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  1. 2 pairs of trainers!! Show off... 😊
  2. Layers are the answer for the Fjords. We have been caught out by beautiful sunshine as well as snowstorms, so gloves, brolly etc are a good idea. We use a rucksack for going ashore without issues. Norway feels like a safe place, but it doesn't hurt to be cautious. The Fjords are stunning and the ports are beautiful so be prepared to take it all in. Have a fantastic time, I am sure you will. Andy
  3. White shirt and penguin suit for me, but gonna jazz it up a bit on next cruise. (4 weeks today on Oceana..). Coloured shirts are fine. Andy
  4. I am Michelle's man bag.. But that doesn't stop her taking one for every day of the week and never using them... along with about 20 pairs of matching shoes just in case!! The beauty of no real luggage limit I suppose. Andy
  5. I'm Brian... So is my wife... 😊
  6. Quite right Major Tom. They always seem to try to get you on board ASAP whatever time you arrive, especially before the coaches start turning up. Andy
  7. You threw me there Pete, didn't recognise the name. It was the Grand Harbour. Nice Hotel and very well set up for pre cruise. A lot of the cruise entertainers do shows in there, so a great start to your holiday. Have a fantastic time. Andy
  8. Makes no difference... I'm still arriving about 12.30, taking my red card and hopefully having lunch on board by about 1 o'clock. It's worked every time bar one. Andy
  9. I wonder if Britannia will now use City terminal now Indy won't be here anymore soon? I agree John, Mayflower struggles with medium sized ships, let alone the biggies. Andy
  10. It's funny how people see things differently. One passenger seemed to be in fear for her life, others say nothing untoward? As for arriving early, I don't think she was due back until this morning. My friends parents are onboard and he was picking them up usual disembarkation time today, but perhaps they just made up some time and took advantage to get in early. Andy
  11. Britannia is returning to Southampton tonight, reports she is listing badly with water from the swimming pools flooding the restaurant? (must be the buffet?) I hope it is the weather and nothing majorly wrong. She heads off for the refit at 11am tomorrow, so hopefully everybody will get back safe and any issues will be dealt with then. Andy
  12. I think so John. Ventura is at Ocean terminal today, it still seems like it is only in preparation for Iona. Andy
  13. Excellent suggestion Dave, thank you. Andy
  14. Just an update. Passengers boarding Ventura today are reporting that the new system for CPS is being used and no porters are provided. Seems like the trial has been extended. Andy
  15. Works for some but not others. We are not big drinkers either and would have to push it to make it work. Families seem to get a good deal. On a 7 night cruise, our bar bill for 2 of us is around £400 drinking what we want when we want.. The package would be £560. P&O prices are reasonable. Have a great time whatever you decide. Andy
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