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  1. Maybe? Also who ever said you'd be required to wear "anytime" out of your cabin? In a restaurant, you wouldn't while eating or drinking. What if they can socially distance on the pool deck? Being outside is always better than inside for this virus.
  2. That's what they say (the big 3). But look at past airline bankruptcies. None of the big 3 cruise lines are currently in danger of fully going under.
  3. In what universe will U.S. cruise ports be open "soon?"
  4. Not sure if my Odyssey trip in January can even happen, but it's supposed to hit both CC and Labadee, as well as San Juan and St. Thomas. Seemed like a great itinerary when I booked it.
  5. Right, don't follow any of the guidelines, act recklessly, see CV continue to spike, and never reopen businesses. Maybe if folks would act responsibly for the greater good we could try and solve this more quickly.
  6. You may want to listen to them given the power they have over when the industry can restart...
  7. Did you read above about airline air filtration systems?
  8. These videos are so pointless IMO. No actual news delivered.
  9. RC is not paying crew from the ship to their homes if their contract has ended. In such case, no pay. Really awful. Still tens of thousands of crew stuck. Not a good look for RC.
  10. What? CDC would be working on guidelines to keep people safe onboard. What does that have to do with the "economy?"
  11. To be fair, that site isn’t media. It’s run by a fanboy blogger who would never dare to write one bad word about Royal, lest his freebies and access dry up.
  12. Disagree. Very few people on NCL pay for drink packages as they come included with the fare. No widespread issues. For several years, NCL had ships that offered free drinks as an included perk. I did one of those 3-nighters with free open bar and everyone was well behaved albeit having fun.
  13. You do realize wearing masks in public, as inconvenient as it may be, reduces the spread of this disease, right? Like, if we'd been actually staying home and actually wearing masks in public the last two months, we could probably be a lot closer to resuming cruising (and normal everyday life) right now.
  14. You don't have a "problem" with people sheltering in place where they are required to do so by law? I would hope so. As to people with "guaranteed pay checks," I can tell you that I have been working from home for two months now and continue to be paid my "guaranteed" salary but that doesn't mean I'm not working.
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