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  1. I prefer to budget our cruise spending and then just bring it in Cash, load it to our S&S account once we are on board and relax/enjoy the cruise. I also enter a card on the first day just in case but thus far Carnival has been very reliable in debiting the cash I deposited on our shipboard account before charging the card. Basically we burn through the cash first and then if needed we let charges go to our card(s). System works great for us. Alternatively Paypal sells Carnival Gift Cards on ebay and the turnaround time if you opt for electronic delivery is about one hour. I buy however many gift cards we need to total our planned budget for the cruise and simply stop at the Guest Services Desk to have the agent load them to our account. No muss no fuss.
  2. 168 Days Until Carnival Panorama!! Yay!! --------------
  3. Under 200 now!! Til Mexican Riviera aboard the Carnival Panorama!! Yayy!!! Can't wait....but guess I have to. Some of the little 3 and 4 day cruises are starting to look really appealing though. lol
  4. Exactly! Between cruise cash and gift cards it’s super easy to regulate your onboard spending. I haven’t used an actual credit card on board a carnival cruise in years. Some times we have lots of money to spend and other times we are on a tighter budget. It works great for us. [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. Yep. We had a lot of the gift card funds left at the end of the cruise. I had it put back into a gift card and we will be using it together with savings yet to come in the spring. [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. Thanks. Yea I wanted to be able to just have fun and not worry about what was being spent so I started squirreling away money in gift card form a full year ahead of time. By the time the date to go arrives we had amassed a decent amount. I actually won back our expenses on board in the casino too and quit while I was ahead. We now have a decent amount already squirreled away for the next cruise in the spring. [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. Yes. Cruise cash will be used first. Wife and I just did this on the Splemdor to Cabo in June. We had the cabin limit in cruise cash and another 3K from gift cards I had purchased over the course of a year leading up to the cruise. No muss no fuss Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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