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  1. Taino Beach was lovely. It’s about a 15 minute cab ride.
  2. We also got struck by a storm of love bugs outside Orlando last month. Like to the point where I could barely see out the windshield. Shout out to the crew at Enterprise Car Rental in Merritt Island for the awesome customer service. They had to wash it for us to make it back to Louisiana. This was hands down the funniest review I’ve ever read. I’ll be looking for “romphims” on my next cruise.
  3. In both my previous cabins on deck 8 under Lido, the only time I heard noise was the staff rolling the dish carts across the floors to the buffet. It sounds like thunder in the distance, but was only a problem if you’re directly under the buffet. The first cabin was under the carpeted dining area and it was perfectly fine. I’ve only sailed balcony cabins, and I love reading at night and hearing the ocean, getting a first peek at the port in my pajamas, and sitting there during sail away after am excursion and a long, hot shower. I don’t know if I could sail without a balcony.
  4. We were in 8376, 8378 and 8380 on Liberty. Like @dmdiver said, it won’t work for all cabins. The partition between 8376 and 8378 wouldn’t work because opening the partition in 76 would block the balcony door in 78. The partition between 78 and 80 were fine. You’ll need the balcony door-window (cabin1)-window-balcony door (cabin2) configuration for it to work. Our window-balcony door (cabin1)-balcony door-window(cabin 2) configuration was the problem. I hope that made sense. Check YouTube for videos.
  5. A family member booked a cruise out of Mobile this morning with no problem. Older, smaller ship but may be an option. Mobile is only 2 hours from New Orleans.
  6. Valor has balcony cabins for the July 6th sailing if that works for you. It’s only a 4 day but you can extend your time in New Orleans if you wanted a longer trip. I’m really sorry for everyone who’s cruise was canceled, especially where airfare is concerned. I’m just goad you didn’t get stuck out to sea.
  7. I’ve never had to fly to the port, so I can’t speak on whether that’s a good deal, but it sounds like it might be. Are you limited to only Miami, or can you fly other ports? I’ve only done the Triumph (Sunrise) and the Liberty, and thought the Liberty was the perfect size for me. I think being on the right size ship for you will has a larger impact on whether you enjoy the cruise. I need a good balance between activities to entertain me and amenities to keep me comfortable and happy. This is based on my limited experience of course.
  8. The outside deck on the lobby deck was always a quiet spot to sit, especially in the evening. I also found the smoking area on Liberty to be a ghost town at times, and got good seats i. The shade there since no one was smoking nearby. Are you looking at a particular ship? Are you planning on a balcony cabin?
  9. We arrived to Port Canaveral about 10 minutes after our check in window, it was still seamless going through the early/late line. I don’t think it took more than about 15 minutes for all eight of us to get on the ship. As a helpful tip, see if you catch a porter when disembarking. A porter flagged us down as soon as we got off, and we were able to fast track it through customs and not stand in the line that was about an hour deep. He rolled everything thing to the curb for a nice tip, and we were on our way in no time. Best $40 I ever spent!
  10. That makes sense. I was just being overly optimistic. I still think they need to add mire destinations to their itineraries.
  11. Wherever the port is, and whatever it’s called (although I do like @jbethel11‘s idea of the Festivale), I hope it looks like the Mardi Gras with the dark hull. I appreciate the luxury ocean liner look like the Disney ships. And I think Carnival needs something aesthetically pleasing to set it apart other than the whale tail. Personally, and I have no professional or technical knowledge on this, but I think they need three ships of this class: one in Florida, one in the north (NYC), and one in the west coast. You shouldn’t have to travel across the country to sail this class of
  12. You’re very welcome. Well I certainly hope it lives up to my hype. We had smooth seas, clean cabins, good food, and I was with my family. How can that be a bad vacation?
  13. That’s true. I forget the Breakaway is there.
  14. Since I’m an hour away, I vote for that idea. They’d have to rebuild or remodel the port to accommodate I’m sure, but it’s okay. I can wait.
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