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  1. They are saying it is just 'arranged maintenance', although the passengers onboard didn't seem to know about it and some are already shouting 'COMPENSATION'!!! Andy
  2. Late to the party but best of luck today Graham, hope all goes/is going well. Andy & Michelle xx
  3. Mince pies are in the shops now, we bought some yesterday, not stock piling, have eaten them already... 😊 I think we have all been through enough recently to now take the attitude of 'what will be will be'... If I have to have turkey dinosaurs for Christmas Dinner, so be it. There may be a tinge of disappointment as not being able to give like we usually do, but we have to adapt. Most of us have had to settle for UK holidays when we would rather be cruising, but have still made the most of it... What will be will be... Andy
  4. My bet is Graham & Pauline's dinner... As they are the Posh and Becks of CC, it's only fitting.. 😊 Andy
  5. Check out a u toob vlog by Andy & Kirstie, you should find it with a simple Google search. I am pretty sure they stayed on deck 5 and remarked how quiet it was. Andy
  6. Welcome back and thank you for your updates. I'm sure they are a great help to newbies, but we still enjoy knowing what is going on, especially as we currently can't cruise. Very jealous, Andy & Michelle
  7. I think we need to have a bit of collation here. I am very happy to collect all these tenners you lot don't want and put it to a very good cause... A worldie on Aurora seems like a good enough cause to me.. 😊👍 Andy
  8. I think the 'Flying Bottle' at Tilbury rents out rooms by the hour... 😊 Andy
  9. I don't know Wowzz, my pea shooter might make for a lot of fun😊 Andy
  10. Agreed Wowzz, we have moved our Iona one in December to next year, and hope all is more settled... Andy
  11. We have just been talking about our cruises and wondered if it is any coincidence that many of the really good friends we have made, and the most fun we have had seems to have come from the Christmas Market cruises, and we have done plenty of others. The atmosphere on ship, with the decorations and festivities, makes for a really relaxed time, making passengers more social. We can't wait to go again Andy
  12. We have done quite a few Christmas Market cruises and always have a great time. The markets may be better late in the day, but are busy around lunchtime as the locals tend to use them as gathering places, especially Hamburg, so the atmosphere is buzzing. They are not that different to what we now get in the UK, but still a nice place to visit for a Gluvein and Bratwurst... There is a nice atmosphere in all these ports in December and the ship clientele is better (for us) than some other times of year, creating a great atmosphere. Go for it, you will have a great time, we might see you there... Andy
  13. How about some perspective.. Pandemic People have died Businesses are fighting to survive Shortage of candidates for jobs People in jobs struggling to cope Shortage of supplies/delivery issues Travel restrictions and regulations. There was always a risk of things not going to plan during the restart, you decided to take that chance. P&O have always been poor at communication, why would we expect any different now... So sorry you cannot find out if you need to pack a posh frock...😊 Andy
  14. Wow, what a way to celebrate your anniversary... You put all us men to shame Graham. The Tesco flowers just won't cut it anymore😊 Newbury is lovely, I don't suppose you stayed in the Chequers Hotel? Andy
  15. Cheers you lot!!! I came on here for a bit of light hearted banter after a difficult day at work and end up in tears... 😢 My thoughts are with you all, so sorry for your losses, I can't imagine life without our girls... Andy
  16. Ditto Graham and Pauline, We hope you have a fantastic day. Andy & Michelle x
  17. We like the Crab and Lobster at Bembridge for lunch, but there are lots of nice places. There are other posters on here with better knowledge than me who I'm sure will give you some guidance. Have a great time Andy
  18. Happy anniversary to you both. Glad you had a nice, safe trip out. Andy
  19. I do agree Harry, but we all also should have a duty of care to ourselves and the people around us. The accepted fact seems to be that any travel at the moment involves some risk, we should be responsible ourselves for judging whether that risk should be taken, hence why many of us are not going further than Walton on the Naze... Many travel companies are trying to save their businesses/jobs etc, so will inevitably take a bit of a risk within the guidelines, it's up to us if we decide to accept that, we don't have to... Andy
  20. Fingers crossed for you Les... You can only follow the guidelines and do what's best for you. Have a fantastic time Andy
  21. I used to write songs about sewing machines,.. I wanted to become a 'Singer' songwriter... 😊
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