not a "priority " since our cruise isn't till 2021. Unfortunately we paid the deposit mid June 2019 so I will need to start the credit card 3rd party default early June as I don't trust PG to come through with my deposit refund . Has anyone received a deposit or cruise refund recently without doing the credit card 3rd party default and if so how long did it take ?
  3. We put our deposit down June 2019 for a long awaited PG 2021 cruise. Our final payment will be due late Sept. and with all the uncertainty we do not feel comfortable putting more money down in the fall or even waiting out the summer. Our only option is to pursue our credit card company to get our deposit back. Has anyone had success with this option ? We have never had to deal with anything like this prior.
  4. Thanks so much Dave and Larr09
  5. Thank you everyone for your comments and clarifying. Larro9, when you hear back regarding Pure Snorkeling response if you could kindly post an update that would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Feeling confused regarding the following excursions . ….What is the difference please between two ship tours.... Lagoon Excursion with Maohi Nui code 1603- $119.00 and Pure Snorkeling with Reef Discovery code 1612-$145.00. they both state that they make 3 stops. I have also read on this forum that some have booked pure snorkeling privately and it was their fav. excursion. Would that be the same tour as the ships 1612. I checked the website and if booked privately it is approx.$115.00 , Thanks so much in advance
  7. Great tips, thank you Notion of the Ocean, we are definitely doing a pre-cruise stay and will probably leave Tahiti following the cruise.
  8. Thanks everyone, the advantage for us using Air France is the flight leaves early AM the day the day we depart the ship. Some may not like this but since we are doing a pre-cruise stay we don't mind leaving early on our last day. The big advantage is we don't have to figure out how to spend the day waiting for an evening flight home without the day room from PG. . I very much appreciate your comments and advice.
  9. Great suggestion Aururab, At the moment United doesn't fly the day we depart the ship which would mean an extra night in Tahiti , not too bad , Lots can change with their schedule as our flights wont be posted /available for 3-5 months. We will definitely consider.
  10. We will be using Avion , Canadian Visa
  11. Thank you both for your great comments and tips. .We agree with your suggestion TBK regarding the pre stay and will eliminate option 3 . It is reassuring to know Sita that even though there was a strike with AF you still managed to get to Tahiti in economy and not your designated carrier. I hope the timing was similar for you so you didn't loose a night in paradise. I wasn't aware that the airlines provided that. We are a long way out and flights etc wont be available for awhile but 1/2 the fun is the planning and researching. This forum has been extremely helpful.
  12. We booked our second trip on the PG 2021 ( lots of time, just starting some planning ). Our first trip we booked Air through PG . For 2021 we really prefer P.E. seats and possibly have enough points. The current upgrade through PG for P.E. is out of our price range. ….Some options if you were us what would you do : 1. Book PE flights with AF , we will be doing a pre-cruise stay and would depart the ship last day extremely early for approx. 8AM flight. The early departure is no longer a concern as we will have the pre-cruise stay plus this cruise is longer than previous one. We realize AF P.E. seats are not as comfy as ATN . Our major concern is somewhere I read about possible A.F. Strike. We are not risk takers and curious regarding some of your expertise and comments please. This would be so stressful if a strike occurred. .. We really like this option for solving our day of departure dilemma without the cost of day room. 2. Book ATN PE on points and try and figure out a day room for day of departure, we can book the IC and transfer through PG at a huge cost. A day room is a must for us if we have an evening departure. Pre-cruise booked by TA, 3. Book ATN PE points and a short one night pre-cruise stay at IC through PG ( cheaper than post ) and do our previous planned pre-cruise now post cruise ( possible Hilton Moorea OWB or Vahine ).. This would solve the day of departure but think we would prefer doing the OWB pre-cruise as nothing compares to the service on PG which would be a beautiful way to end this special trip. 4. Book economy seats through PG for peace of mind. Not concerned regarding managing transfers just the unexpected cancellation of a flight for this very special trip. Any thoughts/ comments greatly appreciated
  13. If you decide to do the organized tours ..... In 2013 we did the ship snorkeling tour to the aquarium in Rangiroa and Ato tour in Fakarava and they were some of our favourite excursions. Sorry no longer have Ato’s contact , we were extremely happy with both.
  14. Thank you so much Petoonya, you have been extremely helpful
  15. Wow thank you so much Petoonya, was it hard to find the Airbnb ? Great suggestion and much appreciated
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