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  1. The 2m guidance should still be followed.. 1m is allowed only where 2m is not possible... But, as you say... Pubs are open... Andy
  2. Well said Dave. Keep your chin up and make the most of what we have. Andy
  3. The surprising thing I read was that towards the end of lockdown, when covid deaths were still quite high, the overall death rate was lower than would normally be expected for that time of year... Take out the driving and drink related deaths but add in corona related and it seems we were about on par.. Andy
  4. What are you talking about, rain lashing down... We are on the sunshine Coast.. 😊 Andy
  5. I wear a mask for work, but its funny how I now don't feel safe in shops etc without it. It feels like security, even if not totally effective. I have no problem wearing it in enclosed places. Andy
  6. I will be releasing the anchor when you are not looking.. I'm sure one of the experts on here could drive the ship😊 Andy
  7. Not for me, I cruise to get away from Southampton😊 Andy
  8. It's a gradual, risk managing process. Swimming pools and spas can open shortly, we will all get our turn. A combination of new protocols and less fear will see cruising return and the Aida ones in August will be the Guinea pig. One step at a time please people. Andy
  9. I think from an industry perspective, it is only natural to spread that word. If you were involved in any industry, would you say 'don't come here'.. Funnily enough, I think embarkation etc is the easiest resolved of the problems, just needs better management and more time. Andy
  10. I would rather be served my food, even in a buffet situation. That would eliminate the 'bun sniffers'... I think this could be something that sticks, even in carvery's etc. Come to think of it, why was the British public ever allowed to pick up food? Andy
  11. Would I go on a cruise in the near future to somewhere safe, from Southampton for a shortish period... Yes. Would I join a long cruise or fly across the world to join a ship in the near future... No. Apart from potential health risks, we also might not like the new procedures, so better to find out on a shorter cruise close to home.. Makes perfect sense to me. Andy
  12. Enabling people to work from home saved a lot of businesses through the pandemic, so why would they want to carry on paying extortionate office rent/rates etc to bring them back, especially if productivity has increased? Less commuting = less stress and less pollution. And where is all this plastic going to go from the office screens and visors etc.. Andy
  13. Do I really have to spell it out Wowzz... You should Know The Score... 😊
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