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  1. The steak house no longer offers free bottle first night, now they offer discounted wines first night. It changed a few months back.
  2. Real Spouses have the same amount of points.
  3. Just got back from an 8 day on the Conquest, Steakhouse was 35 , but probably because cruise was booked 6 months ago..
  4. Hes the CEO, lol,....Some guy, yea, okay...
  5. I have not been able to get FTTF the last few times i buy my cruise. I have checked back and have gotten it 3 times by checking monday mornings at 9am, eastern time, and they release a few. I have gotten it 2 weeks before sailing, and the last one, i got 1 month before sailing. I wont need to get it after this cruise, as i hit platinum, finally. But again, its always been monday morning after 9 am, and they go real fast, so good luck.
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