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  1. Stay on Zapp.. Chuck a rope over the side and I will join you...😊 Andy
  2. Not a fan of Brodies or any of the pubs, more likely to be staggering out of the Crystal Rooms, but you are right about the kebab... 🥙😊 Andy
  3. Not a fan of the Eric Lanlard afternoon tea. Too sweet and a bit fancy for me. Duck in a chocolate meringue just didn't do it for us, we are more suited to the mdr where you often get hot sausage rolls, teacakes and crumpets, along with the usual fayre.. Andy
  4. The Dockyard is fantastic, especially the boat trip around the harbour which is included in the higher price tickets. We got to see Scarlet Lady up close, she is pretty ugly... If you come down, have a great time. Andy
  5. Anybody travelling down to Britannia today, there is an accident M3 south bound, causing tailbacks to Winchester. Hope everyone gets aboard safely. Andy
  6. Allow me to lower the tone Wowzz... I had pie and mash at Walton on the Naze followed by a 99 from the beach kiosk... More my level I'm afraid😊 Andy
  7. Can anyone tell me please, what time on Monday the pandemic ends... I feel a desire to go out and hug strangers, just wondered what time I can start.. 😊🤔 Andy
  8. A bit harsh Zapp, but I agree with the sentiment. Unfortunately, P&O crew do not like confrontation, but someone needs to enforce the rules. Andy
  9. I'm sure you will be OK for breakfast, plentiful and good value. The food was good. The issue we had was the other customers, 2 quite scary fights kicked off in the hour or so we were there. A few of the known avoidable faces from Southampton seemed to have made it their local.. Lets hope it has improved. Andy
  10. Well, traffic has been bad along the Millbrook bypass, so will probably take you half an hour😊 I hope Walnut Tree Farm has upped its game, it was not great the last time we visited, but that was for Sunday lunch. Have a great time, Andy
  11. Just go to a pub a 30 minute walk away... Sorted... 😊 Andy
  12. It's just an easy sing along song, as proven on many sail aways, New Year celebrations etc on P&O... Andy
  13. I hope you sung football songs at the top of your voice Graham⚽😊 Sing with me... SWEET CAROLINE... Andy
  14. Peroni in some bars, Fosters in others... Annoyingly, you get the taste for one, move venues and cannot get the same drink. There may have been others, but these were my choices. Andy
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