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  1. If you’re a big video poker player, you should move to something like Double Double Bonus. And I can’t believe the amount of food this week 😂
  2. What incentive program? If you selfishly choose not to pay the daily charges those hard working staff will earn less. So good work.
  3. Well if you want to actually see Ketchikan you need to hop a bus the 7 miles into town. NCL now docks well outside of town.
  4. That’s great you got out to the bow for a while. So did we. It didn’t seem heavily advertised so it wasn’t too crowded but afforded great views. Observation Lounge on Glacier Bay day was pretty crowded - can’t imagine on a full sailing. Also really enjoyed them handing out adult coffees along the waterfront. 😎
  5. Well both should be playing. On the 9/4 I was on, both were canceled all week which wasn’t great. The fact Kinky Boots has now had multiple weeks worth of shows canceled - presumably due to COVID - is really not good at all.
  6. Regarding the one above point about entertainment not having any issues, not entirely true. My week on Encore, unfortunately both theatre shows were cancelled. I’m sure both are up and running now though.
  7. You don’t think they could make elevated, interesting vegetarian food?
  8. I’m on Odyssey in Jan. and we’re supposed to stop there. Wonder what they would replace it with.
  9. Oasis due to recent refurbishments or even before? Do you like Mariner over Navigator? I thought the Navigator upgrades were pretty nice.
  10. No. They are saying you won’t know until boarding day. Which, if you are taking it at the pier, of course you can’t know until boarding day.
  11. I see zero advantages to this over a home test. More expensive, waiting around at the pier unnecessarily, and uncertainty of travel to the port in case you may be positive. This should only be a last ditch option for people.
  12. Anyone know what the outcome of the following scenario might be: Received a mailer for a complimentary cruise, so wanted to see if I might be able to book it online. Was able to do so, received an invoice to pay a small deposit (assume some taxes and fees). But missed the 24-hour window to do so, as trying to decide if I really want to take the particular itinerary in question. Anyways, if I decide I want to, can I call them and "re-do" the booking? Thanks in advance.
  13. I was around the same actually. Forward balcony. I was fine with the pricing for Alaska. Just mentioning that the referenced price didn’t line up.
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