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  1. Absolutely. 2020 has been just nuts and completely upended my entire work environment. Prior to the Pandemic in March I flew the boss's Gulfstream 550 three times each week, sometimes more. He spends his weekends either in St. Maarten or Cabo San Lucas. I could make the L.A. to Princess Julianna Airport flight with my eyes closed. lol The Pandemic curbed his travel drastically which wasn't surprising of course. He kept me on payroll but we flew much less. Between late March and basically one month ago, I did half a dozen flights. Saying I have cabin fever is a galactically huge underst
  2. Haven't told my wife yet but I booked us on a mammoth cruise vacation in Australia and the South Pacific starting May 2021 for a full month. My employer is letting us tag along on his jet to get there so no airline travel needed. (He's a billionaire and I am his full time pilot). This will be our first "Real" vacation in over 3 years. Imagine that, being a personal pilot for someone with entirely too much money doesn't allow for many opportunities for me to have my own vacation. LOL Going to fly him to his place in Tahiti and then when the cruises are over, return and fly him and his family
  3. I prefer to budget our cruise spending and then just bring it in Cash, load it to our S&S account once we are on board and relax/enjoy the cruise. I also enter a card on the first day just in case but thus far Carnival has been very reliable in debiting the cash I deposited on our shipboard account before charging the card. Basically we burn through the cash first and then if needed we let charges go to our card(s). System works great for us. Alternatively Paypal sells Carnival Gift Cards on ebay and the turnaround time if you opt for electronic delivery is about one hour.
  4. 168 Days Until Carnival Panorama!! Yay!! --------------
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