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  1. Hi all, A quick question about the connecting rooms on the Eclipse (1A, Deck 8). My wife and I were planning on being in the one room and our three tween/teen boys in the other. Is it possible to have the partition removed between the verandas? Are there any other tips/tricks we should know about the connecting rooms? Thanks, J.
  2. Well we are booked into the Sylvia. After talking to the reservations staff, they are saying the pipe work should be done in the next couple of months so it shouldn't impact us in the summer. Thanks, J.
  3. Thanks so much Lagoustine and Martincath. Unfortunately the YWCA and the Rosedale are full on our travel dates July 5-7. The Sylvia looks really good - it wasn't showing up when I was doing my initial search. We were also wondering about your thoughts on the Best Western Plus Granville, the Landis Hotel, and the Holiday Inn & Suites Downtown? Normally when we travel we use BW or equivalent. So PP was a nice upgrade last time we were in town. J.
  4. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could give me suggestions for a good hotel in Vancouver that would accommodate 5 people in one room. We have three tweens/teens so we were hoping not to have to get 2 separate rooms for our 1-2 night stay in Vancouver pre-cruise. Our family stayed at the Pan Pacific about 6 years ago, but for some reason they will no longer accommodate 5 to a room. Plus, their prices seem to have doubled (at least) in that time. Thanks, J.
  5. Hello, I am looking at a cruise to Alaska on the Eclipse and was wondering what kind of facilities it has for teens and tweens? What has been your experiences as a family on the Eclipse? How are the kids clubs and are there some family activities? Our kids are experienced cruisers and have been on Disney, Hal, and Royal before. My wife and I have cruised Celebrity a few times but never with the kids. Any experiences and thoughts would be welcome. Thanks.
  6. Hello, I am looking to choose between two different cruises and the primary difference is that one goes to Sitka, the other to Icy Strait Point. What are the main differences and highlights for each port? We are a family of 5 (3 tween / teens). Also, is there much of a weather difference between early July and early August? Thanks.
  7. Those restaurants sound wonderful. Thanks for the suggestions. Any post breakfast ideas for things to see? Generally what is a good time to get to the pier for boarding (Summit).
  8. We are on a red-eye flight and will be getting into San Juan at 5:00a on a Saturday. How long does it typically take to get bags, etc. We were thinking to go and grab an early breakfast prior to going to the port but are concerned very little may be open at that time. Any suggestions for a place to grab an early breakfast? Any other ideas as to what we can do in the early morning? Are there places to store luggage at that time of day? Thanks.
  9. Hi Optimus, We are also on the California cruise. We are currently scheduled for another port adventure but when I went in to the Fire Engine Tour it showed me activity start times of 8:45a and 11:15a. I don't know if there are any other times but hopefully that will help you with your planning. JB
  10. Hello all, It has been over 10 years since my wife and I last travelled on HAL. We had a fun time on board the ship and enjoyed the service. It was just the two of us travelling at that time, so even though we were younger than the average demographic it didn't bother us. We are looking at taking the Canada/New England cruise with our children (14, 10, 8) in July or August. We love the itinerary (6 port days) but are a little unsure about whether our kids will have enough to do (activities, entertainment etc.) on board. We are fairly seasoned cruisers with the kids having been on both Disney and RCCL. Could anyone give insights as to the activities available for kids. Between the Veendam and the Maasdam are there major differences? Thanks, JB
  11. This just goes to show that everyone experiences cruises differently. My oldest boy (admittedly he has Aspergers and enjoys electronics) still raves to his brothers about the DCl cruise we took him on 4 years ago. When we went on the Freedom last year with all three boys, my wife and I were not impressed with the clubs and none of our boys have expressed an interest to go back on Royal Caribbean. At this point I don't know if I would do a line other than DCL with small kids.
  12. Hello all, I was wondering what are your recent experiences with this hotel? My family consists of 5 of us (3 under the age of 10) and trying to find a suitable hotel room for us at a decent price has been very difficult. The only other hotel that has a room that would fit us is the Sheraton Wall Centre. Are there any other hotels closer to the port that would fit a family of 5 without breaking the bank? Ideally near public transit as we would like to spend the afternoon of our day before the cruise visiting the sites (probably Science World) and we won't have a car. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the review. We are not planning on trying the Epic any time soon but it is always great too hear others opinions/thoughts who have children with Aspergers or sensory issues.
  14. Hi, So I have heard here that Europe is all about the ports. I know there are lots of ports I would like to see (i.e.: Venice, Alexandria - not technically Europe I know) but for fun I thought I would ask what is your favorite European port and why. Thanks.
  15. Hi there, i was hoping to take my wife on a quick cruise to the Eastern Med this year but it is looking that the timing won't work out. As a result I thought I should get a jump on planning for 2013. I have often heard that Princess and HAL are the best lines for Alaska due to their experience in the region combined with their itineraries. Similarly, is there any line that is considered better for the Eastern mediterranean? I ask because for our previous 4 cruises we have had 4 different lines and had good experiences on each. Thanks.
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