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  1. We’re going on the seaside in a month! We want to do teppenyaki. Online all I see to purchase is the “discover Roy’s cuisine” for 65 a person. It’s not too much but I have seen that teppenyaki has 3 different packages and prices! We won’t eat at the sushi and my wife won’t eat at the other restaurant so it be a waste of money to do the package. My question is do we just have to wait to be onboard to just purchase the teppenyaki? Thanks all!

  2. We have been to san Juan on carnival, but I was curious the nest things to do since the ship doesn't get in to port until 5pm. I know the forts will probably be closed. we want to skip the MSC shore excursions. BTW we are a fairly active mid 20's couple, but also like good food and drinks.  thanks for any suggestions in advance!

  3. 9 hours ago, DMH15 said:

     I'm on my first MSC seaside in May… I'm used to traveling on NCL in the haven and they always supplied a beautiful flower arrangement which made me smile. I'm sure that will be missed. 


     I have an idea… What about sending her some beautiful flowers when you get home and saying "this is to keep the vacation spirit alive and going".


    Thats a wonderful idea!  Thank you. 


    8 hours ago, SirWolf said:

    Yes, flowers can be ordered on-board according to MSC USA website:

    - Discover MSC

    - Life On Board

    - Other Services Onboard

    - Flowers: Say it with flowers




    I saw that but nowhere to order them, but could order everything else. Oh well. On to plan b. 

  4. I just booked me and my wife for a trip on the seaside in August. I usually always “surprise” her with flowers in the the cabin before we sail.  I’ve found strawberries and wines but not flowers.  Does MSC offer this at all?

  5. I've looked at that & it looks like it's discounted from $299 to $239, so not massive, but enough to make a difference. My biggest issue I see now with booking in advance is that it will show up in our booking info. Since I'm wanting this to be a surprise, looks like waiting is going to be the right way to go regardless of discounts!




    Yep, we'll be on the Magic. For us, the spa interior cabin was the way to go without a question! Massive price difference & much more perks than just having a balcony & a bit more space.




    When you actually book online and are going through payment info it should give you the option to book it as a surprise so it won’t show up on the booking! It let me do it with flowers and chocolate strawberries last night.

  6. Thank you all for the help. Called my pvp and she said she’s keep a look out if any YTD opens up. If not we’ll go to the maitre d. She said early dining is usually pretty easy to give up as it’s requeates frequently.

  7. so there’s a group of 3 couples going on a cruise on 30 days. We had a misunderstanding about what time we wanted to done together. Two of us put any time and another picked the early. Well now there’s no options for us to pick the same dining time. One friend seems to think we can jut go to early dining time with him and still eat together. We booked through a carnival agent. Could she help? Or are we at the grave of the maitre d?

  8. We are headed on a cruise on the Magic in 33 days. It’s for our anniversary and plan on getting some massages. My question is it really cheaper to book online before hand? I know some people say they give you a little 25 dollar gift card to try and entice you to book spa services. We are traveling with two other couples so kind of want to get on the ship and and “figure out” when we want to do it. The 25 bucks isn’t going to make or break us doing it I’m just trying to see if it’s really cheaper online as advertised.

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