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  1. Pure conjecture, but is anyone concerned about delays in the construction and delivery of the new Odyssey of the Seas? It sounds as though many additional countries in Europe are going through similar shutdown procedures to other countries and it would seem a delay in work of a couple months could hence delay ultimate delivery of the vessel. Any thoughts/guesses as to what may happen? I'm booked for mid-January, but wondering if that is realistic now!
  2. Does it seem like NCL is seemingly always beyond the curve on these things? With respect to compensation for hurricanes, delays, missed ports, etc. etc. Just anecdotally, seems like RCI is usually better at getting in front of these things.
  3. 6 drink services at the MDR is flat-out impossible as others have noted. You are completely exaggerating. I now doubt he was anything more than having a good time.
  4. Nothing I said was incorrect. Feel free to back up your statements with actual facts.
  5. You realize the actual death rate of Coronavirus is many multiples higher than the flu, though, correct? šŸ˜¶
  6. Parts of this story don't seem to quite add up. Take this quote: "even at dinner , 6 drinks. I counted.. being the loud mouth person I am I told him and the wait staff to not bring him more drinks... So he waited until after dinner went to a bar and got more." So he had six drinks at dinner when you told the waiter to not bring him any? Doesn't add up. I also find it quite hard to believe that anyone at dinner has time for six drinks, let alone the server comes around six times for refills. I see likely quite a bit of exaggeration here. I also think maybe you should have let him run around the ship and do his own thing. You sound like a helicopter parent to an adult. He likely would have been fine given space. Maybe he needed to drink to get through his vacation! (kidding)
  7. Outside of all the bickering...for anyone who has actually been on this ship, how early does one need to board to get Vibe passes in your opinion?
  8. Think they would ever build a pier? I've now been to both GSC and Coco Cay and Coco Cay blows GSC out of the water quite frankly. I would think for educated consumers, especially booking a short weekend cruise where the main stop is the private island, NCL will begin losing business to RC.
  9. Yes, I am a DL MM'er also. There are a few perks I like on the Reserve card. SkyClub access is one. A free companion ticket each year is another (can even book into First with it). And then when you hit the spending thresholds you get 15k MQMs which definitely come in handy. I'm finding less perks on the Platinum other than I guess Membership Rewards points/travel partners, Centurion Lounges and Priority Pass. Might switch the Platinum for Chase here at some point but will probably hold onto the Delta Amex. Does Chase have any cruise benefits though?
  10. The policy was changed a few months ago. Believe you can only be in the lounge up to 3 hours before departure. Probably to try and reduce crowding, although I find the lounges quite crowded. Another obvious option is to get an airline branded card, to at least get access to that airline's lounges. I have the Delta Reserve Amex as well as the Platinum Amex, but honestly considering dropping the Platinum. The Delta lounges are often as nice as the Centurion and no longer having access to the Priority Pass restaurants is a big devaluation.
  11. Huh? Royal's drink package has a set price and then adds on an included gratuity as well. Same flat price no matter how many drinks you end up with. Same policy/concept here.
  12. How do you know Del Rio made the choice about the race track? He has operations folks for those sorts of decisions.
  13. I was looking at a Bliss NYC 8-day itinerary that actually stays overnight at PC. That seems really like overkill. Or do a lot of folks get off and maybe spend a night at Disney? I'm thinking I'd pretty much stay on the ship the whole time, but maybe that's too much time to kill.
  14. Sorry to go OT, but I had to comment on this. What does "traditional" mean in this sense - racist? If so, then call them what they are and don't use much nicer "code" words.
  15. Are you serious? A small difference between an uncomfortable odor and second hand smoke.
  16. Given you are a smoker, I'd say you're a bit biased on this topic.
  17. I'd suggest you try out another line for a trip, such as maybe Royal Caribbean. The constant penny pinching at NCL and downgrades like this have me booking away from NCL for the moment. Hope it turns back the other way sometime.
  18. I'm not quite sure why you'd give NCL any more business right away, but that's just me. As to Harmony having no perks, it's also $1000 cheaper so even by the time you add in a drink package it'll still be quite a bit less (but then if you add in specialty dining, etc., I figure it'll come out about the same). As to the AMEX, you can book directly through the AMEX travel site or call one of their TA's. I've done this and gotten OBC (and a free bottle of wine, IIRC). Only issue is they don't seem to offer "deals" on the actual fare, don't seem to offer on their website cabins out of group discounts, etc.
  19. Yeah I was intrigued by the large balcony for sure. Giving it a shot in a couple months, looking forward to it.
  20. How did you like 1106? Was looking at that cabin for a booking.
  21. Something for nothing? No, something for $18/day, the advertised price. They should absolutely honor this. In recent years, certain airlines have published "mistake fares" and in some cases honored them. It's called good business and PR.
  22. Am quite surprised at the positive reviews. I had previously seen more mixed reviews. And my experience with Hooked on Navigator was that it was poor -- not as good as other nights in Chops or Izumi (or lunch at Jamie's). The quality of the seafood was poor (you can get much better on land) and the fish that came as part of a platter was way overcooked. Best part of the platter was the lobster -- just ordering lobster as an entree may be the way to go! Glad to see it may be better on Symphony. I'll plan to try it again.
  23. Bionic Bar is fun. So yeah Iā€™d much prefer that to a few more cabins.
  24. 2 drinks a day will cover the gratuities on the easy to obtain drink package as a perk. The poster hit that while still in port per their own post. Thanks for the concern, though.
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