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  1. I will pop down and see how close I can get.. Andy
  2. I hope you are right Harry.. Putting up the Christmas tree this weekend made us realise how much we miss cruising... Bear with me... 😊 We usually do a Christmas Market cruise, but forgot how many of our decorations come from the European markets and shops we have visited. A snow globe from Tivoli in Copenhagen, a Carousel from the market outside the Rathaus in Hamburg and various tree decorations from Brugge, Amsterdam, Oslo etc.. Hopefully, if we have some normality by the summer, our December cruise on Iona is a real possibility... Andy
  3. My accountant tells me you can make figures say what you want Harry... I never understand... Andy
  4. Oh that's OK then.... 😠 I get it, I really do, I have more chance of getting hit by a bus and all that, but I'm not taking any risk that could kill a relative, despite them having pre existing etc etc... Andy
  5. We can all die of anything, but imagine the guilt if you were the one to bring it to your door and someone close died.. I doubt my actions will cause a heart attack... Andy
  6. From what we have heard from the family, it was 100% Covid. He was in hospital for 11 days being treated for Covid, nothing else. I agree it is an anomaly, but my point is, any one of us can be that anomaly, I don't want it to be any of us... Some, if not many, are dying in all age groups. Doubt at your peril... Andy
  7. Just heard some devastating news about a 33 year old local lad, (Michelle's hairdressers brother) who was fit and healthy and was Europe's 5th strongest man in 2018, who became ill with Covid 11 days ago and has now died... He seemingly followed all the guidelines like the rest of us. For all the doubters... I hope you never have to deal with what his family and 12 year old son are going through now... Andy
  8. Ha ha, I never knew that... I'm also laying off the PinaColadas... 😊 Andy
  9. Unfortunately, the Furlough scheme, which I am a big fan of, has encouraged many companies to reduce staff unnecessarily and many are using it as an excuse to reduce the wage bill and over pressure remaining staff. Andy
  10. Ok, thank you for asking. We have had to close the retail store, but we were fairly booked up until Christmas anyway, but nothing else has changed much. The Commercial side is unaffected and we are still able to visit peoples homes, which we do as safely as possible, but it still doesn't make any sense to me... Lets just hope we can get back to some sort of normality ASAP. Andy
  11. Mixed feelings about AO... We have had multiple items from them without issue, but our last 2 dealings have been a nightmare. The sub contract delivery people they are using down here just don't seem to give a monkeys. Our freezer turned up at 11.15 at night, despite our slot being 2-5 and our vacuum cleaner didn't arrive at all but they swore it was delivered and even signed the document in my name.. We have a 'Ring' doorbell that records, so could prove they had never entered our street that day. They did send another one weeks later... Andy
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