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  1. Ah, ok, this may be so. I said I "assumed" (not confirmed) this, figuring the 'no third party' prohibition was for Crystal to avoid losing TA commissions and this discount on fares using this offer. Still, a good offer as far as it goes, though somewhat less than the implied come-on of 10% off a Crystal cruise.
  2. I believe you can access Chase Offers through the Chase mobile app after logging in to the app. The Crystal offer is 10% off up to a $6,350 max purchase = $635 back. Purchase must be direct with Crystal, so I assume no TA involvement. Reality is there are few if any Crystal itineraries for $6,350 for 2 pax, so there's almost no way to realize a full 10% off a complete DO cruise purchase.
  3. Keith, thanks for all of this information and keeping it updated. One suggestion: Can you (or a moderator) edit the top of the opening post to include a link or reference to the most current iteration of the information (currently post 91)? It was a bit disconcerting to read the lengthy full opening post only to find that it has been revised many times over with material changes. Not super-important, but this would be helpful for new or prospective Crystal pax clicking this thread looking for the most current information. Thanks again. Cheers!
  4. Good to see cruise fares well spent. What a world...
  5. As opposed to what? Steerage? Every room is a suite so this tells the OP nothing. smdh
  6. I confronted the same issue. SB offers two types of pillows (foam & down) that have different thicknesses/amount of give. I pre-ordered one type and then once aboard asked the room stewardess for some of the other type. I then used a combination of three to create a pillow wedge - one pillow under the chest area and two under the head. Good luck.
  7. The fresh fruit plates on our recent SB Alaska cruise were uniformly outstanding. Terrific variety and always perfect ripeness no matter how many days since the ship had been in a major port.
  8. Honestly have no idea what you're on about here.
  9. So the shows are only 30-40 minutes long?
  10. Must be a neat trick to make the 7:45 show with the Restaurant opening at 7. Perhaps they offer the main course and dessert to go? :confused:
  11. Seabourn could just comply with (or exceed!) GDPR for all customers and then not worry about it. Just sayin'...
  12. There was the chocolate souffle incident I posted about briefly w/photo starting in post 1051 in this thread. Both the dining menu delivered the prior night to suites and the menus distributed in the MDR listed a dark chocolate souffle dessert. Our waiter took our order for two chocolate souffles and in short order brought us what turned out to be Amaretto souffles. Long story short, the explanation was that there was a printing error on the menus. Quite frankly, this was a complete breakdown at every MDR level. Why couldn't the kitchen simply produce what was on the menu with 24hrs notice? How was wait staff allowed to take orders for something the kitchen wasn't producing? Or did they really not know there was a problem until diners pointed out the error? Dinner at the patio one evening at a port side table near the kitchen. Our orders were taken, our first course delivered and then cleared in good order. And then nothing. Our waiter had to pass by us many, many times to serve other tables further down the port side, never once acknowledging our presence - we might as well have been two of the poolside potted ferns. Finally, after about 45 minutes waiting I flagged him and my inquiry about status our entrees was met with a blank stare, followed by shuffling through order tickets with someone who appeared to be a manager. Our food appeared shortly thereafter, but no visit from the manager with apology or explanation. Patio service in general was worst of the three venues. There were other smaller things, mostly in the Colonnade. The listed 'Waffles with fresh fruit' always came without any fruit. Service was inconsistent - and in fairness, sometimes it was very good. Once I had to ask three times to have the bread delivered to our table and it didn't arrive until after our first course had been delivered. MDR service was generally better, though occasionally subpar, and the food was mostly excellent when they delivered what was listed on the menu. Perhaps this was fated from the start. Embarkation day, Observation Bar at sail-away, our very first drink order of the cruise - two Whiskey Sours - arrive with lime wedges over the edge. Puzzlement. First sip, 'these are horrible.' One more longer pull, something is not right. One more sip rolled on the tongue, the distinct taste of cheap tequila, well you can guess the rest.
  13. Counterpoint: Pax paying upwards of five figures pp should not have to be guinea pigs for staff training. At this price point and expected service level the proprietor should have checks and systems in place to ensure proper food service. The idea that if pax don't complain nothing will change is simply unacceptable on a 6-star line. Counterpoint #2: If it's up to pax to police proper food and service perhaps pax should be compensated or fares should be set accordingly. ...adding, I don't offer this casually. We experienced several incidents on our recent SB cruise that shouldn't occur in any establishment at any price level. I don't want to be a complainer and I damn well didn't pay a SB-level fares to have to be one.
  14. We were on one of three Seabourn arranged motor coaches that left the Captain Cook hotel in Anchorage around 10am and arrived ship side ~12:30. Processing in at Seward was a breeze and we were onboard within about 15 minutes. An additional benefit with the SB coaches is they take your luggage from Anchorage on a separate truck for delivery directly to your suite, so you don't have to deal with luggage in Seward. The coach was comfortable, had a WC, made one stop about halfway for people to stretch their legs and the driver points out things of interest along the way.
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